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Joe Biden calls Zelensky "Putin" right before huge press conference
  • For me, im looking at what gaffes is he making as president. Hes been diplomatically correct, even though hes on the wrong side of gaza imo.

    If hes making such horrible decisions as president or cant remember his own name,, why arent we hearing calls for 25th amendment?

  • Billionaire Sung Kook ‘Bill’ Hwang convicted of fraud by New York jury
  • They left out the evil word: Gamestop

    Hwangs bags of fraud were passed off to Credit Suisse who then went bankrupt, then they were bought by UBS at the behest of the Swiss govt.

    SNB gave several billion to UBS in incentives, and then they locked away all the evil records for 50 years.

    This situation is way bigger than Mr Hwang.

  • It’s not them, it’s us: the real reason teens are ‘addicted’ to video games
  • Its not just teenagers, me and my friends long for free, open places to exist. Everything has been monetized, everything requires a transaction. And that was ok for a while, but now hardly anyone can afford those places.

    Video game worlds are vast and open.

  • New "BNC Certificate of Notice" dropped on Kroll, has tons of names and companies but IDK what it means

    Please be advised that on November 28, 2023, the court entered the following judgment or order on the court's docket in the above−captioned case: Document Number: 2724 − 2710 Order Granting Application To Allow Attorney Kenneth A. Listwak as Counsel for Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Inc. to Appear Pro Hac Vice (Related Doc # 2710). Service of notice of the entry of this order pursuant to Rule 9022 was made on the appropriate parties. See BNC Certificate of Notice. This order has been mailed to the Treasurer of the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection via US mail. Signed on 11/28/2023. (rah) Parties may review the order by accessing it through PACER or the court's electronic case filing system (CM/ECF). Public terminals for viewing are also available at the courthouse in each vicinage.