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Meta removes Trump account restrictions ahead of 2024 election
  • Don't forget about the soldiers with huge boots over their prosthetic legs. It's their birthday, all 10,000 of them. So sad. Did you see the young man who made an impressive sculpture of a dog? Or how about the other 7 million of them? Dog sculpting is really taking off I hear.

  • Absolutely deranged
  • My old kindle was a nightmare for this reason. Plus the socket got funky with age on top of that, and eventually there was really like 1 special cable that would work and it always seemed to end up hidden under 50000 things.

    Still, that does speak to the battery life of the kindle.

  • Best nest rule
  • It's doing exactly enough - the egg isn't rolling away, from the pigeon's perspective... Job done. Why judge a pigeon's nest by the standards of a sparrow?

    Personally I think it's pretty smart to not do more than is necessary.

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • "Maximise your reading potential" is even worse! "Read more" should suffice. Let's not use negative words either, let's keep it double plus good here... It should be "read more easy words", nothing more nothing less.

  • Can we change how the answer is revealed?

    As is, once a post is solved it's revealed in the name, but this means you can't then try to guess already solved posts - only new ones. If we reveal the answer in a spoiler in the post body instead, the sub's historical posts will remain playable for new players to practice.


    Honey I shrank the ______!


    Bug: The comment button under each post is inconsistent.

    Tricky to explain exactly. Sometimes the comment button goes straight to adding a new comment rather than the post's comments. To reach the comments I have to press it again. But because it's not consistent sometimes I have to press it several times to reach the actual comments.