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Stream schedule for EVO 2024
  • i havent played tekken myself yet,
    but from what i heared people are kinda upset.
    mostly about monetisation.

    people hate their battlepass,
    because people miss out on stuff they actually want (instead of just avatar stuf like with sf6)

    people are also pissed that they can't lab against dlc characters. (not a thing in any game i know,
    but probably a bigger issue in tekken)

  • What makes you feel like you're in the future right now?
  • smartphones are pretty damn impressive.

    they downright make scifi gizmos like dataslates, or comunicators seem outdated.

    gps navigation arround the world,
    even without cellula reception if you have offline map data.
    and automatic navigation / route planning

    a vast array of communication services be it text sound, or video,
    one on one, as a group, or in a public forum.

    a vast sea of information on every topic immaginable.

    ever improving camera & sensor tech.

    and smartphones do it all in one device small enough to fit in your pocket.

    and i didn't even mention the computing power & storage that oveshadows some room sized supercomputers of the past

  • Japan's government finally says goodbye to floppy disks
  • some people realy turn "never touch a running system" into some holy gospel.

  • ich🔧iel
  • nur wenns noch n nokia 3301 is

  • Nexus mods want feedback from Linux / Steam Deck users on their new cross-platform app
  • finaly,
    one of the verry last things i was missing.

    now $(date +"%Y") will truly be the year of the linux desktop

  • Street Fighter Movie Finally Has A Solid Release Date | Retro Dodo
  • yeah sf6 is fun,

    i havent played the older games,
    but from whad i heard, id describe the newer ones as more aggressive and less finicky(in terms of input precision / timing)

    also online play has gotten way better(if that even was a thing when you last played)

  • Panic "Screen of Death" To Gain Monochrome Fat Tux Logo In Linux 6.11
  • maybe on some public displays,
    but those surely wont update to such a new kernel for a long time

  • Panic "Screen of Death" To Gain Monochrome Fat Tux Logo In Linux 6.11
  • ive seen it a few times on those screens that buses here have, that shows the next stations on the route.

    but never on any of my computers

    (im refering to those old 'kernel panic' messages)

  • ich🍬🍦🍰iel
  • feinstes FeSaZu

  • Any ideas of communities that we could reach out to suggest them to move to lemmy?
  • the only reason i visit reddit for nowdays are the fgc subs (stuff like r/StreetFighter & r/Fighters)

    i also think gaming comunitys in general are a good fit, because they bridge the gap between IT nerds and a more casual userbase

  • loss rule
  • 𓀥    𓁆 𓀕

    𓁆 𓀟   𓀣 𓁀

  • 1994 Street Fighter movie starring Van Damme is still a money maker, according to latest Capcom shareholder meeting
  • "For You, The Day Street Fighter: The Ultimate Battle Graced Your Cinema Was The Most Important Day Of Your Life. But For Us, It Was Tuesday" -Capcom

  • Germany's autobahn bridges falling apart
  • the whole made in ... thing was originally implemented to mark the inferior products / cheap copys of british products that where made in germany

  • We cater any event!
  • "For You, The Day Bison Graced Your Village Was The Most Important Day Of Your Life. But For Me, It Was TUESDAY"

  • What are you playing this week? June 24 2024 Edition
  • ill continue playing streetfighter 6 trying to get into plat.
    and probably either some skyrim or titan quest.

  • Basically the extent of my IPv6 knowledge
  • ::1 is the new
    :: abbreviates empty fields
    ipv6 has more addresses
    there is something going on with mac addresses (asside from arp)

    thats all i remember

  • branding makes Strange Bedfellows


    Friday Facts #411 - All about asteroids Friday Facts #411 - All about asteroids | Factorio

    Hello! Welcome to Fearghall's Factorio Friday Facts! (FFFF, if you will.) Over the last few months, you have seen asteroids a few times as a background part of some other FFFs, but for all their understated majesty, they were actually quite a complicated trick to pull off! Come with me as I t...

    Friday Facts #411 - All about asteroids | Factorio

    looking for a way to block a specific program from using ipv6

    i am having trouble with ipv6 in a specific program. (sf6 steam version) completely disabling it has resolved my issues.

    but this solution just doesn't sit well with me.

    is there a way to only block that one problematic program from using ipv6?


    Resolved - Crossplay Issues with Streetfighter6

    I recently started playing sf6 in online mode. Playing against other pc users seems to work just fine, however Crossplay matches fail with the error code 50200-21018 (as far as i understand the first digits designate the http status code 502)

    I talked to a steamdeck user for which crossplay worked just fine I play on silverblue using the flatpack version of steam.

    At first is Suspected problems with the proton version, and tried several diffrent versions (including GE) However this did not help.

    Updating my ostree and flatpacks did also not help.

    does anyone have suggestions on what might be causing these issues, or how to debug it further?

    EDIT: same error occured when i tried using the steam version from the os


    ways to close vim