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Reminder that Giorgia Meloni published anime art of herself to Twitter
  • Yes, sure, that's the implication. But actually they just stole artwork representing the character Mari Ohara from the Love Live series.

    It's such a tainting of an unrelated art piece with their inhumane ideology.

  • Marci [Dota 2] (artist unknown)
  • I agree. It immediately has that generative model look.

    It's a bit hard to pinpoint, but I think the left upper arm looks a bit too thicc, with the armpit taking on certain vagina-like properties in the line work.

  • Clay content
  • Parmigiano Reggiano and Brie are pretty legit I would say.

    I hate the term "Swiss Cheese" though. There are loads of sorts of cheese here in Switzerland. None are called just "Swiss Cheese". If they mean Emmentaler they should just say so.

  • Anon thinks about Google
  • I would consider the A-Series of Samsung "mid-range". I know you said "lower" and "mid-range" is lower than "high-end", but I suspect tetris11's issue mostly applies to "low-end" phones. Something like a Motorola Moto G Play 2024