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I piss in your general direction
  • Multi-million by eliminating to the bathroom

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • GOG sometimes fails to keep some offline installers up to date with what Galaxy installs, some people consider that a DRM, I consider it a service failure.

    You can also find some reports checking this thread - the post in question says Beat Hazard 2 won't run after a clean offline install on a computer without internet. Not DRM per se, as that check only happens once and it creates a savefile

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • Mega Man Legends. Fuck you, Capcom, for killing the blue boy.

    A new Command and Conquer Generals. It was a big departure from the classical C&C formula of stuff being built on the UI on the right and more like every other RTS, but it was fun nonetheless. Zero Hour bringing the specialized generals was also a nice idea.

    Dunno if it counts as a game, but something like MTV Music Generator on PS1 and PS2 would be awesome, especially with the ease of sharing stuff around nowadays.

    There are many Star Wars games that deserve a second chance, but I think Republic Commando could really use the sequels "Imperial Commando" and "Rebel Commando" first. I'd personally love a sequel to Jedi Academy

    With all the "boomer shooters" making a comeback, Heretic and Hexen could receive their respective 3rd installments.

    Lastly, Virtual On Cyber Troopers. Something that plays like the very first game of 1995, that'd be 😗👌. I think that game is what paved the way for the many Gundam games that play a lot like it - On PC, you can get a taste of that gameplay with Bootfighter Windom XP

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • I remember some years ago receiving an email with a form asking many questions about Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver, seemingly a market research thing.


    Welp, there goes all my hope

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • Streets of Rage

    I thought 4 did rather well commercially?

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • Word. The closest I found to the feel of Freelancer was X3 back in 2010, but the differences were glaring.

    There this Underspace that seems to be a "Freelancer meets Cthluhu", I've yet to play the demo to get a feel of the space.

  • A little fear is good
  • In the OP's comic, it certainly takes longer to figure "would what?"

    The original above with the angel has "monster fucker" on the person, so it's a bit easier to deduce, "would fuck"

  • Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show
  • My bet is most will go either with bluesky or threads, because "everyone is (moving) there"

  • fruit
  • But the banana shape! It's a sleeeeeeeeeve!

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • Same way FIFA players do and have been doing, to the tune of over 1 billion dollars since 2018.

  • Hmmm
  • That's why you should leave dogs outside

  • Rule
  • The current kids using LLMs for questions are probably going to be quite a bit smarter than us

    Eh, I have serious reservations about this. Not everyone using them will double check stuff that doesn't sound quite right, and LLMs may often say shit that's very wrong, but doesn't look wrong, especially to someone who doesn't know a thing about the topic.

  • Healthcare? Oooo maybe next time...
  • The cited dude has been shot, for he didn't have body armor provided by the Pentagon

  • Healthcare? Oooo maybe next time...
  • If the USA wasn't starting and fighting wars it began without provocation , maybe there'd be less groups interested in "going there".

    Besides, of the countries the USA considers an enemy, only Russia can ever "realistically" invade 'murica, and that's assuming they only focus on Alaska. Even if USA only had 1/3 of its current military, it'd send the Russians packing due to logistical advantage.

    The only other route for Russia, China or anyone to invade is to use Cuba as a staging ground, which is not only very susceptible to a naval blockade, it's also within range of fuckloads of USA missiles.

  • Healthcare? Oooo maybe next time...
  • Pretty sure 'muricans are planning to invade Canada, South Park made a whole movie about that!

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • I wish more people would buy stuff on GOG, although some games there still have some sort of DRM, Kalypso published games come to mind.

    Still, way, way better in terms of ownership than what other platforms offer.

  • Daisy Ridley's 'STAR WARS: EPISODE X - A NEW BEGINNING' will begin filming from September 2nd, 2024 in London, UK.
  • Speaking of visually engaging, Ralph McQuarrie's artwork for the original trilogy is incredibly inspiring.

  • The constant negativity is killing me
  • Was it? I guess I have to DL and watch some parts of the movie again, I only watched it once when it was in theaters

  • Daisy Ridley's 'STAR WARS: EPISODE X - A NEW BEGINNING' will begin filming from September 2nd, 2024 in London, UK.
  • Another thing the sequels didn't have: accompanying games. The gaps between movies weren't filled exclusively by live action and animated series

    Sure, only Revenge of the Sith actually had an actual "the movie the game", but the 90s and early 2000s saw a number of amazing Star Wars games (and some less than stellar), most only partially related to movies, others with completely news stories, which definitely helped keep people interested in the universe, even if they didn't like the movies. KOTOR, Republic Commando, Battlefront, X-Wing series, Dark Forces series.

    Meanwhile, during the Disney years, we had Battlelootbox 1 and 2, Squadrons, Jedi Fallen Order+Survivor and... that's about it (also some Lego Star Wars stuff). The mobile stuff might as well be SW skins of whatever is the current mobile trend.

  • Daisy Ridley's 'STAR WARS: EPISODE X - A NEW BEGINNING' will begin filming from September 2nd, 2024 in London, UK.
  • Title crawl:


    After Palpatine returning, somehow, and being defeated, the NEW NEW REPUBLIC is established. But not much has changed, because not enough time has passed.

    Anyway, REY, along with a redeemed BEN SOLO, have become the sole JEDI MASTERS of the entire galaxy and decided that the time was ripe to begin training a new generation of JEDI

    Among the first pupils, the young TALTAPINE shows great promise, but dark clouds loom over the JEDI once more...

  • Just finished watching "Cloak of Deception", a Phantom Menace fan edit

    It's been ages since I last saw ep 1 and, while looking for the despecialized original trilogy, I came across the prequel fan edits. "Eh, why not?"

    Gotta say, I was expecting the pacing or the story to kinda fall flat, but this was a very enjoyable watch. There's a lot that was cut, nearly all the "whimsy" was removed, also the whole underwater trip when the jedis first land on Naboo. This leads to the Gungan alliance being a "jar jar ex machina", but it worked well enough in my opinion. Other than that, I think the movie works really well in every aspect.

    The torrent I got also comes with a .docx that lists the whole movie script with all the stuff that was cut in red, and new additions (very few) in blue. A smaller list of changes can be read here - Besides removing a lot of jar jar's antics and any references to midichlorians (I personally never cared about that), one notable change near the end was making Anakin blow up the command ship before Padme and her group capture the Viceroy, so it makes it seem that the droids being deactivated is what allowed them to complete their objective.

    One thing that I noticed during the final battle was that the Trade Federation pretty much dropped the blockade, as they only left one command ship in orbit, compared to the dozens at the beginning of the movie. I guess that was because the land invasion worked, so there was no further need to keep the orbital blockade.

    PS: I couldn't stop laughing when Obi Wan fell because of that fucking meme

    PPS: I always liked how Naboo looks, but this time I really paused to look a bit better at the architecture, and it has such a nice mix of mediterranean marble of yellowish tones and cyan roofs. With the current image quality and all, it was much easier to pick out "ancient CG" and in many places it looked like a "old last gen game", but it had that late 90s charm that warms my hearth with nostalgia.

    PPPS: The worst part about watching SW as an older person is seeing all those damn walkways without a single guardrail anywhere. Coruscant is even worse, that transport vehicle full of VIP heading to the senate is fully open without so much as seatbelts.


    Some fans really should go back home and rethink their lives. From Elfquest #9, 1981

    TLDR; some fan complains that the comics depicted a troll war as a "touch football game between overweight accountants" instead of something truly gruesome and that a sex scene was "just rocks". It's a long rant that boils down to "your stuff is too cutesy".

    The author rebukes that nonsense because she knows she has younger readers and she doesn't need to do that explicit sex and violence anyway.


    Why do certain companies keep paid content "accessible" through third party sites or addons?

    Most major news sites, as well as some other sites of reading content like Medium, have a paywall for certain articles, but those are easily defeated by people who bother to search the internet.

    As I suspect said companies are aware of that, and they don't react to properly protect their paid stuff, what do they expect to gain?


    What can I use to harden acrylic paints or resin?

    Asking because while I see that paint hardeners exist in the USA, there doesn't seem to be anything similar in my country (Brazil)

    What could I use as a substitute to harden paints? Are there any catalysts or powders that would work?

    Google and DDG always show sites/articles about epoxy resins whenever I search for "acrylic hardener", is it safe to assume that catalysts for epoxy, like polyamide, will work with acrylics?


    If you could make a non-linux OS go mainstream, which one would you pick?

    I make the specification of non-linux because otherwise this would just become a thread full of obscure distros that do the same thing as a million other distros.

    Some lesser known OSs:

    • AROS - based on Amiga OS, has some derivatives like IcarOS and MorphOS
    • Haiku - based on BeOS
    • Redox - Unix-like, made in Rust (might technically count as linux?)
    • Serenity - Unix-like, very late 90s look and feel
    • Kolibri - Tiny OS, the image is ~44MB. It also has a smaller version that fits in a single floppy.
    • PhantomOS - When 3 Russians decide to turn everything about a typical OS upside down.

    Justine Tunney - Redbean and the Actually Portable Executable (Speakeasy JS, May 2021) - Despite the channel, this is about a C executable that "runs anywhere", including from boot

    Video is nearly 3 years old now, but I think it's worth watching. Her presentation starts at around 2:30.

    Basically, she explains how Redbean, a tiny (~450kb) and very fast C http server, works and how the same executable can be used to deploy it on most operating systems (she starts explaining that around 14:30)

    Justine is also the mind behind Sector LISP, Lambda Calculus in 383 bytes, considerable optimizations to LLamaAI, plus several other things.


    Anon manages the impossible

    For those that can't read the image:

    >playing some mtg with my college group that meets up at my best friend's every friday >one of the players asks if his friend can join next time we play >nobody has a problem with it >next friday rolls around >everybody gets set up >knock on the door >best friend opens the door >immediate regret >actual fucking fecal smell emanates from this mass of unkempt hairy adipose >try my god damndest to be polite and try to ignore the smell and just play. >he picks up the game pretty quickly, and thankfully he doesn't speak too often because each time he opens his mouth the halitose burns my nostrils. >we tolerate this for exactly 10 minutes before the poli-sci dude in our group slams his can of altoids on the plaguelord's side of the table and blurts "do not fucking speak in my direction again until you've fucking emptied this your breath smells like death." >dead fucking silence for 10 seconds. >plaguelord gets up, apologizes, and leaves >we try to pretend this never happened. >next week rolls around, its still on everyone's mind. >knock on the door >takes a few moments to recognize the stranger in front of us >holy shit its the plaguelord, and he's fucking clean >completely shaved his patchy neckbeard >is wearing what looks like a brand new clothes, his jeans even still have a sticker on them >smells vaguely like strawberries instead of rotten onions >teeth still stained but the halitose is completely gone and replaced with mint. >apologized for last week, asked if he could play again >fast forward a few months and now he's a regular at our table, he even brings homemade snacks. Has this ever happened in your groups or is this some sort of anomaly/divine intervention?


    Does anyone have "Neopets revival" on their 2024 bingo card? How Neopets’ nostalgic revival tripled users in six months

    An icon of millennials’ childhoods languished for nearly two decades. Now it’s attempting a comeback – banking on the fact that it hasn’t changed at all

    How Neopets’ nostalgic revival tripled users in six months

    cross-posted from:

    > > With efforts to resuscitate Neopets ramping up, monthly users have nearly tripled to 300,000 in the past six months, and the company is on track to be profitable by the end of 2024, [current Neopets Team CEO] Law said. > > Also notable: > > > Law said that rather than cracking down on fan-created components, the company is embracing them. It launched a “Neopass” login system that allows users to access games across the Neopets system, including third-party and fan-made games.


    Remember that PlaytronOS from some weeks ago? Turns out it's for a "crypto powered" portable console No one needs this cryptocurrency-powered Steam Deck competitor

    Playtron's SuiPlay0X1 is a "web3 gaming" fever dream I thought we'd all woken up from.

    No one needs this cryptocurrency-powered Steam Deck competitor

    For anyone that missed the initial news back in March ->

    So, to everyone that was already kinda skeptical back then, congratulations, you were right.


    Lion King did not rule Kimba

    For anyone that, like me, was aware of the "LK plagiarized Kimba" but only ever considered it "neat trivia", time to get some facts straight.

    TLDW; Lion King didn't plagiarize Kimba, not by a long stretch. Also, around the 2h mark, our host compares Kimba (1950) to an even older comic of "Simba King of Beasts" (1946)

    One of the best comments:

    > Title should be law professor gets owned by gay furry

    If you want to get alcohol poisoning, take a shot every time YMS says "over 3000 minutes of Kimba media"


    What are some decent apps for keeping a personal "wiki"

    I say wiki as a point of reference, as it's the thing I'm most used to for organizing information, but anything that lets me create links on specific words, leading me to a different page/display can work.

    I prefer FOSS, but anything that's a free download on the play store is fair game, TrackerControl should manage to block annoying ads.


    What liquids have the lowest refraction?

    Asking this because I've been thinking about resin printing and how a small layer of said liquid could, in theory, be used to make the prints faster and negate any problems regarding the FEP film (which can wrinkle, tear and be a hassle to clean when small pieces are stuck to it). The ideal liquid would have to be:

    • Inert to UV light
    • Not miscible with the resin
    • Denser than 1.25g/cm³

    Maybe the liquid doesn't even need to have a small refraction, so long as the light doesn't diffuse too much after going through ~1mm of it. That or doing some compensation on the print.


    Why there are no "secondary" sports league that allow performance enhancement drugs?

    I mean, you'll find people using PEDs in any sport, despite the risk of bans and everything. Steroid use is also rampant among bodybuilders.

    There is an "obvious market", but why do such sport leagues or federations that openly allow those drugs exist?

    I can imagine that such a thing existing would create an immediate and widespread health problem with lots of people, athletes or not, using those performance enhancers and accidentally fucking themselves. But what else could be a problem?


    Something to ruffle some penguin feathers: The Unix Hater's Handbook

    This is a 1994 book about the many woes that Unix derived systems brought to sysadmins that were used to other solutions. Considering the number of commands that Linux still uses, it's definitely worth a read.