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There should be a law
  • Having read all of this a few times and thinking about each thing being talked about, there is one thing that comes to my mind: discounts

    I remember when I was little, there were certain places like the movie theater or certain venues that have a "partnership discount system". They would treat groups of people with under a certain number of people as a singular individual, more or less, or favorably in certain aspects. They'd make the whole experience this way. If you showed up with a friend, you'd get more out of the experience than if you showed up on your own. Probably how the occupation/client aspect mentioned would work. So there are small social engineering tricks I'm sure which can combine in a contrived way to make a system that entices the middle of Maslow's needs to be fulfilled.

    Something like that in of itself just requires privately enforced discretion.

  • Writers of Lemmy, what good character qualities/virtues do your main characters have that you don't?

    A fascinating question because I used to intentionally make my characters Mary Sues. As a former child who used to write, for a while I never understood why people would give character traits they disagree with to the character or characters who are supposed to represent what is right in your world, since they're the ones unfolding the story's solution. This had the side effect of my main character being nicer than me, and sometimes my parents would remark to me "why can't you be like your main character", which had the side effect of putting me on the fast track to self-improvement. Anyone else?


    If you owned a magic library people donated to in order to preserve media for eternity but which was going through overpopulation, what criteria would you use to decide which media survived/discarded?

    I was reading a recent article about the efforts by people not to ban books. While I think the sentiment is good-natured, as a helper at my local library, this is actually very problematic. People donate to us all the time, as is how libraries work. Sometimes the books are unpopular, unproductive, harmful, or just low tier.

    I would never apply this logic to human beings, all humans have value if the system knows how to channel them correctly, but books are inanimate objects where their expected purpose is to be read (if you were to say a book is useful on the basis it could be used for something like ripping the pages out for wiping a floor for example, that would make its usefulness as a book cease). Often we are over capacity from the donations, so once a year we have a book sale at the church (libraries and churches getting along? Crazy, right?), but even then, a lot just isn't sold, and we're forced to either give them to another holding place or, in the worst case scenario, cremate or trash them. I am all for free speech, but freedom to produce speech is different from freedom to preserve speech, and I'm sure even the ancient Romans produced a lot of scribbly nonsense.

    Suppose you were in my shoes and the library could preserve anything forever but not everything forever. What criteria would you use in order to decide what media (books, movies, games, etc.) gets to stay and what has to go?


    What scenarios do you envision might arise once animals join our ranks? The Internet Is Coming to the Rest of the Animal Kingdom

    A new Doolittlesque initiative aims to promote Internet communication among smart animals

    The Internet Is Coming to the Rest of the Animal Kingdom

    I heard about this because someone I know personally on here says she's helping to work on this (which by the way sounds like it would perfectly fit the format/structure of the fediverse) and I felt too fascinated to not ask. What are some scenarios that comes to mind when you think of this being a thing?

    What do you wear for work?
  • Unless I misunderstand, the last one seems pretty normal. So you just happen to only default on one normal thing? Also, sorry for confusing things earlier and leading to this weird convo path.

  • How would you define what constitutes TMI when it comes to leaking personal info?
  • Adding this because I consider it interesting, one interesting response I've been told by this person is to treat it like copyright, which she says is the view she holds. That is, something like a name or identifying code number thing or whatnot should not be shared because it's an extension of the individual and therefore would fall under copyright infringement.

  • What's the most eccentric use of Occam's Razor you've ever witnessed?
  • Eccentric meaning the example that would be considered the most foolish or far out. I didn't know a better synonym if the word eccentric doesn't work. Most skeptics would understand the use of the word eccentric, but to give an example, the other day I met a little kid who couldn't understand why the moon is invisible during its full moon stages and why it looks like a cloud, and the little kid said she thought the moon was just a cloud which has turned into rain during the new moon, only to evaporate again. But of course, this is a little kid, so in this case it's not unnatural.