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Trump Site Launches Limited-Edition Assassination Attempt Sneakers
  • ... There are literally Biden shirts, what are you on about. People wear political shirts, political sneakers, have political bumper stickers. It's not uncommon. It's just the person you don't like being on the shirt.

  • Microsoft laid off a DEI team, and its lead wrote an internal email blasting how DEI is 'no longer business critical'
  • Love how many people here don't realize the racism in "let's hire a black guy instead" because diversity. Your color of skin, your gender, your hair color, eye color etc shouldn't be a decider on who you hire. That's equality. Having an entire office dedicated to doing just that is plain wrong.

  • Catwalk for neighbor's cat
  • Letting a cat run free makes it kill countless birds, frogs, insects etc. It also endangers the cat itself. Cats should be kept indoor, or brought outside on leashes (though there isn't a "cat proof" leash they cannot get out of sadly, so it's risky too). The only "moral" outside cat is a barn cat, and only slightly.

  • It's a very unique experience
  • Funny pigs? They turn into a huge hog now. There is nothing funny about those assholes (other than the death counter in Majula ticking up consistently since time immemorial when three little piggies went to market)

  • It's a very unique experience
  • DS2 didn't really base on the estus though. Sure, you could, but lifegems were plenty and they were the ones you used during a fight, but you had to survive it. Also, levelling ADP meant you drunk faster and used items faster. That stat is probably why most people don't enjoy DS2 - they expect to have iframes without levelling an "agility like" stat.

  • Sticker Mule cofounder supports fascism
  • Yeah it does. Because you will be killing "fascists" till your vision of the world appears and anyone in the way will be branded a fascist. Killing makes you a bad person, regardless of who you are killing. If you don't realize that, then there is no saving you.

  • When wife tells you to get off WoW and get a life