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Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • I promise there's no scoffing here! I love my analog bidet, and am always on the lookout for an upgrade, if the price is right. Especially if it can be fitted to a standard american toilet.

    Happily taking recommendations, if you have any. The features you listed sound refreshing, relaxing, and somewhat intimidating. Which, to be clear, I'm into.

  • My boys
  • wow, that's a perfectly accurate description of my blue! we have a thing where when I come home, he's waiting for me at the door, and always stands up on his hind legs to bump noses.

    he also figured out how to lead us to things, like his food bowl, litter box, windows, etc, when he needs something. when he decides it's bed time he'll get in the way of whatever we're doing until we follow him to bed and get in. at which point he jumps to the foot of the bed and sleeps like a dog. he runs the house, and we're his pets/servants, obviously.

  • My boys
  • I only noticed, because he looks a lot like mine, who has oddly pronounced biceps for a cat. Sometimes when he sticks his paws out over the bed, it looks like he's trying to point me towards the gun show. Also very active, and legitimately big boned.

  • Thanks...?
  • if the third floor is extra small or something, maybe getting really yoked makes it difficult to pass through?

    like "you're gonna be so buff that you'll be unable to squeeze through a narrow corridor! "

  • Am I old now?
  • that's exactly why I always try to tip with cash. when I pay in cash for food, I have no issue if the business wants to pocket it and keep a little extra something for themselves that uncle sam can't touch. taxes are important, but workers can have a little personal gain, as a treat. plus, credit companies don't need to get their beaks wet everytime I buy something.

    But one of the things I learned about doing business is always make it easy for people to pay.

    the weirdest thing I see regularly is "no cash" signs for vendors. I understand some places don't want to deal with giving change, or holding large amounts of cash at outdoor events, or making lines go quicker, etc. it's just strange that the most concrete form of regulated currency we have is turned down so often now.

  • Everyday, as an American
  • as a mechanic working in a hodgepodge US/EU factory line, I have to suffer through always carrying double the tools to service metric and SAE machines. and after so many years in the industry, I still slip up and say 3/16 when I mean 3/8 sometimes, because fractions are a shit system for wrenches.

    oh, and some of our linear encoders readout decimal-feet, because fuck it, why not?