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Addressable LED issues
  • Is your light strip the exact one used in the guide you followed?

    Because when I've done leds with esp32, leds of the same model can require different code libraries or #includes based on who manufactured the particular led.

    For example I had an 8*16 led array that was blinking randomly when I first started until I realized it was scrolling text sideways and mirrored because there were 3 different types of the same led array.

  • Project 2025 aims to eliminate NOAA which makes sense because all you need to track a hurricane is a sharpie
  • If I remember correctly the sharpie map was because Trump tweeted that Alabama was going to be affected and then after people called NOAA and they said Alabama was fine, Trump instead of admitting his mistake, repeated on Twitter that he was correct culminating in a press conference where he presented an official NOAA map that had sharpie drawn into Alabama.–Alabama_controversy

  • Beach Day [admiralwonderboat]
  • When I was late teen to early twenties beach day was wonderful. I could catch up on a stack of books without any responsibilities.

    Now when I'm away from home, I only think of the responsibilities that are accumulating in my absence.

  • SSDs with 1000-layer memory chips expected in 2027: ultra-fast 20TB NVMe drives for $250
  • I don't think the vast majority use cloud storage because it's cheap. The vast majority use it because they are unwilling or unable to setup their own.

    Hosting an Internet facing service out of your own house requires constant maintenance for security.

  • Bathroom stinks!! How can I remove the trap? poured water in but no luck. Zoomed inside the grate to find this? What is it?
  • That blog is scientifically wrong. Mixing vinegar and baking soda gives water, sodium acetate (a salt) and carbon dioxide.

    Vinegar alone is good. After it has sat for a while you could then add baking soda to neutralize the acid so you don't corrode your pipes.

    Baking soda alone is good. It is a base and reduces odors. After a mixture of water and baking soda sits for a while you again could add vinegar to reduce the baking soda to slightly salty water.

  • Bathroom stinks!! How can I remove the trap? poured water in but no luck. Zoomed inside the grate to find this? What is it?
  • Commercial chemical pipe cleaning products don't foam that way. They are a strong base (opposite of acid) that creates bubbles as the clog material is chemically reduced.

    You would also get bubbles by using vinegar and waiting. As the vinegar acid breaks down the clog, you get bubbles.

    Putting baking soda in with the vinegar destroys it before it can work.

  • Assuming we don't have free will, why do we have the illusion that we do?
  • There are quantum phenomenon in a piece of bread. That doesn't mean bread is conscious.

    Penrose has never proved that the quantum effects affect neurons macroscopically.

    Quantum computers run at near absolute zero temperature and isolated from all vibrations in order to maintain superposition. The brain is a horrible environment for a quantum computer.

    Anesthesia is a chemical signal blocker. If consciousness was quantum, it couldn't affect it.

    Penrose's work is "God in the gaps" or in his case "quantum in the gaps" explanation of consciousness. His claims were made before we had functional quantum computers and precise categorization of neurotransmitters that anesthesia chemicals bind to to block your natural neurotransmitters.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • He didn't say he was against it. He said it didn't matter to him. He said it didn't matter to him if women took traditional male jobs. He said it didn't matter to him if women played wargames.

    Was he trying to be funny? I'd like to see more quotes before rendering judgement.

  • How does OLED burn-in truly happen and why doesn't my phone show any signs of it?
  • My pixel 3a had burn in after 3 years. It's the screen gui elements that rarely change that show the burn in. On android that's the message bar at the top and the white line task switch at the bottom.

    I've been hearing "OLED burn in is better now" ever since I got my Galaxy Nexus 12 years ago. But it still seems to last only 3 years.

  • Another still panel from a little rural cyberpunk webcomic I've been working on
  • It's a joke referencing the movie which had weaponized deer. It was a bad movie but still good in a Napoleon Dynamite kind of way.

    The yeast lords and yeast factories in Gentlemen Broncos is a reference to Asimov, Niven, and others who wrote about yeast as a primary food source in their various novels.

  • Deleted posts should create an auto reply to the creator.

    I replied to a post in a thread (about how my 15 year old burned DVDs were going bad and what I was doing to remedy it). The thread is still there but my post is gone. It wasn't an argument. It was a reply to someone asking for data backup options.

    Some auto generated explanation from Lemmy would be nice like : post deleted by owner. Or posted deleted by moderator.