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no wait he has a point
  • There are dozens of us!

  • Help is on its way
  • Go away spam bot, stop posting this crap in every thread

  • I cannot stand these spam calls any more.
  • It does, my Pixel has call screening built-in and it works great. I think you can install Google Dialer on some other Android phones and use it

  • I miss how much color there was back then
  • Well the blue PS2 was exclusive to Japan so even to this day you don't see many in the US (I have one) but there are tons in Japan. The Funtastic N64s were pretty popular though, I knew several people who had a Jungle Green or Atomic Purple N64

  • I miss how much color there was back then
  • I bought that model a few years ago and it's gorgeous. I love transparent consoles, especially blue so I've done shell swaps on all of my consoles I can find blue shells for, either official or 3rd party. So far I have a PS2, Wii, and a Switch. I also have transparent blue face plates for a PS5 but I haven't gotten one yet

  • Side-effect of flattening a globe
  • Lots of Polynesian sauce

  • Sync crashes when tapping the top right 3 dot button or sourting button.
  • Works fine for me

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.09.13-18:19    
    Sync flavor: googlePlay    
    Ultra user: false    
    View type: Slides    
    Push enabled: false    
    Device: cheetah    
    Model: Google Pixel 7 Pro    
    Android: 14
  • Can IT confirm?
  • I really like Asus routers with Asus Merlin if you want some extra features but don't need anything too crazy

  • The Aliens did a little trolling
  • Clue (1985) did exactly that

  • Choosing to lose $300M to $500M to break unions
  • Title of your sex tape

  • C’mon, Do Something
  • Haha, what a story, Mark

  • Show off your Android: the Home Sweet Home(screen) Edition!
  • My nixie tube clock theme

    Icons: Net Icon Pack

    Widget: KWGT I created myself