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Donald Trump found guilty of hush-money plot to influence 2016 election
  • They think that the woman he cheated on Melania with and the lawyer who facilitated the transaction, along with all of the documented evidence, means that the global conspiracy to keep Trump down is only getting even more sinister.

    Nevermind that he farted himself to sleep during the trial and refused to testify. Those objective facts don't stand up to the conspiracy theory they've created in their echo chamber.

  • Ocean Heat Has Shattered Records for More Than a Year. What’s Happening?
  • It was Kurzgesagt. Which was even more troubling since they are pretty reputable and they've done videos on the past trying to spur hopes on climate change. It seemed like a weird little factoid thrown into the mix rather than something directly related to current events.

  • Join from Feed?

    On Android.

    It would be great to join a community directly from the feed, either from the three dots on a post or by adding an option in the tooltip when you long-press a community name.