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The fuk? Please help me complete this insane captcha
  • Oh, I see your mistake. Those are Samsung fridges. Nothing has a shorter lifespan than a Samsung fridge. Since there are two they will die together to maximize the inconvenience factor, and they thus must be clicked simultaneously. That is the only way a fake Samsung fridge could mimic the frustration caused by a real one.

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • Before the election we will be preparing bugout bags for my nuclear family and establishing concrete plans to flee.

    After the election, if Trump wins we will monitor and be ready. At the first sign of trouble we get out of dodge. I have the ability to get EU citizenship for my family if need be. In the meantime, my wife and I have skills that can get us the privilege to move into some countries based on their employment needs.

    My family and I would have reasons to be targeted by white nationalists if they felt empowered. I have received semi-threatening letters from such people in the past.

    I hate that we have to think this way, but we do.

  • What would you do if you could unconditionally duplicate yourself?
  • Each kid and wifey could have individual Daddy/hubby attention at the same time. My yard and home would look immaculate because my ADHD task burnout could be overcome by calling in a new helper.

    I could probably make bank and help improve the lot of humanity by allowing my duplicates to go through controlled medical and scientific testing.

    At some point one of me would figure out how to leverage this ability for the absolute betterment of humankind. That would probably become a driving mission for the collective me at that point.

  • Daily marijuana use outpaces daily drinking in the US, a new study says
  • Daily alcohol: blunts my emotional pain, causes awful feelings in my stomach, does damage to multiple organ systems, is physically addictive, and gives you a hangover the next day.

    Daily THC and other cannabinoids consumed via edibles: blunts my emotional pain, blunts my physical pain, has a minor effect on working memory when used over years that does not further inhibit cognitive ability or motivation, is not physically addictive, and has no impact on the next day.

    Used to self medicate in vaguely controlled doses, it is a no-brainer. MJ is not perfect by any means, but it is world better than booze for frequent users.

  • Those of us that have undergone autism-specific therapy or training to learn to socialize better, what lessons did you learn?
  • My children have received autism-specific therapy and learned key NT social skills from it. I am happy to share my understanding of their experience, but I would ask permission first since this question was directed at autistic people and my official role in the family as dad and husband is being "the most neurotypical one."

    Edit to add: they have learned skills that help them navigate life, including life in a NT dominant world. I hesitate to label them as NT skills because they are used by my autistic children and maybe the actual skill is approached differently, but that is probably pedantic.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • Thank you. I don't have notes handy, but my deadlift was around 360 lbs. for 8-12 when I was last training it directly. A few health-related issues have sidelined my lifting for a couple months (post-cancer life sucks sometimes), but I am cleared to get back into the gym next week!

    My legs are where I really shine, with my calculated one rep max for the sled press up in the mid 800s and working sets in the 600s. That is my lift where people stop and look twice.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • It does not appear that you are really listening to others to do much as commenting pithy things, and I am not sure if you have some specific reason for this or if you are just picking fights.

    But let's still break this down. Literally no one here is talking about celebrating morbid obesity. That is pretty much a straw man at this point.

    Morbidly obese people should be able to look in the mirror and think to themselves, "I look good today!" They should be allowed to go out without worry that someone will make fun of them. They should be able to go to the doctor and be heard instead of the doctor assuming every health problem is only caused by obesity.

    If you disagree with the above statements, please be very clear as to why. Everybody deserves quality medical care from their physician. Everybody deserves to not hate themselves. Everybody deserves to not be kicked for their appearance.

    No one is saying, "Woo-hoo! Try to be so fat it harms your health!" I would suggest you read up on the science of weight loss and why so many little are obese these days. There is not universal consensus, but there is general agreement that the deck is highly stacked against many people, and extra body fat is not a simple condition to deal with in many circumstances.

    People should try to lead the healthiest lifestyle they are reasonably able. No one is stating otherwise.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • I think that you have internalized a version of body positivity that lies on the most extreme end of what is meant by that phrase. Body positivity - be comfortable with who you are and do not put down on others due to their body.

    The odds are that I am significantly fatter than you. The odds also favor that I am significantly stronger than you, even if you lift weights. I can also probably walk all day much farther than you can.

    Would it be healthier if I lose body fat? Absolutely. Have I tried for 20 years to do that? Yes. I am not ignorant regarding nutrition. I am not lazy. I am not overall lacking willpower. I am fat but otherwise healthy.

    Body positively means that my doctor treats my body fat as what it is - one aspect of my overall health. He does not assume that every problem I have is because I am fat, even though changing that would improve some aspects of my health.

    Body positively also means that I am not going to hide when I go to the beach. I am going to go shirtless and enjoy myself. If you do not find me sexually attractive, that is fine. If you are going to shame or mock me for my body fat, then you are an asshole. If I catch wind of you mocking me, I will quietly estimate how many times your bodyweight I will deadlift on Monday. If you choose to mock the scars that cover parts of my body from extreme, life-saving surgery, I may feel the need to firmly educate you on exactly what sort of asshole you are.

    Body positively often conjures the image of a morbidly obese girl on OnlyFans who lets people pay to watch her binge and intentionally get fatter while she says being purposefully inactive is just as healthy as hitting the gym. The real versions of that person are extremely rare, but their radicalism, vociferous nature, and platform make their voices much louder in comparison. Their argument is also easy to find flaw with and mock, so they get used as if they are a typical example of body positivity.

    You are right in that the woman I describe above needs help and is not behaving in a safe or healthy way. I also understand why you might think that is the norm. She is not, though, and I would encourage you to look deeper at the meaning of the "movement."

    The "you" above is generic and based on broad assumptions. You, the reader, might be stronger than me and have way more endurance than me. You also might be fatter than I am. The odds are very good that you are also not an asshole. My point was to call out variances from the norm as convenient examples, of which I have plenty in both directions.

  • Do your sleep dreams include mobile phones?
  • Generally, no, but it did last night. We had moved into a new house, and we were trying to tell Uber Eats which train station we were closest to so our delivery person could get off at that station before driving to our house.

    We do not love near a train station. It was weird as dreams tend to be.

  • Travel Ideas US and Canada
  • It sounds like you are focused on the Pacific Coast and western North America. If the East is also a choice, I love the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The mountains are small in stature compared to the Rockies, but they have beautiful views and challenging hikes. There are also outdoor touristy things as well.

  • Oxygen
  • Aerobic respiration - the evolutionary moment where our ancestors traded immortality for complexity

    That was the phrasing used in a biology of death class I took many years ago. It lives rent free in my mind because ruminating on it so perfectly summarizes the "choices" made by natural selection and the way they echo throughout the history of life on Earth.

  • There are songs we've gone our whole lives without hearing and the best song we've ever heard might still be out there.
  • That is interesting. I loved the original in my youth, but now that I am older, a cancer survivor, and with a lifetime of challenge and too many dead loved ones, Cash's version speaks to me on a different level.

    I'm not yucking your yum one bit. I am happy that you have a song that speaks to you.

  • Selecting a CFP - not just the basics
  • It does, and it largely mirrors what I was expecting. I had hoped that there is more concrete advice, but I suspect that we are beyond the level where advice is straightforward.

    "Congratulations! You will never be able to do your own taxes again," was the advice from those coordinating our current co-investment opportunity. I suspect that may be the last direct advice we may get for a long time.

  • Personal Finance EssentialNPC

    Selecting a CFP - not just the basics

    How would you go about selecting a Certified Financial Planner?

    My wife and I are financially successful adults, but we need guidance with the next steps, including:

    • Private equity co-investment
    • College savings for children with special needs who may or may not attend university
    • Retirement savings beyond the standard 401k and IRA options
    • The tax ramifications of all of the above

    My friends are generally not at this level of planning needs, so those who have worked with a CFP have had only much more basic questions. We have known plenty of financial advisers over the years who just give bad advice or canned advice. I expect our needs will become more complex over the next decade.

    How do we find a quality CFP who can help with the above? What is a reasonable price to pay for this help?

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

    This year, Olympic medals will be awarded for breakdancing, and it literally makes me sick to my stomach.
  • I have always held that the up votes are for well written, thoughtful posts regardless of if I like the opinion. This is not really well written or thoughtful. It has a certain unhinged vibe to it.

    I did up vote for the passion and because I sort of love a little chaos, but it was a tight choice.

  • The WA GOP put it in writing that they’re not into democracy
  • Senators were not elected by the people before the 17th amendment. The House of Representatives represent the interests of the people of their districts, so they were elected by the people. Senators represent the interests of their state as an entity, so they were elected by the legislature of their state or appointed by their governor.

    The USA at the federal level is a republic, not a direct democracy. We elect those who vote upon the federal laws. I'm that easy, some worry that more voice of the people and less of the state as an entity runs afoul of that notion and the constitution itself.

    I understand that point from a limited perspective, but it is now frequently used as a way to ignore constituents and beat the drum of fascism. Do not trust a politician that is worried about the 17th amendment. That ship sailed a century ago.

  • U.S. bans noncompete agreements for nearly all jobs

    The Federal Trade Commission narrowly voted Tuesday to ban nearly all noncompetes, employment agreements that typically prevent workers from joining competing businesses or launching ones of their own.

    Edibles in Las Vegas
  • That is pretty much exactly what the guy at my local pot shop said to me when he learned we were staying at the Venetian. Go to Planet 13 for the experience, then walk down the street to buy your weed.

  • Edibles in Las Vegas
  • Thank you for the advice. We are experienced with edibles, so we know our tolerances well. It helps that the new fast acting edibles make it so much easier to tweak your level of high.

    We have navigated NYC high many times, and it's been a blast. Times Square at night while stoned is especially fun. I'm assuming Vegas won't be worse than midtown Manhattan for needing to be aware of traffic, etc.

    Thanks again for your thoughts!

  • Edibles in Las Vegas

    We are going to Vegas, and Wifey and I want to wander around like stoned idiots looking at all the pretty lights. You know, like reasonable people.

    Is it a big deal to pop a gummy in public in Las Vegas? They make a big deal about no public use, but I'm assuming a gummy won't be a big deal like smoking would be. We do this in other legal places all the time, but I have no idea which activities are and are not clamped down on in Vegas.

    While we are at it, can you recommend any fun stoned activities in Las Vegas?


    Steak bomb with shishito peppers!

    Why is it a steak bomb and not a cheesesteak?

    1. It has mushrooms and bell peppers added
    2. I live in New England, not Pennsylvania

    This was a great way to use up the last of my leftover prime rib.


    Prime rib, pommes puree inspired by American loaded potatoes, and maple butter carrots with cinnamon and nutmeg

    The prime rib was roasted at 200° F to 123° internal temperature and then reverse seared.

    The pommes puree had some of the butter replaced with rendered bacon fat. Then fresh mini mozzarella balls and chives were added.

    The carrots are pretty much as described.

    My boys declared the potatoes to be the hit of the night, which I get. Dang are they rich!


    Berries Belinda - a trifle for Easter

    Today I made Berries Belinda - my own adaptation of Heaven on Earth Cake.

    It is an angel food cake trifle with sour cream vanilla pudding, pureed strawberry sauce, mixed fresh berries, and Cool Whip. The recipe really needs Cool Whip or a similar whipped topping because whipped cream will not hold up for the 8+ hours this needs for the flavors and textures to marry.

    Why is it named Berries Belinda? In return I ask, "Do you know what that's worth?"


    Cinnamon Roll Sundae - When my high ass has a good idea, it has a REALLY good idea

    Yeah, it's a Pillsbury Grands cinnamon roll topped with Ben & Jerry's Churray for Churros ice cream, salted caramel, and whipped cream.

    I mean, this stuff is life.


    French Onion Mac and Cheese

    This French Onion Mac and cheese is from the New York Times. I used the recipe at the link below with the following changes:

    • Caramelized the onions traditionally, not with their process. Maybe their way works, but I don't trust it. I have never found a shortcut that works for carmelizing onions.
    • Toasted lightly baguette slices before rubbing with garlic.
    • Deglazed the pan with a few glugs of white wine, not 2 Tbsp vinegar.

    The dish is exactly as advertised - a supremely decadent macaroni and cheese with a strong caramelized onion flavor. The gruyere is pronounced and only adds to the luxurious taste (and price).


    Modular tool storage recommendation for ADHD adult?

    What modular tool storage system would you recommend?

    I have many tools for many different DIY and home improvement projects. My ADHD means I am just awful at maintaining long term organization of those tools. I want to use a system where I can have a box for each discrete activity or tool type. That way I can take out only the boxes I need and then or those tools away immediately when I am done. I don't mean bring them back to the workshop and put them away, but instead have their mobile tool box be the thing that is also used for long term storage.

    For example, I might have the following boxes ready to go:

    • Everyday box - screw drivers, allen keys, hammer, rubber mallet, speed square, torpedo level, pencil, sharpie, blue masking tape, etc.
    • Basic electrical - multimeter, insulated tools, electrical tape, assorted common wire nuts, wire stripper, etc.
    • Painting - assorted brushes, rollers, roller covers, and masking tapes as well as a painters multi tool, roller tray, hand held paint bucket, sanding sponges, etc.
    • Drill - cordless drill, drill bits, screw driver bits
    • Driver and rachet - cordless impact driver, impact bits, hand rachet, rachet bits
    • Pocket hole - my various Kregg products
    • More as needed

    If I am going to paint a doorway, I can grab the painting box. If the wall needs repair, I can grab the painting and drywall boxes. If I am hanging pictures, I can grab the everyday box and the drill box if I am using screw anchors. This should make cleanup easier, because picking up the job location is also getting things sorted to go back in storage. That second part is my weakness.

    What system would you use for this? I feel like a system that includes both wall storage and multiple bin types would be best, but I am open. I want to use the same general storage system for other DIY hobbies as well, so I would rather not break the bank.

    If it matters, all of my cordless tools are DeWalt. My electric yard tools, though unlikely to factor in, and Kobalt.

    Any and all recommendations are welcome. Alternative thoughts are welcome. How would you approach this?

    Home Improvement EssentialNPC

    Completed mountain feature wall for son's bedroom EssentialNPC (@[email protected])

    This is the mountain feature wall in my son's new bedroom. The mountains are made from 1x2 boards cut at angles to length, nailed onto the wall, filled where needed with wood putty, sanded, caulked, and painted. The boards for the top mountains have a rabbet cut along their length to conceal an LED ...

    EssentialNPC (

    It took longer than I wanted, but my son's room is done! Many thanks to the folks here who shared their thoughts on wall repair and LED strips. This project took longer than I wanted, but every step was done right.

    Most people who make geometric mountain walls seem to use boards at 45°, but that would have looked awful with the 36° ceiling slope. Matching the cut angles was much harder this way - lots of math and some jigs on my miter saw - but I like this look more. It feels more like the White Mountains where we vacation as a family

    The Pinterest examples my wife sent me for inspiration all out up the boards with construction adhesive. These are put up with 2.5" finishing nails into studs, filled, sanded, and caulked before painting. This feature is permanent, but it can be removed like any trim without tearing down the drywall as well.

    I had the notion to hide an LED strip in the upper mountains to create a sunrise effect. The actual lights are much more subtle than it looks in the pictures. I wish I knew how to get better photos of LED setups. Of course he can make the LED strips do rainbow zoomies and other such delightful nonsense because he is 11.

    Our goal was to make something that will appeal to him now and as he gets older. I think we hit the nail on the head with that, but we will see in time.

    Thank you again to everyone who shared their thoughts as I built this.

    Home Improvement EssentialNPC

    Mountain feature wall in child's bedroom

    My project is going slowly, but I finished building and painting the feature wall in my son's new bedroom. Now I just need to install and program the LED strip along the top!

    My wife got the idea to do a geometric mountain feature wall from Pinterest. I am really happy with this outcome and feel I did a better job than the influencer DIYers who did similar projects that inspired this one. Giving the mountains a 36° slope to match the roof line was a pain in the butt, but the end effect was worth it.

    Thanks to everyone here who helps with thoughts on patching wall cracks and LED lighting methods. I'll share photos of the full room once it is complete.

    Edit to add: The wall is actually a mildly dark blue-green. Between bad natural light and my phone's camera's limitations, this is the best I can get for now. The mountains are not actually black.

    Home Improvement EssentialNPC

    Can you recommend an LED strip light that can have an unlighted break in it?

    I am putting a mountain feature wall in my son's new bedroom.

    Starting on the right, I want to run LEDs along the topmost mountains, switch to unlit cord/wire to go around the window, and then run another set of LEDs along the topmost mountain on the left. This should give a nice sunrise effect.

    Do you know of an LED kit that can do this?

    Thank you!

    Home Improvement EssentialNPC

    What is the best way to fix cracks before repainting

    I am renovating my son's bedroom and trying to make the walls as nice as is reasonable before repainting. There are a few cracks like this in the paint. It looks like on top of the drywall there is paint, wallpaper, and then a few more layers of paint. The cracks could be at the seams of the drywall from expansion and contraction. They could be at the seams of the wallpaper. They could be something else. Most of the cracks come straightish down below the sides of windows, which makes me think drywall seams.

    I gouged out one crack and filled it with joint compound to see how that works. Since the drywall is old, it was really hard to tell if this is at a drywall seam or not - there are places where previous work, maybe mouse damage, and who knows what else has made the drywall crumble from behind. These are the joys of an older house!

    How would you handle this?


    Cheeseburger soup!

    I found the recipe online, and we topped it with potato chips, pickles, and green onions. I'll be danged if it doesn't taste like a cheeseburger.

    I'm happy to share a link to the recipe and my mods if anyone wants it.

    ------------- Edit to add the recipe:

    You can find the original recipe here:

    I made the following changes:

    • No dried parsley - it is not very flavorful
    • No dried basil - my family only likes it fresh
    • 3 cups of potato, not 4 just because I was so sick of putting and fixing potatoes
    • I used 6 oz. Velveeta and 8 oz. shredded mild cheddar for cheese - I wanted the emulsifiers in the Velveeta and also some real cheese; sharp cheddar would be good too, but my family does not like strong cheese
    • Instead of 3/4 tsp. salt, I used 1 tsp. season salt too make up for the missing herbs
    • No sour cream because my wife does not like it. It is completely unnecessary from a thickening perspective.
    • I don't drain the ground beef. I just scoop it out of the pan and use the beef fat to cook my veggies. Why remove a flavorful fat to then add another for cooking? I was going to not use this extra butter in the recipe, but then I threw it in my roux because I am not a smart man. Or I love butter. The first is what actually happened, but the second is not really a lie.

    For toppings, I had potato chips, diced kosher dill pickle, and green onions. The chips add crunch and a little fried/browned flavor. The pickles brighten the dish and drive home the cheeseburger flavor. The green onions add a little vegetal flavor and a mouth feel similar to lettuce.

    I made a double batch, and it will feed my family of 4 for two dinners or more. This is a heavy soup.


    Prime rib with all the fixings

    Standing rib roasts were on sale on Thursday with a big snow storm coming on Sunday. The solution? Prime rib dinner! My family needed a nice meal, and I was happy to give them a Sunday dinner they loved.

    The roast got a simple kosher salt dry brine - 1/2 tsp./lb. - on Thursday night. On Sunday I roasted it at 250° until it hit 125° internal temp. I let it rest while I roasted my squash, and then I seared it in the often at 500° for maybe 10 minutes.

    The delicata squash was tossed with grape seed oil, salt, and brown sugar. Then I roasted it on parchment paper laid out with no overlap. I did 450° for maybe 40 minutes? I don't really know - I just saw when they got soft, flipped them, and pulled them when they started to brown and char a little.

    I boiled maybe 2 lbs. red potatoes in salted water and mashed them with 6 Tbsp. butter, 4 Tbsp. half and half, and 4 slices of thick cut bacon (cooked and chopped). Then I added maybe 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh chives, several grinds of black pepper, and 8 oz. fresh mozzarella pearls right before serving.

    The green beans got 5 minutes of steam and then were tossed with lots of butter and salt.

    The horseradish sauce recipe can be found here:


    Tamago gohan - delightful on a cold winter morning

    Raw egg from my birds beaten into steaming hot rice until it is frothy? Eating it while watching my kids sled in the back yard? Sign me up!

    Weightlifting EssentialNPC

    What is the focus of the Weightlifting sub?

    Ok, there are about 100 of us here. What is the goal of this sub? Is it exclusively for Olympic style weightlifting? Is it for any of us who pick things up and put them down for strength and/or aesthetics? Is there another goal?

    I would love to be part of an active resistance training community. Is that what we want here?