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Perfectly normal Modrinth stats
  • I can only imagine this happening if the chart receives data out of order, but renders them by timestamp without sorting, and connects the points by the order they're sent

  • Corporate astroturfing is the norm
  • Ngl this looks like astroturfing to me too

  • Cities: Skylines DecentM

    Found the sentient car from Harry Potter

    Think it's trying to park

    What's the deal with Docker?
  • There's a lot more to an application than its configuration. It may require certain specific system libraries, need a certain way of starting up, or a whole host of other special things. With a container, the app dev can precreate a perfect environment for their program and save you LOADS of hassle trying to set it up.

    The benefit of all this is that you can know exactly where application state is stored, know that you're running the app in it's right environment, and it becomes turbo easy to install updates, or roll back if needed.

    Totally spin up a VM, install docker on it, and deploy 2-3 web apps. You'll notice that you use the same way of configuring them, starting and stopping them, and you might not want to look back ;)

  • What's the deal with Docker?
  • The most popular way of configuring containers are by using environment variables that live outside the container. But for apps that use files to store configuration, you can designate directories on your host that will be available inside the container (called "volumes" in Docker land). It's also possible to link multiple containers together, so you can have a database container running alongside the app.

  • Transitioning Advice
  • My endo says to just be healthy as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but pay attention not to overexert yourself as your muscles will go through changes you may not expect.

    I've heard some people believe weight cycling helps but I haven't seen evidence of that.

  • Resetting Hue Bulbs
  • I'm not buying Hue anymore, but the few ones I have reset and are ready for pairing after like four or five power cycles. Last I had to do it I remember reading about a time window that those cycles need to be in but I'm not sure how fast it needs to be.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I've heard of Revolut and Curve so far.

  • I created a new variant called Allegiance Chess where the pieces can switch sides
  • Yeah, it starts behaving as your pawn completely, and promotes as if it was yours from the beginning. This is one of the things I'm unsure about because while it could be annoying in theory, it looks like it encourages the player (read: myself while testing) to push their pawns more eagerly to avoid having them turned on themselves.

  • I created a new variant called Allegiance Chess where the pieces can switch sides Allegiance Chess

    Turn your opponents' pieces to your side by challenging them. Click play to begin

    I've been working on this idea for two months and it's playable now. In short, pieces can switch sides if they're challenged twice, but then at that point they can return in just one move. I thought it'd be a cool hobby project to do (it was) but I'm mediocre at chess and I'd like to know what high level players think of the mechanics.

    It was very interesting and soul breaking at the same time to work on the bot part of the engine because it kept blundering major pieces after searching through all the move options. I think I managed to get it to behave properly-ish now, but it's very slow in return. I found the chess programming wiki quite late on, so I didn't implement the optimisations it talks about but that's what I plan on continuing with after a much needed break.

    Files by Google rolls out Smart Search more widely
  • Just until they kill it as well

  • Need some help. Duckdns reverse proxy doesn't seem to be working.
  • AFAIK they don't allow passing content through jellyfin, or running a vpn through a tunnel. General web services are fine tho

  • I have no idea what this means rule
  • Obviously it means that it you want to open a restaurant, you have to own a bike first

  • RUle
  • I cannot unsee this like he has a dummy

  • What kind of Telemetry do you allow?
  • I generally feel fine if I can preview the payload and it doesn't contain too identifiable stuff. Even better if you can redact fields. NewPipe has a simple implementation of this where it just opens up your email client with a pre-filled body.

  • Shirley you cant be serious!
  • Not if they don't track you. As far as I understand the fabled cookie law, you only need to have that notice if you're using cookies in a way that's not strictly necessary for the site's functionality.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Wait I got tricked by mine never mind lmao

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • It might be that's your client is replacing it. If you can see it on the web, it is.

  • ‘Your heart races a bit’: US weather man threatened with death for mentioning climate crisis
  • The fact that whoever sent the death threats only got a small fine is 100% insane

  • Deserted street by Le Thanh Tung
  • Jaw dropping