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A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • Yeah like I hate Microsoft, I am migrating to Linux, and the things I read about recall were pretty fucking horrifying to me. At the end of the day though the general public doesn't give two shits about tech other than it works out of the box.

  • Happy cakeday,!
  • Thank you so much for all the work you do! I really loved reading the stats on this post, kinda surprised by the kbin bans I wouldn't have expected that.

    Thank you also for the philosophy by which you run the instance! It may be bumpy sometimes but I think you guys are doing a stellar job at it and I agree with it.

    Keep it up, I've started trying to post and I'm sure more will as time goes on. I am very hopeful for the future of Lemmy!

  • Consumers say they're pulling back on tipping servers, drivers and hair stylists
  • Your argument isn't grounded in reality which is my argument, propose a plan that will actually have impact past screwing service workers.

    I'm not sure what your point is with labor demonstrations, those people got change though very bloody(not voluntarily bloody) organized protests, not tipping isn't even close to an accurate comparison. A little more profit to the working class is a crumlet and just doesn't do shit for service workers, let's focus on taking the pie back which again not tipping isn't doing.

  • Consumers say they're pulling back on tipping servers, drivers and hair stylists
  • This only works in an idealized perfect scenario which doesn't exist. You not tipping only hurts the delivery driver and doesn't touch the man whatsoever. Furthermore companies are only required to pay 7.25 federally unless state has other laws, which many don't. So best case scenario you are bumping people up to 7.25 which isn't even close to a living wage and wouldn't do a thing for vehicle maintenance and gas.

    You are welcome to believe that you are sticking to the man not tipping but the reality is that you are fucking over hard working people short term. Even if everyone unilateral agreed to stop tipping it would take years for the system to fully catch up and again you would be fucking them over during those years.

  • Men with 'toxic masculinity' are more likely to make sexual advances without consent, study finds
  • Never really thought about this but reflecting back on it nonsexual intimate conversations with women when I was a teen definitely gave me a lot of insights on a woman's perspective. Not only with friends but cousins around my age too, that was especially great around middle school because I was pretty nervous around girls then.

    That being said I don't think it will help a ton with getting a girlfriend in the first place necessarily, but it will definitely help once you are in a relationship afterwards and just in any interaction with a woman.

    Successfully starting a relationship is hard as fuck. It's a mixture of confidence, reading cues, timing, perseverance, and a ton more. The only sure way to learn how to do it is to try, take no for an answer, don't be pushy, accept rejection it will happen a lot, and TAKE BREAKS. It's pretty soul crushing when it doesn't work out and it probably isn't going to a majority of the time for many reasons. After getting consecutively rejected for so long you can start to develop some negative thoughts. When you start to feel like this just stop trying for a few months until you're mentally right again.

    All that said I would 100% advocate for having a personal platonic relationship with a woman, it just may not be too helpful in learning how to get a relationship started.

  • Hero
  • It's a lot different in academia vs industry for hard sciences. I currently work in industry, we have no options in the things we research but we are funded to the Moon. There is of course some amount of bowing we have to do in order to keep them quiet but that's about it.

    In academia you have to secure your own funding constantly or your project just ends essentially. Academic institutions also look at metrics like impact factor and papers published/time that also effects the availability of funding. I know that people have had to stop pursuing doctorates due to funding issues. Politics in academia is notoriously horrendous.

  • Cannabis
  • Yeah but the original cannabis indica described has none of the physical characteristics of what it does today, there is not a genetic difference between sativa and indica that is sold in the cannabis market today.

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • Same as every year the country gets shittier, keep trudging along, voting, and hoping things improve. The way things are set up here I can't feasibly leave, even moving in country would be a beast to save and prep for let alone out of country.

    The "Freedom" we have is voting every couple years and that's it. Even then they have tried everything possible to strip the voice of the majority of Americans. We are pretty fucking powerless for the most part.

  • Dungeons & Dragons will release its 2024 ruleset under a Creative Commons licence
  • WOTC could offer to come suck me off and still wouldn't give them a fuckin dime. Fuck you Hasbro, you lazy sacks of shit wanted to have intellectual rights to work you didn't create just because it's in a rule system you have some IP in. You forever burned the bridge for me.

  • Vapor Brother VB1.5: Ball Vape Alternative

    I've been trying to help kick start this community off. This is my first time really posting, I was always a lurker. I was trying to think of things I could post about daily and was planning to do an in-depth series of guides on ball vapes(which I will continue to generate). The problem I have with that is ball vapes are still very new, with them still pretty early in development there many dents to hammer out. They don't appeal to everyone and it's 100% understandable, I was turned off by the complexity when I first saw them and pretty much wrote them off (glad I looked back into them though). So I wanted to try to throw posts up on a variety of dry herb vaporizering topics, this one will appeal to people who want a heavy hitter ball vape adjacent device without any of the downsides of ball vapes. The Vapor Brothers VB1.5 I DON'T OWN THIS DEVICE

    At a Glance

    • Easy setup, plug-N-play whip desktop vape

    +Safe, very shielded from burning anything

    • Pure convective heating

    +Can leave on all day

    • Reliability, vapor brothers has been around forever and make a good product

    +3 ball materials (zirconia, alumina, or boro glass) and 2 ball size options 3 or 4mm

    +Can retrofit VB1.0

    -Hits very hard but not as hard as a ball vape

    -once you select your material it doesn't look easy to change it out

    -Can't set exact temp, uses dial instead

    -Can't have a portable head, will be entirely desktop

    This is basically just the OG Vapor Brothers desktop but they changed the steam to include balls that you choose (see above for materials/size) so it seems like a hybrid ball vape/desktop device. Reviews seem solid, people report it hits almost as hard as ball vapes. This seems like a great middle ground bridging desktop and ball vapes, unlike ball vapes though this is a plug and play device with little to no safety concerns comparatively. It looks like you can pick them up for around $300 depending on what you choose, not a bad price point imo. You could get cheaper ballers but you could also get way more expensive ones. They can also retrofit an old VB1.0 and convert it to the VB1.5 for $125 which I thought was pretty neat. I don't think the stems/balls can be easily changed out but I could be dead wrong on that and of course no things that are for ball vapes will work with this. The only other downside I see to this is no precise temp control, other than this looks like a phenomenal device!

    Image from


    Mighty Internal Elements

    I saw this picture of the internal heating elements of the mighty. I hadn't seen it before so I wanted to share!

    Pretty neat: you can see the thermocouple in the bottom left of the heating chamber to track temp, the air path spirals up the element picking up convective heat, and you can see the hottest spot is in contact with the herb bowl which gives it the conductive heating. Superbly designed device!


    Personal Setup: Simple, Fast, Very Medicinal

    I cleaned my glass for the weekend (ignore down stem haha) and wanted to share a picture of my daily driver setup! Just a TM2, glass bowl with 14mm connector, and an Orb water piece. I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!


    Sony Confirmed To Be Behind HD2 Delisting Of 180 Countries, Not Valve

    So there was some speculation whether Valve delisted the 177 (now 180) countries to protect itself legally or if Sony had done it for Sony reasons. It appears that Sony has been confirmed to be the one who delisted it


    What are ball vapes? Ball vapes quickly explained

    So I've used portables for years and desktops a few times. The last couple years I've kept reading about ball vapes and they sounded cool but honestly I got intimidated and stopped looking into it. There are so many options and components and you have to worry about compatibility etc.... Well I hope to make a series of posts addressing all of this to help other people be more comfortable approaching getting a ball vape!

    At a glance, what is a ball vape? Simply put a ball vape heats up an e-nail, that then heats up a metal or glass housing, that houses hundreds of 2-4mm balls (where the name comes from). These balls are made from materials that have good heat retention properties, silicon carbide(SiC), ruby (corundum), alumina, zirconia, and many more. These balls heat up as well and when you draw air though the balls the air heats up and passes though the herb vaporizering it.

    What's the benefits? The reason small 2-4mm balls or jewels(lil diamond shapes) are used is because they have a large surface area compared to larger (5+mm) shapes and you can get a higher packing density(more balls/volume). This heats the air passing though very uniformly, leading to a much more uniform extraction (less green and black ABV). It also allows for a very open airpath, while being able to maintain temperature. The housing and balls (often referred to as a head assembly) have a huge thermal mass so you can rip the hell out of a ball vape and the heat will keep up! A ball vape offers a one hit extraction from flower, kinda like dabbing flower if that makes sense.

    There are three main components you need to start a ball vape setup:

    -PID controller

    -a coil that is compatible with the PID

    -a head assembly that fits the above coil and balls

    The rest is a bowl, bong, and any adapters you want. These depend on injector vs difussion style but that goes past the scope of this post.

    All of this is just a very general picture of a ball vape written as succinctly as possible. I will dive much deeper into the setups, parts, and adapters in future posts.

    Image from tools420 site in comments, I just wrote over it.


    Convection vs Conduction Vapes: Pros of Each

    Just a quick guide to help anyone understand some of the differences between conduction and convection vaporizers. Hopefully it helps people make informed decisions on what types of vapes they want!

    At a glance:


    +More even extraction

    +Better flavor

    +Lower combustion risk

    +Better for on demand large rips

    +Less stirring needed _______________________________________ Conduction

    +Larger clouds

    +Better heat retention

    +Designs are more compact


    +Better for long vape session/ sharing


    What's the difference?

    Conductive heating is heat that is transferred though being in physical contact between solid objects. Thus a conductive vape is a vape where flower is in direct contact with a heat source.

    By contrast convective heating is heat that is transferred though gases. Thus convective heating heats the air that then travels through and heats the flower.

    Most portables and devices in general are hybrids where some part of the bowl heats up and the air that passes though the herb is heated, the mighty perfect example of a hybrid device. Pure devices exist of course, the Tinymight 2 is purely convection. Pure conduction is a little rarer or at least I haven't personally come across as many pure conduction devices, I believe the starry 4 is a pure conduction portable.

    *That is not my picture, I got it from the Wikipedia page on heat transfer.


    Trying To Revive Vaporents What's Your Favorite Vape? -

    I want to see this community grow so I want to start creating some content here. What’s everyone’s favorite vape here? Could be model specific or vague like portable, conduction, analog, etc… Preach your favorite way to vaporize!

    Someone posted in Trees the other day that they missed the old r/vaporents and r/cult. I do as well, I want to try and foster growth in the cannabis space on Lemmy. I love vaporizering (cannabis too of course) so I want to start making some content for vaporents!


    What's Your Favorite Vape?

    I want to see this community grow so I want to start creating some content here. What's everyone's favorite vape here? Could be model specific or vague like portable, conduction, analog, etc... Preach your favorite way to vaporize!


    CAD Software Suggestion

    I am currently on win10 but have been toying with mint and liking it. I intend on fully switching over soon. I have also been toying with the idea of some simple 3D modeling, like making custom parts for projects around my house. Maybe using a CAD software to generate stls for a 3D print or using it to spec out parts for a design made out of aluminum extrusion (like 8020) little things like that. I was thinking about getting a solidworks hobbyist license for 45 a year but solidworks doesn't support Linux. I could keep a Windows dual boot HDD, but fuck that. Any suggestions on a CAD software that fits? Have a gaming PC with a 3060 and some beefy hardware.