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Fuck oil.
  • Those reactors were ancient and, even without the nuclear power phaseout, they would've needed to be replaced.

    Would the timeline have been the same?

    The choice was build wind turbines and solar panels and upgrade the grid or spend the same amount of money on building nuclear reactors that still rely on imported fuel that needs to be mined in some third world country in an extremely environmentally destructive way

    Solar panels at least use a lot of imported materials from what I've read. So similar issues there. Not sure which ends up as the lesser evil for the third world.

  • Happy Juneteenth everyone!
  • people of colour are stereotypically famous for making good food

    The stereotype I always saw was just KFC, watermelon and some purple drink. Maybe it was a bit more aggressive stereotype than what you had in mind

  • Stonehenge sprayed with paint by environmental protesters
  • Climate change is being talked every single goddamn day. It's been a constant thing people talk for a long while. Sometimes it's overshadowed by other topics but the talk has never stopped. This shit isn't some silenced issue. The issue isn't how much people are talking but how little people are doing.