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It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose
  • I feel like with Sisko and Kirk it would be either Sisko fanboying over Kirk or an unending argument between the two, or possibly the first leading into the second. In either case, I don't want to be in the middle of that.

  • That book makes so much more sense now.
  • The show is on AMC (though I think they may have come to a sharing deal with Netflix) and it is so fucking good.

    I mean, yes, it is absolutely a bunch of gay vampire melodrama, so if that isn't your jam then don't bother, but if you're up for what that is, then the execution is absolutely brilliant.

  • Will Deadpool & Wolverine save the Marvel Studios slump? Disney boss Bob Iger says it'll be the biggest MCU movie "in a long time"
  • That's the spirit! Get those expectations way up there! Tell people that this movie will change their lives and the way they understand the fundamental meaning of cinema itself! There is no promise too big to attach to a movie, no load so heavy that it can't be carried by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman! If this movie doesn't crush every box office record ever set, then we all might as well hurl ourselves into the nearest industrial garbage shredder, because life won't be worth living anymore!

  • Sniper or Warden
  • I have a hard time going Warden unless I've got a Wand of Regrowth or a Blooming Enchantment. I can't quite seem to make enough grass just off of walking. Without something to generate additional grass, Sniper has a greater number of viable options.

  • You like repairing microwaves.
  • There's two points that I look at when I think of how much the Star Trek future is driven by people just doing what they enjoy.

    The first is when Captain Jellico takes over the Enterprise and everyone gets all grumpy and Riker gets relieved of duty. Things aren't going well and Jellico goes to Riker's quarters to talk, and after asking for permission to speak freely, Riker tells him "You've taken all the joy out of everything." In this ship of hundreds of hyperqualified people working with bleeding edge technology, literally hours away from possibly facing their deaths and the start of a galactic war, Riker is correctly pointing out the the commanding officer isn't letting them have fun anymore. People in Star Trek don't get paid, they do what they do for the love of the game.

    The second point is when Eddington goes rogue and Sisko realizes that he was fan of Les Miserables, and that Eddington is essentially cosplaying as Jean Valjean and wants Sisko to be Javert. Sisko points out that Eddington didn't have to become a terrorist or betray his uniform. He could have resigned any time he wanted. But he loved his role play so damn much that he was willing, even eager, to get the most determined man in the quadrant pissed off enough to hunt him down at all costs, and Sisko was able to use the implied script of this role play to capture Eddington. In this case, Eddington was having so much fun with his version of living his best life, he was literally willing to get captured and sent to prison because it was how he wanted to play the game.

    People in Star Trek can choose to stay on any number of paradise planets, and quite a lot do, but they will also will face death and worse than death, all in the name of self-actualization, and that's pretty fantastic.

  • I'm not addicted to rule. You are. why are you looking at me like that. Everything feels so unbalanced
  • He wrote another one where an alien got drunk and wanted to have a conversation with a guy, but since the alien was out of "speaks alien language" pills instead he gave him a "messiah" pill, which happens to include the ability to speak all languages.

  • Turns out her job is pretty important
  • Above the guy in the white shirt with blue stripes on the right side of the image there was a person wearing an orange shirt way in the distance, and he edited the orange out there as well and I salute the commitment.

  • What do you think of political commentators and political Youtubers ?
  • Highly recommend Pod Save America and their spinoffs / associates. The Pod Save guys are ex-Obama staffers, so they know how the sausages are made, but they are by no means full-time DNC cheerleaders. Just lately their conversation seems to in the realm of "Biden is the nominee, but we have a responsibility to have a level-headed conversation about if that is the best idea; every possible choice comes with risks, and we aren't doing ourselves any favors if we don't consider them."

    They make no secret about the fact that they are pushing a progressive agenda, but they also aren't blowing smoke up your ass about how well we are or aren't doing, or if democratic figures have made gigantic fuck-ups, which I appreciate.

  • Vintage and Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. GraniteM

    Kent Cigarettes (with the Micronite a.k.a. asbestos filter), Life Magazine, 1953






    ObscureMedia GraniteM

    Willie Eason - Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Poor Man's Friend

    A steel guitar song about how awesome F. D. Roosevelt was.


    This bamboo stalk got snapped almost completely in half during a storm two years ago, and yet it still lives.

    I can't figure out how it could possibly be drawing enough nutrients to live, and yet there it is. I'd have chopped it up and dragged it away but now I'm impressed and want to see how long it goes on.

    Books GraniteM

    Mom, can we have Dune?

    Stranded on a strange planet with a race of alien vampires!

    InsanePeopleFacebook GraniteM

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


    This feels cursed

    Blazing Frost Elemental should not be!