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@roguecache's solarpunk logo v2
  • Is it just me or dose this one looks a bit like the depressed Form of v1 (I love v1 its part of my punk-jacket). The down hanging leafs combined with the darker colors give me a more sad vibe like if the plant needs watering or something.

  • When in the dark, think of the monarch (See body.)
  • Cool design and stuff. But pleas don't fall for eco-facist propaganda (I don't know if this is one this comment is meant more broadly). The ecological collapse is mainly claimed on overpopulation, meaning that humans no mater what are destructive towards nature, instead of looking into the societal context and how it impacts our biosphere. For example the example of the left side clearly stated that the extractivism and carless interaction with the ecosystems through pesticide use, caused the reduction in population. With better crop management (permaculter, natural-pest defense) this would most likely not have happened. This idea of human is a virus is than often taken up by right-wingers which than blame these Problems on minorities which are multiplying to fast and immigrate to much. Often than the solution are eugenics, mass sterilization primary for "the other" community as well as closing borders and let people starv. One example for that is the Christchurch attack where the right-wing terrorist clearly stated that he was motivated by the ecological collapse and wanted to reduce the population.

  • Unsupported Acer Chromebook Repurposed as Linux Writing Laptop
  • I know I am very late to this party, but I think alpine Linux is the OS you are searching, I only used it in docker but it is indeed very small. (Only half a gig or something) also if something has a USB Port but not much disk space maybe use a live usb-stick distro like tails (also quite practical when you don't want to be spied on). Hope that helps with a future project.

  • "I would never bully someone for being autistic!"
  • It realy depends which places you are. I personaly really prefer Anarchist/Punk spaces. (I am obviously a Anarcho-(Solar)punk myself) and I have better experience there than else where. I still run sometimes in difficulties but most go quickly a way by explaining my position as an Aspie. And ask them to explain why they think this is true. Tbh I don't know much how it is in auth left spaces (it is suposed to be worse not only for neurodivers people) but tankies can fuck of anyway.

  • I'm looking for recommendations that have a specific tone
  • Anno 2070 has kindoff a Solarpunk vibe if you play the ecos or a Cyberpunk if you play the tycoons. The setting is not 100% on point, but it is still a great SP game Terra Nil is a Solarpunk game where you have to regreen the earth. Tomorrow Land is really good film about the hope we need to create a better society

  • Ich🐮😩🏔️iel
  • Bei easy diffusion und comfyUi (innerhalb einer conda Umgebung) hat es auf Anhieb geklappt. A11111 hat bei mir immer nervige Fehler gespuckt da habe ich mir so gedacht fuck it. Du kannst aber auch pinokio ausprobieren. Dat ist ein Appimage was alles isoliert und automatisiert installiert. Ich bin kein fan von Appimages weil groß und clunky. Und ich clone lieber gits. Aber vielleicht hilft es dir ja. PS. Ich nutze Arch & NixOS BTW

  • Solarpunk and web3
  • As far as i understand web3 (not an expert) it is a bit more nuanced than many comments. A short historie irrc web1 was just websites and hyperlinks so early web. Web2 is where we are mostly jet. High centeralisation, few have power over the whole internet landscape (FANG, etc). It is built around closed systems and users as well as content creators are hostages of these services. Web3 means a new decentralized Web. It is supposed to be more democratic, because everyone can contribute and everyone has the same amount of control. A example for that is the fedivers the place you are in right now. Or I think P2P nets like Briar and I2P belong also in this category. But also crypto. Which don't get me wrong can have valid use cases in a world still relying on currencies. But this idea was hijacked by the hyper capitalistic techbro scene. Which also calls them self "libertarian" and has the slogan "don't tread on me" and "become ungovernable" but has few in common with actual Anarchist thought. And therefore is not compatible with the Anticapitalist as well as the post-hierarchical stand of Solarpunk. An example is the abuse of crypto mining to create money out of thin air while reducing the decentralization aspect. And also NFTs.

    tl;dr: in my eyes web3 is Solarpunk but it was like many ideas infested with hyper-capitalist ideology.

  • The Top Jobs of 2030
  • Did you even read what i wrote? I did not even talked about Barter. This Video is called the Barter MYTH for a reason. (why the Barter Myth harms us) I mean the idea of Mutal Aid is strongly intertwined with Solarpunk (Tool-libaries, Opensource, the commons etc.)

  • The Top Jobs of 2030
  • I disagree. There were money/curencyless societies. These societies had things like library and gift economies (concepts I support). While it is true that we can have money and a post-capitalist society, money or any concept which is pure resourc value. Can lead to an easement of resource accumulation which is one of the building blocks of capitalism. I am not that good at explaining stuff in comments, but Andrewism (a realy cool youtber whom introduced me to Solarpunk) made a video about whey we have to rethink our picture of early resource sharing (bartering) to be able to imagen a world beyond the restraints off currencies.

  • The Top Jobs of 2030
  • Banker, idk i think we need to imagen something beyond money to really lay capitalism to rest. Replace "local Banker" with (tool) librarian and you can count me in. Even though I still would love to be a local Biohacker supporting the needs of my little commune while helping the global scientific Progress.

  • What are your thoughts on website eco certification?
  • Because of the data efficiency thing. I think even when the saved CO2 is very minimal I think it is still better for people where the infrastructure is not as good or for people who can't access the free net. The Tor network for example is run by volunteers and is not nearly so fast nor has the same capacity than the clear net. So keeping the traffic interactions but decreasing the data needed by the websites could benefit the Network.