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Based Kamarulea?
  • “Kamala Harris washes her hands every day just like the notorious Pontius Pilate who famously washed his hands just before MURDERING our lord and savior Jesus!

    I, on the other hand, righteously NEVER wash my hands to avoid ever being compared to such a sinner.

    Is Kamala really a good leader for our country if she so blatantly supports the murder of Jesus Christ?”

  • big sword
  • “Fuck all that singing and shit.”

    “You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved penises. B I G curved penises”

    “Heh heh heh heeeee. That’s for damn sure.”

  • At what point do our moral obligations directly conflict with the Rule of Law?

    When does the need for doing The Right Thing™️ override the need for doing it The Right Way™️?

    Before you answer just know that I know that I don’t know that I’ll ever know the full and complete answer to that question

  • A Relativistic Framework to Establish Coordinate Time on the Moon and Beyond
  • I can appreciate the thought experiment that is coming up with a framework for interplanetary timezones because some people probably enjoy the challenge.

    Simultaneously I posit that it’s ambitious as fuck to assume that humanity is going to get off this rock before we burn it to the ground, or to assume that whoever gets off this rock will have enough people and resources to start a society that can grow while the society on Earth also survives.

    Furthermore, as a software engineer, I say no thank you. Earth and other planets will function off of digital systems that never EVER communicate with each other, and we will be happy that way

  • Box Office Milestone: ‘Inside Out 2’ Becomes Pixar’s Top-Grossing Movie of All Time Globally
  • Inside Out is one of the few Pixar movies that was easily teed up for a sequel. I think the majority of people who have seen it and loved it aren’t raving about the tugging at the heartstrings, but mostly are ecstatic about the representation of Anxiete who is an incredibly well written character. I’m just guessing after seeing it only once though

  • Has anyone got KDE Plasma 6 - Wayland running on Arch using an NVIDIA GPU?
  • I’m surprised I didn’t see any reference to EndeavourOS when I was looking for alternatives to SteamOS, but with how many people here have recommended it I’ll be sure to see if I’m able to work with that

  • Has anyone got KDE Plasma 6 - Wayland running on Arch using an NVIDIA GPU?

    My end goal is to get my desktop running functionally like a high-powered Steam Deck with my HDR monitor. I’m beyond fed up with Microsoft and really want a Linux distro to be the primary OS on my PC (and ultimately the only OS once Ubisoft decides to support R6: Siege on Linux). Eventually I’ll switch from my NVIDIA GPU to AMD since everything I’ve read makes AMD out to be far more consumer and Linux friendly than NVIDIA, but in the time being I’d love some help getting this working on my current hardware.

    _________________________________ To get KDE Plasma 6 with HDR running, so far I have tried installing the latest HoloIso and Manjaro’s official Plasma desktop stable branch. Before doing all of the below I made sure that the option to use the iGPU ports was disabled in my BIOS.

    For HoloIso, I’ve followed the directions from the GitHub readme file and installed from a USB drive to one of my internal 1 TB SSDs. I’m able to boot from the ISO on the USB drive and run the installation tool in HoloIso. The installation seemingly runs successfully and tells me to restart. After restarting and booting into that drive, I see the GRUB menu which disappears quickly, and then I see nothing but a black screen. I have tried booting with both of my monitors connected to my GPU via DisplayPort, and booting with only one monitor connected to my GPU via DisplayPort. Neither seems to solve the issue.

    I then went on to try what seemed like a more stable distro that was similar to SteamOS - Manjaro with Plasma. Installation went smoothly and I was able to actually boot into Manjaro after installation. Noticing there was no HDR option in the display settings I did some Googling and found that I was using X11 and not Wayland (which is where the HDR support lies). I did some more Googling and found a guide to switch to Wayland (I can’t find the guide again now dangit) but upon doing so and restarting, all I saw was a black screen.

    Honestly, if anyone has any suggestions for what to try I would love some help. I’m familiar with navigating Linux but relatively unfamiliar with installing it and VERY unfamiliar with display technologies so any suggestions for what to try are appreciated.


    What is the functional difference between the President having immunity for “official acts” and the powers granted to the German President under Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution?

    For reference: Article 48 Wikipedia I’m trying to understand how anyone with any knowledge of the history of dictators could possibly justify granting a president unchecked “official” power so if anyone has any actual theories I am ALL ears.


    If Trump's mic was the only live mic, did he poop his pants here? CNN Presidential Debate: President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump

    President Joe Biden and his predecessor, former President Donald Trump meet in the key battleground state of Georgia for their first debate of the 2024 elect...

    CNN Presidential Debate: President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump

    At timestamp 1:16:20 "... can't because it's too much money <splrrt> it's <pause> tremendous"


    I just saw a Youtube ad for penis enlargement

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it’s the first place that came to mind.

    I just saw an ad on YouTube advertising penis enlargement pills with nothing but a video of a doctor that had a handful of jump cuts, and the video was paired with audio that had no noticeable cuts.

    Most notably, the doctor’s lips were clearly edited by an AI to make it look like what she was saying matched the audio, even though the video and audio were obviously recorded separately.

    I just think it’s downright fucking hilarious that YouTube now has the same ads that porn sites have. Damn, Google. What a dumpster fire.


    Autistic Coded Sunny


    What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?

    Body positivity is such a strange concept to me. There's efforts to reclaim words while simultaneously calling them bad if used as an insult. Ideally, people wouldn't be offended by someone describing their body with common descriptors, but socially there is so much value attributed to certain body types that it's almost impossible to avoid having an emotional response of some kind to various descriptors.

    For example, It's not bad to be fat, but calling someone "fat" is almost universally considered a bad thing. The same definitely seems to go for the idea of being "short."

    I'm asking this question because I can't put my finger on why but something seems to be different about the use of the term "short" from the use of the term "fat." I think that part of it is how, to me at least, the term "fat" is so generic and hard to nail down to a discrete definition, implying that the word really doesn't have a clear connection to reality. On the other hand, height is a single-dimensional number. You either are above a certain threshold, or you aren't.

    I recently learned that May 6th to May 10th is "short king week" because it's 5'6" to 5'10" which then prompted me to search for the origins of "short king" and apparently the person most-credited with popularizing the term is Jaboukie Young-White who claims the term was meant to include all men under 6 feet tall. The average adult male height is 5'9" leaving men considered roughly average to be called "short" which is still considered an insult by many.

    I dunno. As a term that was intended to champion body positivity compared with how the term is actually used, what do you think of "short king?"


    Why does the government of the USA stand by the country of Israel?

    That’s the question.


    Hypercharge: Unboxed launches on Xbox on May 31st


    What AI do y’all use to make these images? I want to submit some but I don’t want to use ones that require me to link an account


    The Way of All Flesh - Gojira (unsolved)


    Increase in Nz stickers on the streets?

    Has anyone else noticed a lot of white supremacist/nazi/racist/homophobic stickers trying to recruit people in the city lately? I’ve seen a lot near Coors Field and it’s extremely upsetting.

    I try to take them down or draw over them with sharpie if I can but I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this uptick in fascist tags everywhere.


    Imagine being “lol omg so rule” that you win an award

    Alt Text: Avi Wigderson, an Israeli-born mathematician, won what's known as "the Nobel Prize of computing" for his work on randomness.


    So the customizable voices for my helldiver(s) implies there will be voices in a future warbond, right? In that case…

    Please oh PUHLEASE can we get a Zapp Brannigan voice for our Helldiver? I would buy the entire Warbond just for this voice.




    "No one who works here at CapitalOne would ever tip this much so we just wanted to double-check you were of sound mind when you did this! :)"


    KB, MB, GB, and TB are all part of the metric system. What empirical measurements should we Free™️ Americans use for computer memory?

    Political Memes BmeBenji

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this headline "Supreme court"

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like BmeBenji.


    First thing that came to mind when I saw this headline "Supreme court"

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like BmeBenji.

    0 Women Explain Why They Became Tradwives

    The tradwives movement, which has recently exploded on TikTok, is composed of young women who espouse the joys of adhering to traditional family values in a patriarchal marriage. The Onion asked women why they decided to become tradwives, and this is what they said.

    Women Explain Why They Became Tradwives

    “No sense in letting my 40 identical gingham blouses go to waste.”


    OLED Bluetooth Wake with Steam Controller?

    I read on Steam’s website that one of the new features of the Deck OLED was waking the Deck via a bluetooth controller. I was trying it out with my Steam Controller that has already been paired by putting the Deck to sleep while it was docked (which shut off my Steam Controller automatically) then waiting a few seconds (like 15), then powering the Steam Controller back on. The Steam button on the controller flashed for a while like it was looking for something to connect to, then it shut off and the Deck did not wake up.

    Is there a setting for either the Deck or the controller that enables wake via Bluetooth or is the Steam Controller just old enough that it won’t work? Or do I need to update the controller firmware?

    Any guidance here would be appreciated.