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What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • This will sound stupid. But if you press your thumb onto the center of your hand, and then close the others fingers around and press, you'll suppress your gag reflex.

    This saved me when I had to take some medicine as big pills. Without this trick they often got stuck in my throat, and it could take me minutes to properly swallow. With the trick? No problems anymore.

  • Patty Cake, Patty Cake
  • One is a bit annoyed, but there are many signs missing for anything "bad". No growling, no claws, no trying to retreat, no wide-open eyes - I choose to interpret this as them starting off as "uuurgh, you're annoying", but then kinda enjoying themselves.

  • Catshaming
  • > be cat, hunt outside for fun

    > humans tell me "bad cat, you're destroying the ecosystem"

    > be cat, see the error of my ways, become pacifist

    > even share my food with my mortal enemy

    > humans tell me "bad cat, can't even catch a mouse that's eating your food"

    > ???

  • What are your mundane grievances?
  • In everyday use, "or" is often understood as logical XOR. If you only use "or", you're less clear than if you use "and/or". Every example where somebody uses "and/or" is a valid example where it's not interchangable with just "or", because it changes the meaning of the sentence.

  • Rheinland-Pfalz: Störung im Mobilfunknetz von 1&1 - noch immer Kunden betroffen

    Noch immer gibt es Probleme im Mobilfunknetz von 1&1 aus Montabaur. Eine technische Störung wurde zunächst behoben. Aktuell kommt es erneut zu Einschränkungen.

    Rheinland-Pfalz: Störung im Mobilfunknetz von 1&1 - noch immer Kunden betroffen

    Cities Skylines 2: "Beach properties assets are all gone and my city is screwed. Thanks a lot." Beach properties assets are all gone and my city is screwed. Thanks a lot.

    Since the removal of the DLC, and the fact it's not already in the base game, all assets related to it now appear as grey boxes. Thanks again for that, as it was doubtlessly absolutely necessary to remove the DLC now and not when it's integrated...

    It doesn't stop. It just never stops.


    Season 2 Episode 6


    Season 2 Episode 5


    ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Release June 21


    Invincible Season 2 will return on March 14th


    What is your favorite moment in Invincible (show/comics)? What made you go "this is something different"?

    Please use spoiler tags for comic spoilers (anything that hasn't been shown in the latest episodes of the show)!

    Hey all! I'd like to try starting a directed discussion, since participation in the episode discussions hasn't really happened yet (but it's slowly picking up on the sub, woohoo!). Depending on how things go I'll post more in the coming weeks :)

    What was the moment or thing that happened which made you go "This isn't like other superhero media"? I think we can all agree that Invincible feels very refreshing and has many interesting ideas. Is there something you really like? Or something that defines Invincible?


    Season 2

    Use these links to get to the individual episode discussions:


    Season 2 Episode 3


    Season 2 Episode 1

    What are your thoughts on this episode? I know the comics, so the beginning didn't throw me off - but I watched this episode on a bunch of reaction channels, and I love how confused they were at first!


    Berserk chapter 375 berserk chapter 375 - Berserk Manga Online

    berserk chapter 375 / Read Berserk Manga Online - High quality English chapter scans.

    3 Donald Trump tells court he had no duty to ‘support’ the US Constitution

    ‘The Presidential oath, which the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment surely knew, requires the President to swear to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ the Constitution — not to ‘support’ the Constitution,’ read a filing from the former president’s attorneys

    Donald Trump tells court he had no duty to ‘support’ the US Constitution

    The FTC leaked a Bethesda title release schedule with a new DOOM game: DOOM Year Zero Bethesda title release schedule leaked (Fallout 3 Remaster, DOOM Year Zero, Dishonored 3, Ghostwire Tokyo 2, etc.)

    Source: Attachment inside PDF: EX PX1050 Phil Spencer 101122.pdf

    Bethesda title release schedule leaked (Fallout 3 Remaster, DOOM Year Zero, Dishonored 3, Ghostwire Tokyo 2, etc.)

    Berserk Manga Returns on September 22


    Do the sacrifices of a godhand member influence their strength?

    I'm really interested in trying to get more information about Void, and one angle I haven't read much about is this: does the amount of people sacrificed, and their strength, influence the power of the resultant godhand member?

    There definitely seems to be some kind of correlation between sacrifices and power, since Slan states in chapter 82: "It's ironic though. The stronger his life force and the greater his anguish, the more they become precious bread for the new life of darkness". From this we can at least deduct that a strong sacrifice makes the new member stronger than a weak sacrifice.

    Now the question is: shouldn't this mean that Void is much, much more powerful than Griffith currently is? After all, he sacrificed not just a band of mercenaries (who have some very strong members, albeit only few due to the year before), but an entire kingdom. I do think the average sacrifice was much weaker for Void (as they were most likely not warriors, but intellectuals), though it's difficult to say since we know very little about his eclipse. But nonetheless I definitely think there is some correlation here.

    This of course leads to some interesting possibilities for what Griffith is currently up to. Is he planning to somehow ascend further by making another, much bigger sacrifice? Do the godhand members have a hierarchy which he is trying to climb (almost certainly)? Could he be trying to surpass the Idea of Evil itself?


    Do you think that the placement of the brand has a meaning?

    I'm re-reading the manga right now. During the Eclipse, we see the brand placed on a number of hawks, each in a different place (link to the panel):

    • Casca gets it on the left side of her chest, roughly over her heart

    • Guts, of course, has it on his neck

    • Judeau gets his on the palm of his left hand

    • Pippin has it on his forearm

    • Corkus gets his on his forehead (just like the bodies below the tower of rebirth)

    I can make an argument for each of them to have gotten it on whatever they most rely on, except for Guts, I can't make a concrete argument why it's his neck.

    But what I'm really interested in is this: can we learn anything about the bodies from Gaiserics kingdom from this? It might be that the population of his city wasn't made up of fighters and physical people at the time it was sacrificed, but of thinkers, or at least people who rely more on wit and cunning than on strength (positive or negative). This would make sense considering the technological and social advancements they seem to have made.

    What do you guys think?


    What topic do you LOVE to talk about, but rarely get to?

    Everyone has something they can't stop themselves from nerding out over - but often it's hard to find people to talk to about it. So go ahead, share your interests, and tell us about them!