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Five Just Stop Oil activists receive record sentences for planning to block M25
  • I didn't know what to tell you. It doesn't work. You are hurting your cause because your sense of justice has seen it work in the past. There are more effective ways than pissing EVERYONE off. You need to be more pragmatic in your thinking.

  • Anon goes on a date
  • I agree with fptp sucking ass, but the rest to me seems to imply an inevitable call to violence. I don't think it has to be a dichotomy with some common ground and realizing that the Internet has amplified the political effects.

  • Anon goes on a date
  • No, they aren't. And those aren't all my views. I identified as a libertarian before it was co-op'ed and went off the rails (it was always filled with some crazies and ano-libs I guess) but it's relatively right on a global scale.

    I'm CONSTANTLY called a Nazi and fascist here.

  • Five Just Stop Oil activists receive record sentences for planning to block M25
  • I do. I however approach it with a pragmatic strategy. Blocking traffic doesn't work. It doesn't change minds, it doesn't change policy. It prevents hourly workers from getting paid.

    I agree with every thing you have said, except the execution. It hurts poor people and doesn't change policy.

  • Five Just Stop Oil activists receive record sentences for planning to block M25
  • I'm sure that sounds great when you aren't stuck in traffic at your hourly job, while the middle class protests because they have the time and money. It doesn't work. You have the correct idea supporting them and advocating for change. But the execution is failing here. It does not progress your goals.

  • Anon goes on a date
  • Find me a centrist who actually believes what you said. You have cast millions as a single dimensional group. THIS is the problem.

    An average person in the middle could support queer rights, could support pulling money from Israel until an agreement for both pieces of shit states (actually believing only the people get fucked) chill the fuck out, and they could support a national gun laws on basic registration and education but not stupid shit like bump stock bans, and maybe theyd ike to tax billionaires but don't believe that them renting out a second home on airbnb should be illegal.

    You've taken a decent person, and turned them into a Nazi supporting asshole.

    And when you grow up, you see this shit, more constantly every day, it creates radicalism. Both side have grown up with constant memes, jokes, and a culture of dehumanization of the other side. And no both sides are not the same, the GOP are monsters and every party member deserves whatever they get in whatever hell they believe in.

    But you, and what this meme is doing, is squeezing a long balloon from the center. It's not helpful, it creates a further divide, and creates voter apathy.

    It's not helpful and our little monkey brains will piece by piece contribute to the demise of democracy, as flawed and fucked up as GW and those fuckers set up for us, because we can't empathize beyond a computer screen.

    I'm done multi paragraph ranting over a meme. I've said my peace. This isn't helpful.

  • Meta Reportedly Unhappy With How Much Money Its VR Division Burns
  • I think you speak for the minority. Video calling is quite popular and there is a healthy market behind it. I love the communication that's possible with family. Being able to have a multi room conversation that followed me while I clean and cook would be fantastic.

  • Anon goes on a date
  • When you sit there and call center leaning people Nazis it pushes the entire spectrum right. If you can't see how screaming at everyone for moderate views pushes them out of your camp then maybe look closer at where the person you are calling a Nazi ends up feeling about your views after the fact.

    It's like watching the US bomb terrorism away.

    And I'm mad at everything? You've just called me a Nazi for having centrist views. You can't see any way that's going to escalate and accelerate everyone hating each other?

    Internet activists really have lost all shreds of empathy.

  • Biden left feeling angry and betrayed by top Democratic leaders wavering on his campaign
  • I would too. Best president since Carter. Still to this day making moves and camping debt.

    But he can't do the dog and pony show so, as per usual in the DNC, they can't toe the line under the big tent. It's bat shit insane and y'all deserve Trump.

  • Meta Reportedly Unhappy With How Much Money Its VR Division Burns
  • Y'all are pissy at Meta, but I hope they are successful. A virtual reality social network is a fantastic idea and I hope they can figure out a way to bring a cool communication app to the masses. That camera that followed you was a great idea that got lost in the Facebook hate.