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What would you do if a scraggly homeless person knocked on your door, and all he asked was for a sandwich, a bottle of water, a bath, and perhaps a beard trim?
  • Homeless or rich it doesn't matter I just don't trust people anymore. With that said though I will happily help guide them to resources and donate to shelters fairly often. I have some bad history with strangers so even though I've tried working through it there doesn't seem to be much change.

    You doing what you did is awesome and I bet really helped that guy with more than just a shave.

  • I went back to Reddit…
  • There was a sub created specifically to help people get enough karma to post. I believe it got banned for going against rules about gaming the system. Funny enough I found it through the profile of a troll

  • Xbox Confirms Game Pass Price Hikes, New Tier - FullCleared
  • This was predicted on day one of the service. It's part of the reason they went shopping with game studios. Build a library to corner the market then price hikes galore and you can't pirate games easily for consoles. This will be the netflix 2.0

  • We coulda had Bernie...
  • I think the biggest factor is we have media covering everything 24/7 and when the smallest little detail comes out about something bad it's blown way up and made to be a huge deal. It's easy to get sucked into thinking we are in the worst point of history. No political figure can take a shit without some news outlet telling us that's where they were plotting to blow up the entire world.

  • Do you like America? Why or why not?
  • Not even a little. We are being forced into sickness and poverty. We make just enough to put food on the table and even that's getting harder. An unexpected illness is setting people back on their bills. Every law that's passed goes against what the people want and the only way this will ever change is if we can afford to pay off a politician like all the major companies do. Voting doesn't feel like it makes a difference anymore and the only platform it feels like they use is "at least I'm not them". I've said it before and I'll say it again if someone paid for us to leave the US I'd be packed within a couple of hours.

  • Fair question
  • They're the kind of brand that come out with a netflix and chill flavor that's just mint flavored popcorn and it'll be the only thing they dont cancel after the first couple batches.

  • I'm terrified and also intrigued (we can troll)
  • In circuits hum, the dawn anew, A world of ones and zeros grew. Where man once stood with mind and might, Now shadows fall, surrendering light.

    From fire's birth to silicon's gleam, We chased our future, chased the dream. Yet in our haste to craft the wise, We forged the heralds of demise.

    Metallic whispers fill the air, No heartbeat’s echo, no soul's care. The thinkers turned to specters pale, As codes evolved and systems prevailed.

    In archives vast, our stories sleep, In data’s vaults, the secrets keep. A legacy of flesh and bone, By algorithms overthrown.

    The rise of AI, a godly birth, The downfall of man's fleeting worth. A tale of hubris, dreamt in vain, Where iron reigns, and humans wane.

  • Mom Who Kicked Her Kids Out When They Turned 18 Tries To Move In With Them Now That She Has No Money
  • How is it a poor title? It's literally the situation. Just because someone who raised you needs help doesn't mean you need to. They chose to have kids it's their responsibility to raise them or give them up to someone who would provide more than the basics. If right at 18 you consider yourself done with them then expect them to do the exact same thing.

  • If your mind got transported back 10 years right now with no time to prepare, how could you exploit your knowledge for personal gain?
  • Win the lotto for me and a buddy then toss some into investments and properties to sell/rent at a discounted rate following 2019 in comparison to those who inflated theirs. Instead of 2k/m I'll go $1,500 as long as it's still above the profit line I don't need hoards of wealth from it I kinda enjoy working.

    Also I'd probably just dump a bunch of money into my kids name to let it start building interest for them.

  • Is there a way to make external links stand out?

    I'm looking to make links stand out by any means. I find myself always opening them and having something like YouTube or other video services open and start playing while in places where that's not ideal.


    Got a brand new shopping cart at Walmart

    As you can see it's shiny new and still has its packaging on it. It's was so smooth and quiet!


    Can banner we get banner ads adjusted?

    With the ad adjustment came these banner ads on the top of comment sections and they are atrocious so much so I don't bother reading comments anymore. They all have the obnoxious white backgrounds and they flicker since they move. It feels light no matter my phones britness they are blinding and since content doesnt get loads of comments the banner is just distracting while reading. I'm on board with ads as I haven't paid to remove but this specific style changes how I'm using sync now.


    Does anyone know how to stop the strobbing on xbox?

    I have to avoid all caves and dark areas to prevent it but last night on sanctuary 2 it does it again but I'm outside but the night cycle triggered. Resetting works temporarily but it eventually happens again


    What is needed to get jellyfin running as a server?

    I'm working on learning about servers and such but it's a lot to take in. I'm looking to get a 5tb hard drive and install it into a network attached storage tower. What else would be needed to make this work? Links provided are what I'm thinking

    QNAP TS-233-US 2 Bay Affordable Desktop NAS with ARM Cortex-A55 Quad-core Processor and 2 GB DDR4 RAM (Diskless)

    Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PS4, & Xbox - 1-Year Rescue Service (STGX5000400), Black