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Windows 11 is now automatically enabling OneDrive folder backup without asking permission
  • I used Rufus alright. To create a Linux installation drive. I then realised how good Linux has gotten and I have been using it as my daily driver ever since.

    Fuck Microsoft and their increasingly frequent habit of abusing their dominant position on the market to force undesirable features down their user's throats.

  • This is high key her fault...
  • That was some seriously cringe slogan.

    But how was this ever enough to justify voting for the guy who has no morality, cheats and bullshits his way through everything, selects his entourage based on loyalty over competence, divides the country through purposefully polarizing statements and filed for bankruptcies 6 times, 5 of which were casinos? And that was what we knew before he was elected.

    That's just showing how superficial a lot of the voter base really is.

  • Well, well, well. If it isn't the invisible c... ...killer

    With a +10 ring of Arcana, stepping on grass grants you 32.5 turns of invisibility.

    Attacking with the blooming scythe spawns a ton of grass as well.

    And as the assassin, spending 9 turns while invisible provides a guaranteed one shot kill.

    Deadly combo.

    Windows 11's Sneaky OneDrive Sync
  • Wanna bet that we're going to learn at some point that the content of those files was being scanned for AI training and/or ad profiling purposes? The server upgrade they needed to make this possible must have been extremely expensive. They wouldn't have done that if it wasn't going to make them money back somehow.

    I wouldn't be surprised that we also learn that some Microsoft employees had access to those files as well.

  • Least inaccurate chinese rifle test
  • The standard "ball" bullet used by the Russian military, at least, in the 5.45x39mm is designed to easily tumble once it is inside the target. It is more of an effect of the bullet's construction and fine tuning of the rifling twist rate than the caliber itself. But it is still supposed to remain stable with the nose pointed forward when traveling to the target. Otherwise it becomes extremely inaccurate and loses its velocity very rapidly, which causes it to fall short.

  • Least inaccurate chinese rifle test
  • It is keyholing. It happens when as you can see the bullet loses stability and tumbles in the air before hitting the paper sideways. It can be caused by many things. Insufficient rifling twist for the length of the bullet being used is one of them. The bullet hitting the ground or something else before hitting the target is another possibility.

    Either way, it isn't a desirable thing and indicates that something is wrong. The fact that the PLA members are proudly posting pictures of a bunch of keyholes randomly splattered all over a target like that suggests that they think this is normal and that therefore they don't know what they're doing.

    The term "keyholing" is also sometimes erroneously used to refer to when two bullet holes are touching on paper.

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • I tried Fedora KDE spin first but it didn't work out for me. IDK if it was my hardware configuration it didn't like but the first time I booted it, it spammed me with crash reports. I poked around it for a few minutes, not being able to go far without things crashing again and again. I installed the updates and rebooted it hoping it would fix it but it got much worse after that. I couldn't do anything else as it immediately crashed at startup. I couldn't be bothered to look any further into it and switched to OpenSUSE which has been rock solid for months and still going. I'm running Plasma 6.1 with Wayland on it with no issues as well and I know Plasma 6.2 is coming soon. It uses pipewire as default as well. To be honest, IDK what Fedora would do better for my uses, except maybe for a faster package manager.

    I'm certain that my Fedora experience isn't typical but for me at least it was a disaster.

  • Whales
  • As sound travels through a water layer where the speed through which it travels varies with depth, the sound will tend to refract towards where it is the slowest.

    A layer where temperature decreases as depth increases will refract sound downwards. A layer that has the inverse temperature properties will do the opposite. A layer that is isothermal (where the temperature remains constant as depth changes), will still tend to refract sound upwards because the increase in pressure also increases velocity, although not as strongly as temperature does, which is why temperature differences can easily overcome this effect where the water is not isothermal.

    If you have a layer that refracts sound downwards on top of a layer that refracts sound upwards, you just created a sound channel, which acts as a wave guide in which sound will remain trapped and travel far longer distances horizontally before dissipating.

    Ultimately you can't really put a number on the required temperature differences because there are many other factors to take into account like how steeply the speed of sound changes, how tall the layer(s) are, what is the frequency of the sound, or how much of it you want to remain "trapped" in the sound channel.

  • What if Tyrannosaurus Rexes moved and walked like chicken do?

    Bobbing their heads at every step. How ridiculous must have that looked if it was the case.


    I don't know and at this point I'm afraid to ask:

    How do you use the crossbow? Every attempt I've made to use it results in it being used as a melee weapon.


    Ladies and gentlemen, The Speedy Necromancer Assassin Guerilla Huntress build

    One of the most overpowered builds I've ever encountered without using a Ring of Wealth. You spend most of your time being invisible and surprise attack enemies before retreating to the forest you created by attacking them with your Blooming bow or your wand of Regrowth, making you invisible again. No vegetation around? Just use the blindweed-infused greaves of nature to disappear.

    Seed: VGB-RKB-RJM. Contains an early +1 ring of haste, ring of sharpshooting and a +2 greataxe later on. Plenty more high level wands as well along the way.


    Disable screen gamma adjustment Plasma 6

    I am running multiple screens from different brands. Because they are not the same, they must be set to different brightness values to look the same.

    The problem is that whenever I boot up, the Plasma brightness setting is changed, or Night Light kicks in, Plasma sets all my screens to the same value. This results in one screen being too bright and the other too dark. Every time this happens I must change the value back manually in my screen's built-in menu, which is annoying.

    In the Gamma settings panel there appears to be an upcoming feature where different screens can be set to different values but it is grayed out for the moment (running Plasma 6.0.4 on Tumbleweed).

    How do I disable this feature while I'm waiting for the ability to set individual brightness values to individual screens to come around?


    Anyone else experiencing weird bugs lately on their Pixel 7?

    I have had a three strange bugs and glitches happen to me on my GrapheneOS Pixel 7 today. First my e-mail account (FairEmail) stopped working properly and required a device reboot to fix. Then later in the day my home WIFI accounts set themselves to 'disabled' without my input, something that never happened before. And just now my cameras wouldn't work in both of the camera apps I am running and I had to reboot once again to fix it. This is very weird because I've never had problems like that before and now I've gotten 3 in the same day.

    I'm hoping that it's not a hardware issue. I've had this phone for only 1 year. Anyone else started experiencing strange issues like this recently?