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All Knights Were Rule
  • The main advancement of capitalism was the rich handing their knights to the state

    Seriously, why do people think capitalism = market economy?

    How hard is it to understand that capitalism is only a single form of market economies, and literally the worst one?

    Capitalism didn't bring down the concept of divine right, ffs.

  • Choice posting
  • The studies around this are very often heavily biased.

    The main reason it was pushed in the states in the first place was because of an anti-masturbatory craze.

    Growing up (like 25 years ago) it was a bit weird how lotion was so strongly shorthand for masturbation in American TV and movies. Didn't really get it until I learned a lot of circumcised guys prefer or even require lotion for masturbation.

  • Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • Only to be CEO of a massive capitalist company.

    I've heard a few tales of some CEO's (of very small companies) here in the Nordics actually being generous to their employees. Like it's most definitely a rarity, but I believe it is possible.

    Like a CEO who values profits but values employees and paying their fair share more and isn't blinded by greed and addicted to money. A socialist, literally. A market socialist, but a socialist nonetheless.

    Everyone could have their basic needs met, and we could still have rich people. Just not filthy rich, not "rich-to-the-point-no-one-else-has-anything" rich.

  • And they never will
  • They don't read the Bible. They quote parts of it to suit their needs, the hypocrite fucks.

    Usury is banned in the Bible, but it's essentially what the US runs on.

    Hell, based on the Bible no Karen should ever quote the Bible in an attempt to teach someone.

    1 Timothy 12 “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet."

    Mixing fabric? That's a stoning. (And not the good kind.)

    "Extensive knowledge of scripture" don't make me laugh

  • Amazon hit with $5.9 million fine for violating California labor law
  • Yeah, without paying it, so you save like 10 dollars by not paying for your shit, and then only have to pay 4.80 back in fines.

    Idk what labour laws they broke, but companies are always getting away with shit like this, or even if they're penalised, they're still left profiting from the crime.

    Hell I live in the Nordics with arguably one of the best labour protections in the world and like over half the jobs I've done have had the companies try to fuck me over with the compensation. From private people to large companies. Overtime, mandated breaks, whatever it may be.

    Fuck capitalism. (Love market economies though.)

  • A time traveler's survival guide. The vertical green bars are the only times in Earth's history with enough oxygen to breathe (hypoxia) and low enough to avoid oxygen toxicity (hyperoxia).
  • Also someone like a proper Sherpa sherpa from the Himalayas can function with oxygen that's comparable to 7% sea level oxygen.

    And there are towns with elevation so high the oxygen is equivalent to 15% sea level oxygen.

    So this chart has pretty narrow limits. Sure, the legend does specify "breathe forever unaided", but someone like a well accustomed sherpa who regularly climbs Mt Everest would have a much wider range than 20-25%

  • If you were offered knowledge of exactly when and how you'll die, would you take it? Why or why not?
  • I don't think you understand how posting hypotheticals on forums works; they get elaborated and "tested" by asking questions or positing premises. Thought experiments, as you seem to be aware of the term at least.

    OP used the word exactly.

    That means you have exact knowledge of it.

    Of course having exact foreknowledge of such a thing would affect your life. Would that effect then affect the thing being the exact time and date? If not, then it's utter gibberish, because by telling you about it, they've already changed history and thus it won't apply anymore.

    If however it won't affect it, then you've gained immortality. You could play Russian roulette as much as you want and never have to fear dying. You can perhaps argue that maybe you survive a shot, but how would that be possible from a large calibre revolver aimed directly at the brainstem?

  • Russia has moved almost all ground forces from Finland's vicinity to Ukraine, media report
  • Again, skipping 95% of the reply, but still you feel the need to answer.

    That's rather weird.

    How would Russia attacking Finland "divide Europe"?

    Ukraine had no defense cooperation with any country, yet people still think Finland is in a similar situation, and like you, always willfully ignore NORDEFCO and the EU.

  • If you were offered knowledge of exactly when and how you'll die, would you take it? Why or why not?
  • Paralysed from the neck down.

    Then how am I gonna run the marathon?

    So you're saying you have no free will whatsoever, but despite whatever happens, the prophecy will be true?

    That I could never drive an older car pretty much, because it's easy to kill yourself with one. Much less a motorbike without a helmet.

    I can never hold anything sharp which could cut the jugular. Couldn't manage to go swimming, because diving deep and inhaling would somehow have to fail?

    Either the prediction is bullshit, oooor it gives you magical plot armor (unless it's extremely vague, but that goes against OP's description),

  • Russia has moved almost all ground forces from Finland's vicinity to Ukraine, media report
  • Please show me where I make just a hint about that, I have not written ANYTHING about the Finish defense capabilities.


    Finland could be overrun before a decision was made in EU to even do anything.

    "Our lacking ability to supply Ukraine without USA". It's not about the lack of ability. It's about Ukraine not being in EU, so direct military aid, and especially troops is harder to send. Our militaries aren't designed to be overflowing with equipment we can just donate away, so it takes a bit of time to see what can be taken and from where. EU is now, afaik, making seized Russian assets available to Ukraine, and getting money to buy armament with is quite as important as getting armament. Even more so, because with money you can also buy non-armament supplies, which are also needed.

    Finland has never trusted Russia. Sweden tried to, a bit, by generously demilitarising Gotland, up until it had to rearm it a few years back because after there was no military there, suddenly Russian tourists of military serving age started "touring" it. Now there's a permanent base again.

    might have a chance to divide both Europe and NATO, and Finland could be such an area to poke.

    What are you on about? Do you know how the Winter War and the Continuation War played out? How would Russia attacking Finland "divide" Europe, unless you're implying that Russia is a part of Europe, because we were more discussing in the context of the European Union, not Europe in general. European Union is very strong and there's articles that have been agreed to. International politics don't really work with the "no I'm not gonna, because I don't wonna" attitude.

    You're severely underestimating Finland's defenses pre joining NATO. And that (usually American) cockiness is exactly why a lot of people still oppose NATO.

  • If you were offered knowledge of exactly when and how you'll die, would you take it? Why or why not?
  • C4 is the easiest for this example. I can definitely manage explosives. You can rather easily make things which blow up.

    Let's make this easier then, I go to the woods and set up a huge fucking boulder on an elaborate pulley system (don't worry about me finding them, I live in Finland were boulders and rocky surfaces are a plenty. My cousins actually operate a gravel business, so they have lots of proper gear for breaking rocks into smaller rocks, and vehicles to do those things with. So let's say there's a pit. I lay a ton of harsh gravel on the bottom of it, a proper few meter layer. Then I take a loader full of massive boulders. And another. And a third one. Place them around the pit. Place myself in the pit, and remotely activate the loaders to drop all those boulders on me. Oh and I didn't mention, but I put a bed in the pit with me. It's a bed of extremely sharp knives, covered by a thin cardboard so I don't get stabbed if I easy myself onto it. On top of that, there' another bed, upside down, also loaded with insanely sharp swords. All of the boulders will fall into the pit, crushing the bed system, which stabs and slices me into pieces while the boulders to the rest of the work. (The bed frames are soft enough so that they can hold knives, but will be utterly deformed by the boulders so they won't stay in the way.

    Then I've also paid for a crazy cousin to empty both barrels of a shotgun to my face with a full metal slug right as the stones start dropping.

    But... I'll survive?

  • Russia has moved almost all ground forces from Finland's vicinity to Ukraine, media report
  • It's not a binding agreement. It's based on voluntary cooperation, as is with quite clear letters in the name. But is is most definitely purely for defence cooperation. To challenge that would be silly.

    Why'd you skip over 95% of the comment?

    Where did you sit your lessons on Finnish military capability, especially in regards to a war with Russia?

    Mine were in the Pori Brigade, and Häme Regiment for my special training.

    And the EU article is a very clear defence pact.

    Please, do respond to the other points. I'm interested.

    Did you also skip the part where I was completely right about the support numbers? Probably because I actually live here, and you had to quickly just Google something?