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What's that song you adore but you're too embarrassed to make anyone else listen to?
  • I always thought that was the intention.

    From what I've been able to understand, it's supposed to be a reflection of how Johnathan felt about himself constantly hooking up with groupies (I think he was married as well while this was happening).

    Apparently the use of "little girls" isn't meant to mean underage, but to berate the young women he was having sex with.

    How true any of this is will only be known by Johnathan and the women in question. We'd all love to think the best in the people we look up to, but they're not always going to live up to expectation.

    "Don't meet your heroes" and all that.

  • crowdStrikeIsAVerbNow
  • I dunno how blind I have to be to miss this for all this time, but the air vents they have on the pit wall are the same air vents you get on a Mercedes-Benz.

    It makes perfect sense, but it's rather amusing 😂

  • ...whoa.
  • crowdStrikeIsAVerbNow
  • I'm a Formula One fan. The Mercedes team are sponsored by them. You see their logo every time you see an on board shot of the cars.

    I had no idea until this weekend.

  • Fucking idiot drivers...
  • I think you got your figures somewhat mixed. It equates to roughly 3ft per 10mph. 10ft is good at 30mph, but at 70 that should be 21ft minimum.

    Alternative is the classic 2 second rule.

  • I'm angry about salad
  • I fucking love blue cheese no matter how it comes. Stick that stinky foot-smelling fungus in my mouth 😍

  • Still Got It
  • The argument is like having someone who is punching you in the face point at someone else and say "he let me do it!"

  • WeBuyAnyCar
  • Some people say it like "an -istorical"

    It's istory init?

  • Cool guide to boiling a larger sized egg
  • I think 5 would be the minimum I'd be willing to go to. The others just look too raw to me.

    I love a good 15 if I'm out and about.

    I do like to offer people an egg in this trying time.

  • Wha..?
  • My bullet-worship-square can walk right through the door!

  • Feathered friend rule
  • Wrinkle!

  • Sovcit secured a carrier, Josh helped.
  • Sounds like a lot of these sovcits have plenty of misfolded prions in their heads.

  • "Just put the pineapple topping on the bottom and bake!" - Dole - McCall's magazine - 1965
  • If your top is on the bottom I think that's what we call a "switch" 🤔

  • That's a Suave Snoot
  • Definitely looks like you spell his name with a d-o double g.

  • What does it mean??
  • 1 41w4y5 533 1337 5p34k <3 z0mg h4x0rz ___

  • ich_iel
  • Whoever figures out a better symbol system for washing machines will go down in history.

  • What does it mean??
  • I always see 12:34

  • I'm perfectly content with the number of ponies in this picture ❤️

  • The Firm - Star Trekkin'

    Connect A Song IndiBrony

    Baby Shark

    Shark in title!



    A clothes peg made from jeans.

    We're still doing jeans, right?


    I'm Popeye the Sailor Moon

    You can try to kill this meme, but it ain't happenin' today!


    I believe I have solved the problem!