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Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • That's very astute of you but have you ever had a shower in under two minutes and washed your whole body? There isn't much time to think past the focus of scrubbing, rinsing and ensuring maximum water goes into the bucket.

    You must be truly exceptional.

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • In my city the water comes from underground too. The problem arises when there is no rain and cleared land produces more runoff than absorbtion.

    Coupled with heavy use by people ground water levels are reduced. This not only affects us but trees and plants that rely on these water levels will die off.

    However, as the other commenter mentioned, normal citizen use and its affect on this is negligible. It's when you have industrial water extraction that is the real problem.

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • Thoughts taken:

    Is the water running into the bucket when heating?

    Is the water warming yet so I can get my head under comfortably and wet it to get shampoo in?

    Quick, get the shampoo rub it in before I need to add cold so I don't get burnt.

    Water is perfect now, that's nice. Turn and rub it in.

    Is it warm enough in the bathroom so I can afford to turn off water and lather myself?

    Ok, now i'm lathered, let's get those hard to reach places.

    Turn on the water. Try to aim for taps to be at the same position so I don't get burnt. (I have temperature variation from solar hot water)

    Rinse, quick, let's rinse. Dont fall over the bucket Gnugit!

    Turn off taps now and quick, dry your hands so you can reply to Sprunt on lemmy.

    Oh, the shower timer only says ~1/4 of 4 minutes this time, that was efficient.

    Hmm, maybe I can finally make a post to c/showerthoughts...

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • I feel for those in arid climates that can wait literally years for rain. Luckily here where we normally get 9 months of rain we are still looking at about 3-4 do there will be no worries about collecting rain water to survive.

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • Lucky you. The rising temperature has driven the low pressure systems south and they mostly seem to be bypassing the whole south of australia. I hope this doesn't mean now we will start getting cyclones where we are at..

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.

    My city is in the middle of the worst drought in recorded history. My showers are typically under 2 minutes and I have to shower with a bucket to catch otherwise wasted water to use to flush the toilet. I also shut the water down when I am wet enough so I can scrub myself without having unneeded water flowing then start it back up to rinse.

    Plus, water is damn expensive!

    Who here really has the time to stand, think and waste in the shower?


    South West Australia, domestic garden volunteer

    Please ID. This plant has been emerging every season in my garden. It typically grows as a low lying herbaceous annual to 30cm high and 60cm wide.

    Thank you


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