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But it Won’t., They *Need* It
  • Suppose someone who isn't a cop does this and uses a fake uniform? How could anyone be able to tell if the officer is legitimate? That alone should make police departments not want to endorse such practices.

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  • Fixed-width Serif is the only way to go when doing any sort of coding.

    However, Comic Sans is a surprisingly decent alternative if you want to use a Sans Serif typeface. The letters are easily distinguishable.

  • Meteorite illuminates night sky in Portugal
  • Whoa that's so cool to be able to capture it on a dashcam. I specifically bought a dashcam for my car so I could capture a meteorite on video after the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor. No meteorite capture yet though.

    The insurance benefit was just a plus compared to my real motivation lol.

  • Lesbian Rebel Rule

    From Total War: Rome REMASTERED. Sad that I couldn't ally with them.

    Yard lookin' fine tho.
  • In my case yeah. Sucks but me mowing the lawn is still cheaper than hiring a company to do it.

    So I pretend to be Hank Hill once a week.

    "Who needs drugs when you could mow a lawn?"

  • Polyamorule

    Gonna need to be a full on poly commune at this rate if prices keep going up.

    113 Ohio company to sell a ‘flamethrower-wielding robot dog’ called the Thermonator

    ‘Ultimate firepower companion’ is purportedly for wildlife control, ecological conservation, and snow and ice removal

    Ohio company to sell a ‘flamethrower-wielding robot dog’ called the Thermonator

    Coming soon to a battlefield near you. If it can bypass the export controls, that is.

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