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The NYTimes is once again trashing the most promising mobility innovation of the 21st century
  • They also suck at riding.

    I keep encountering cyclists riding against traffic, on roads with no shoulder and around blind turns. It's just about the most insane thing you can do on a bike, second only to sailing through red lights without looking. And it's people of all ages doing it, not just young people like I would expect.

  • Back when America had a great tradition
  • Would the USSR be able to win the war without the USA?

    FWIW Kruschev said no fucking way, despite later claims of the Soviet leadership to have not needed US support. US-supplied weapons weren't very important, but US food and trucks and petroleum allowed Soviet industry to focus primarily on weapons production.

  • Back when America had a great tradition
  • we didn’t beat the fascists during WWII using arguments and polite discussion

    Ironically enough, we beat the fascists with a command economy aimed squarely at maximizing war materiel production. Free enterprise my ass ...

  • Back when America had a great tradition
  • That's really not accurate. Prior to Pearl Harbor we were 1) helping extensively to re-arm Britain in their fight against Germany, 2) fighting an undeclared but active war against German U-boats in the Atlantic, and 3) placing an economic embargo on Japan in response to their ongoing invasion of China - the very act that precipitated the Pearl Harbor attack.

  • Anon figures out how dieting works
  • A 420 calorie drop from a 52-pound weight loss implies a resting metabolic requirement for body fat tissue of about 8 calories per pound, which I think is a serious overestimate but I'm not sure. I've seen some sources claim 2 calories per pound for fat and 6 calories per pound for muscle, but other sources have claimed significantly higher amounts.

  • Anon figures out how dieting works
  • It doesn't much matter how accurate your calorie estimates are. If you estimate that your daily caloric requirement is 2500 and you're eating 2000 calories a day, then you should be losing about one pound a week (1 pound of fat = 3500 calories). If you find instead that your weight is remaining constant, then either your caloric requirement estimate or your caloric intake estimate is wrong (or both are). In either case, your only option is to eat even less, per your measurements.

  • Anon figures out how dieting works
  • 1 pound of body fat = 3500 calories, so if your normal caloric requirement is 2500 calories a day and you instead eat 2000 calories a day, you will lose one pound a week. Which doesn't sound like a lot but if you keep that up for one year you can lose 52 pounds - which is a lot.

  • New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity
  • Bush II even sent special flights around the US (during the no-fly period) to gather up Saudi citizens and transport them safely home. Imagine Roosevelt doing this for Japanese citizens on December 8th 1941.

  • I found this guy outside a moment ago.
  • It's more likely that in the developed world we've eliminated most of the critters that look like this so we're just not used to seeing them. People in Papua New Guinea aren't skeeved out by this kind of bug - they snatch them up and eat them when they see them.

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