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But My Leftovers
  • I've been happy with Huels hot and savory pastas, the quinoa ones aren't as good in my opinion without doctoring them up with some extras. It takes a few tries to nail down how to scoop the proper amounts of powder and pasta from the bag, and then the amount of water to use, but once I did that, it's about as good as leftovers from a restaurant.

  • Ghibli ass nature
  • I posted one in there.

    I really enjoy photographing bryophytes and lichen.

  • Ghibli ass nature
  • Gametophytes are a stage in the life cycle of bryophytes.

  • After announcing increased prices, Spotify to Pay Songwriters About $150 Million Less Next Year
  • I typically like to just buy my music but the appeal of spotify, to me, is the algorithm and being able to play random singles and one offs from artists I would probably not ever hear a single thing from otherwise.

  • Ghibli ass nature
  • Bryophytes are dope.

  • [Daily Discussion Thread] All game details and discussion for games on 02 May 2024
  • I hope Toronto makes a comeback. God I just dislike Marchand so much.

  • If you or somebody you know ever fell for a romance scam, how did you or the person fall for it?
  • Isn't your girlfriends brother's family also your girlfriends family?

  • Police and public capture runaway zebras in Washington state, but one is still missing
  • I think it's a reasonable description to people who have only heard of Seattle.

  • The Millennial CAPTCHA
  • I think the point of that one is that millennials post to their friends, not to their stories.

  • How do you Lemmings like your tea?
  • I'm always cold so I've taken to making giant cups of herbals to have tea the whole day to keep me warm, no sweeteners.

    I never put anything else in my tea. Except if I'm having a London fog, that's like crack for me.

  • Winged cargo ship saves three tonnes of fuel per day on first voyage
  • Can an instance blanket copyright all of their users comments?

    Also, I'm not sure why you're getting down voted, sorry.

  • [OC] Lichen on an old antler
  • This was posted on another one of my lichen posts. It's a good one!

  • What song hits you hard whenever you listen to it?
  • The Other Side just hits right in the good parts of humanity. I just can't help but be amazed that humans did that whenever I listen to that song.

  • Company forgets why they exist after 11-week migration to Kubernetes
  • You're still on cooldown for some words it seems.

  • [OC] Menegazzia Terabrata lichen [OC] Shield lichen during a snow melt -

    Went rock hounding up in the hills by a creek and found this one. There was snow on the ground still but it was wet and rainy. Love the gradient on this one.

    [OC] Shield lichen during a snow melt -

    Been trying to submit these but the last set of lichen photos I took I have been having errors uploading. The recent lichen post reminded me to do this. I usually post my photos to [email protected]


    [OC] Menegazzia Terabrata lichen during a snow melt

    Went rock hounding up in the hills by a creek and found this one. There was snow on the ground still but it was wet and rainy. Love the gradient on this one.

    I misidentified this as a shield lichen, it is actually Menegazzia Terabrata


    Why does the time package only define durations up to Hour?

    I am doing a lot of work right now that requires day and year durations and I have to define those myself. I wonder why they didn't include those in the time package.


    [OC] Lichen on Petrified wood

    This lichen is fruiting, with cup like, pancake colored apothecia.


    [OC] Tree

    I have no photography background and I'm just using my S21 ultra camera. I found this one hard to get the lighting right. I also wish I had gotten a bit more of the left side of the tree in frame.

    This was taken at the south end of Camano Island, Washington, around dusk. The tree is on the cliff about 60 feet above the rocky beach.


    Does anyone else lose all track of time while playing this game?

    It feels like there is always one more little thing that you can get done before hopping off. But then that turns into 10 other little things you can do. And the next thing you know it's the next day and the sun is coming up.


    [OC] British Soldier Lichen

    This looked like a completely alien world from this perspective. I was captivated by these tenticles reaching out from the fungus powdered wood.

    I'll share a few more in the comments.


    [OC] I'm Lichen This Pattern

    I love the patterns that lichen leave behind on rocks.