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About Knowledge cleric's read thoughts channel divinity ability

How does it work exactly? BG3 wiki is not exactly helpful here. Is it the same as detect thoughts spell, with int ability check each time you pick the option?

The sheer arrogance
  • My cat keeps waiting patiently till I open my eyes, and as soon as she notices Im awake she runs up to my head and starts rubbing her own head against my face. She gets so worked up she sometimes does little cartwheels.

  • What space object do you find the most interesting?
  • I am going to mention the rogue planets, since no one else has mentioned them here yet. Those unlucky celestial bodies ejected by their home star, destined to fly through the universe alone, dark and cold, forever.

  • This is getting out of hand! Now there are more than 3 of them!
  • 8 gets a lot of hate along with the rest of the sequels, and I remember being pissed off of its scorched earth treatment of every single plot point from 7 after watching it in the movie theatre, but looking back… at least it tried to be original. The scenes are visually memorable, and its message that even nobody can rise up to be a hero, is miles better than… whatever the 9 did with Rey.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal
  • The opinions are all over the place right now. As someone who loved DA2, I have no problem with actiony combat and linear world, as long as the storytelling and companions stay the same quality.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Gameplay Reveal
  • The last time the tactical view was relevant was in Origins. Inquisition combat was a joke, and I say this as a fan of the game. The tactical view was useless ninety percent of the time with team members ignoring your commands more often than not. The actual combat itself was a mess too, to the point it was better to stay back and lob spells or arrow rather then risk missing all your attacks because your enemy is slightly higher up a hill. At least this looks more dynamic and skill based with all the projectile & AoE telegraphing.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer
  • Honestly I wouldn’t mind if the actual game artstyle was like this. Dragon age franchise hasn’t been dark fantasy since DA2, and inquisition has been pretty schizophrenic when it comes to the tone. Might as well go with it and embrace the camp.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official Reveal Trailer
  • Honestly I wouldn’t mind if the actual game artstyle was like this. Dragon age franchise hasn’t been dark fantasy since DA2, and inquisition hasnt been pretty schizophrenic when it comes to the tone. Might as well go with it and embrace the camp.

  • Strength based pure throw rogue idea
  • Thanks for such thoughtful respose. I agree that 3 levels of fighter would go a long way in increasing the builds power, but this means losing the utility of reliable + extra feat. Honestly, given how plentiful daggers are in the game I might just forgo the returning weapons and lob those at enemies.

  • Strength based pure throw rogue idea

    Suffering from chronic restartitis I’ve just had an idea about a semi unique build I have not seen much discussion about anywhere. I’ve been wondering whether it would be viable or not.

    As per title, the gist of the build is going full rogue- but instead of going full DEX we would keep it just high enough to gain +2 to AC and instead go full STR. The benefits of this would be:

    • Longer jumps
    • (literally) Reliable pushing thanks to profeciency in athletics and the lvl 11 reliable talent
    • Sneak attack procs from throwing daggers, which combined with Tavern Brawler could do some serious damage - havent done the math though.
    • More carry weight obviously
    • could equip one of the versatile edit: finesseable longswords and take advantage of GWM while still being able to proc sneak attacks

    The cons would be lower AC and worse sneaking and pickpocket, though the Reliable talent again would solve those issues at lvl 11.

    As for the subclass Thief would work best for extra bonus action I think. Though assassin would probably work too? The guaranteed crit throw sneak attack would obliterate an enemy before the combat even started.

    Have anyone tried this?

    Edit: as for race obviously Githyanki and maybe Shield dwarf would work best for free Medium armor prof.

    Edit2: fixed mistakes


    Jumping from ME1 to ME2 insanity feels like a punch to the face

    First LE playthrough, just finished my ME1 insanity adept playthrough, and jump right away into ME2 insanity as vanguard, because Ive already finished the trilogy as adept years back.

    Man, I’ve forgotten how punishing the second game is. Playing as vanguard didn’t help either. Somehow I’ve managed to scrape through the Archangel dossier after several tries, and now I’m powering through the Mordin mission. Every encounter feels like a life or death situation.


    Fun to build lego set recommendation?

    I was obsessed with Lego as a kid, and would like to get into the hobby once again, not as an investment, but for the fun of it.

    I am huge fan of Star Wars, and Lego star wars seem to be all the rage nowadays, but looking at the sets, they seem to be awfully overpriced for what they seem offer.

    I am looking for something that will be fun to build, and not terribly pricey (not more than cca 180€). Preferably fantasy or scifi inspired.

    I’ve been browsing the lego website and this set in particular cought my eye. Any recommendations? Thanks


    Your favorite/least favorite DA:O origin?

    For me, I really like both Dwarf origins, with Noble probably a bit more.

    Dwarf commoner shows how bad castless have it and provides a unique outlook on the later part of the game, and is one of the few origins where joining the wardens really feels like a step up in the world. Although the ending of the origin feels rushed, a bit deus ex machina, IMO.

    Dwarf noble is just amazing all around. So many ways you can roleplay your dwarf, and the origin adjusts accordingly- you can be an honorable goody two-shoes, or a scheming douchebag that is too noble to talk to your lessers. You can refuse to participate in the noble schemes, or play the game of thrones yourself- the end result is the same, but how guilty you join them differs.

    As for the least favorite origin, I have to say it’s the City Elf one for me. I just don’t like how one-dimensional the villain is, how little impact it has, considering how traumatic the whole origin can be.

    What about tou?


    The internet has lied to me about Necromancer

    It’s so much fun.

    I was googling mages specs before choosing and most of the posts have called necro the worst of the three, unfun and weak. Most of the builds out there recommend skipping the right side of the three entirely, and and picking the walking bomb. Big mistake.

    Wisps of the fallen almost triples my attack dps with max stack and the dot from the Mark melts enemies in seconds. As for the rest I have yet to find a spell more satisfying than Walking Bomb. Those two skills alone have turned my mage into powerhouse of the party. Also, you can self-res with a revive when simulacrum is active.

    I admit I have hadnot much use for the horror, and I have not tried haste yet.

    Has anyone else had fun with necromancer spec? Any build tips?


    Does anyone have a theme in mind across the games?

    For example I have been planning a dalish playthrough across the three games - Dalish Warden, Hawke romancing Merill, Dalish Inquisitor. In the end my Inq ended up being Qunari and the only common thing across the games ended up all my PCs being extremely lesbian. Damn you Sera.

    What about you?