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Nobara 40 KDE Plasma

Nice and clean desktop. None of that over the top ricing that takes forever to replicate !


iPadOS 18

Here is my iPad Home Screen layout. Sure, it’s not super fancy with tinted colors, but, I like it


Pokémon Emerald acting weird

So, I put Pokémon Emerald on my 2DS XL to play it through Open AGB, but the menus are all glitched out, but when I open it with an emulator, it’s fine. When I open Leaf Green with Open AGB, it’s fine. What is happening?

lemmy stop silencing SA survivors rule
  • Ohhh, that issue. Thank you! Yeah, Lemmy silencing them is not at all cool. I really hate how we are needing to sensor or provide a trigger warning for practically everything anymore. Sure some things like SA, or self harm make sense. I’ve literally seen someone put a trigger warning on a kid friendly picture of a fucking fursuit, with hashtags specifically to attract other furries. The internet has become way too sensitive about everything, it’s so annoying sometimes