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Anon goes on a date


Anon lives in Japan


Anon's parents are fighting


Anon is an ally


Anon tries to flirt?


Anon's wife is giving birth


Anon is ready to propose


Anon is a truck driver


Anon watches game of thrones


Anon notices a trope


Anon has a dream


Anon appears in a viral tiktok


Anon makes up a word


Anon freezes time


Anon makes popcorn


Anon has a German girlfriend


Anon diagnoses a patient


Anon gives back

Anon prepares for a flood
  • The censoring wasn't me.

  • TolkAnon talks about Shelob


    Anon gets an ultimatum

    Anon prepares for a flood
  • Anon is a biblical scholar

  • Anon has an itch
  • I hoped someone would get that.

  • Anon gets calls from scammers
  • It seems like some people who aren't familiar with greentexts don't quite get the point of the community. You read the ramblings of Anon like you would watch animals at the zoo, which is different than endorsing everything Anon says.

    And you shouldn't. Anon is usually deranged.

    Some bad words and unhealthy opinions are bound to make an appearance. In that case, you're supposed to be dumbfounded at how Anon thinks/acts, shake your head, and maybe get a guilty chuckle out of it. Like the sidebar says, if you're getting angry while reading these, you're probably doing it wrong.

  • Anon gets calls from scammers
  • It's why there's a big warning on the sidebar that says "Beware: sometimes Anon says bad words or things that are unhealthy. We're here to laugh at Anon, not agree or get angry."

  • Anon plays GTA: Dubai
  • Turns out this greentext was 3 years before they made it legal for women to drive in 2018

  • Anon has nerdy hobbies
  • You should shoot your shot

  • Anon finds his people
  • It was like this when I found it

  • Anon uses reddit
  • agreed, upvoted

  • Electric Cars
  • Wtf is he even saying

  • Anon is a magician
  • It eventually works every time.

  • Anon reads Plato
  • Well shit, I missed that.

  • Anon lives differently than his peers
  • They're saying "cutie pie" not her age

  • Anon meets a girl at uni
  • In case you like videos better

  • Anon is chased by lions
  • I'm going to edit the post title to match this.

  • Anon goes hiking
  • The crazy ones I've posted get downvoted to hell. People seem to equate laughing at Anon with supporting whatever craziness Anon has written.