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The four horsemen of online profile pictures
  • In that case, three of the pictures are in the wrong place.

    Bottom right should be top right, bottom left should be bottom right, and top right should be bottom left.

    Alternatively, swapping the two on the right might also work.

  • This shit is getting ridiculous
  • Hahahaha no. It's you. And your children. And your children's children.

  • Be gay, do food crimes?
  • I don't think so. This was an actual recipe posted on Facebook. Unfortunately I lost the link to the original but if you search for that term you'll find many variations on this idea, most of which look even less appetizing.

    EDIT: here's a selection:

  • This shit is getting ridiculous
  • Yeah, well, someone’s gotta pay for all that free stuff people keep voting for. Guess who that is?

  • (WEEKLY) Words, Words, Words
  • Great analysis, especially on the word bigot, which is indeed massively overused in contemporary discourse. Brings to mind that old adage "whenever you point a finger at someone, there's three fingers pointing back to you".

    As for fascist, this seems to be a blanket term people like to apply to any circumstance in which a set of rules prevents them from simply living in the moment and doing whatever they feel like, regardless of whether these rules are strictly exclusionary or not. As you point out correctly, actual fascists not only have strict rules about what is acceptable and what isn't, but they'll enforce them rigorously and rarely if ever give you a second chance to cross them. With a fascist, any mistake is an immediate death penalty. In that sense, it also applies to communists (see moderation for a good example of this).

    To give a counterexample of this, a lot of leftists like to call the police fascist because they can and will lock you up if they find you doing something they don't approve of. This might appear to fit the above definition on the surface, but it ignores the fact that they are still bound by the law and have to make their case before a judge if they want to keep you behind bars for longer than 48 hours (or whatever the state-mandated maximum lockup time is). If they cannot convince the judge that you should receive further punishment, they HAVE to let you go, whether they want to or not. While there are certainly edge cases in which this CAN result in fascism (such as the police officer and judge being cousins), it is generally the result of corruption and not the norm.

  • Mac 'n skis
  • This comment reads as if it was written by AI

  • i should buy a boat.
  • You mean a spaceship?

  • Too powerful for their Euro arteries
  • I’m calling Gordon Ramsey on your ass.

  • I piss in your general direction
  • Actually, it’s a piss pot

  • American Christianity
  • Not necessarily. You could have similar values as the church and just derive them from a different source (although I would argue that this source is then by definition your God and you’re not really an atheist), or you could have no values at all.

    But if atheism means you care about all the things the church condemns, then your God is simply the antithesis of their God, which also means you aren’t really as much of an atheist as you think you are, but rather an anti-theist.

  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • Came here to say this. Perhaps if they'd been inside, the outcome would have been different.

  • American Christianity
  • If you define your values to be in exact opposition to the church, do you not still have a God, except it is what the church calls Satan?

  • American Christianity
  • Well, secular society has been anti-slavery and pro-woman for at least a hundred years now, and pro-LGBT for at least 20. Would you say things seem to be improving? Because it appears to me that they're getting worse.

  • American Christianity
  • While I do think it's fairly obvious that many (if not most) Christians have lost the plot, I don't think that it's Christianity's fault per se. The philosophy expounded in the Gospels is pretty sound, the problem is that few people actually follow it. Almost everyone everyone out there compromises themselves in some way in order to survive, and to that extent, their faith is worthless.

  • This place is just cruel
  • Why do we let celebrities get away with this

  • Macaroni and bees
  • Nice, I was working on this one as well but didn’t have any results with enough pizazz. I like the idea of having a beehive made of macaroni.

    EDIT: here's my best take:

  • Mac ‘n trees
  • Thanks

  • Mac ‘n trees

    Thanks to for the idea

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