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Tactical nuke incoming
  • Surgical carpet bombing... We were very precisely targeting Gaza and we did not miss

  • 13/07/24 - Nouveau Front populaire : le PS rejette la proposition d’Huguette Bello comme première ministre, LFI accuse les socialistes de « tout bloquer »
  • Je me demande... Même si NFP arrive à leurs fins, est ce que c'est pas casse gueule ce plan de 3 ans de cohabitation ? Surtout que le programme social du NFP (que je supporte) n'aura pas toutes les retombées voulues dans ces 3 années. En gros se tirent ils aujourd'hui une balle dans le pied pour 2027 à vouloir y aller 'seuls' maintenant ?

  • At first I thought an upsidedown flag was Photoshopped in, but here we are
  • The "here we are" was for the accidental renaissance part

  • At first I thought an upsidedown flag was Photoshopped in, but here we are
  • Please no... Truth denial should stay in that camp

  • At first I thought an upsidedown flag was Photoshopped in, but here we are
  • Same... Well it would have been someone else... That may well become the most shared picture of the history of internet

  • At first I thought an upsidedown flag was Photoshopped in, but here we are
  • That's obvious and was not claiming it was actually upside down, I just found that detail uncanny seen from that angle

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  • He knew! All the crooks are after him

  • Registered Republican, how about that...
  • He has always denounced crooks

  • Never trust a Train...
  • First line could have been: Aye papi never trust a train

  • What makes it “Legitimate Interest“?
  • Nothing, but if you scroll at the bottom of the form, you have a link to all vendors, and under each one what they consider their legitimate interest is. At least gdpr forced them into transparency, although it is so hidden and there are so many that probably 0.0000001% of people go and check

  • Exit 12

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    A dictionary is more useful than Urban Dictionary
  • The entry Obvious can be found under the section O

  • Législatives en France | La gauche revendique Matignon - LaPresse
  • J'aime bien Tondelier aussi, c'est elle qui a vraiment œuvré pour unir les gauches après les Européennes. Mais bien malin.e celui ou celle qui devinera leur proposition

    Edit: je me demande, existe-t-il des paris sur la politique comme il y en a sur le sport ? Y'a peut être un filon pour enrichir un peu les caisses de l'État tout en pimentant le jeu démocratique

  • Cyril Hanouna demande l'asile politique en Corée du Nord
  • 🤣🤣🤣 J'espère qu'il dégagera loin

  • Sexy back
  • Pop t'pop t'pop that thing

    Imma show you how to make your man say "Ohh"

  • Best funny comment wins
  • Chasing pipe dreams

  • Les extrêmes? en fait non - Franceinfo

    PS si quelqu'un arrive à trouver comment partager les vidéos depuis le site de France info alors je remplacerai le lien fb


    Les extrêmes? en fait non

    Désolé pour le lien FB, mais impossible de partager depuis le site de franceinfo


    Disk space counted twice on root folder?

    Edit: SOLVED thanks to r00ty !

    Hello, I have this weird issue that my Debian 11 will tell me the root folder is full, while I can only find files for half of the accounted space.

    df -h reports 56G while the disk analyser (sudo baobab) only finds 28G.

    Anyone ever encountered this? I don't have anything mounted twice.... (Not sure what udev is). Also it does not add up to 100%, it should say 7.2G left not 4.1G

    > df -h /dev/sda* Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 16G 0 16G 0% /dev /dev/sda1 511M 22M 490M 5% /boot/efi /dev/sda2 63G 56G 4.1G 94% / /dev/sda4 852G 386G 423G 48% /home

    Edit: my mtab !

    Edit 2: what Gparted shows !


    LR...LR... Le Retournement? Drake Hotline Bling

    A Drake Hotline Bling meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

    Drake Hotline Bling

    Is it just a coincidence that Chromium and Firefox have similar version numbers?

    Currently Chromium 128, and Firefox 127. They always seem to go shoulder to shoulder.


    TIL that 4-horned sheep and goats have existed for a long time. And that the responsible gene mutation has recently been identified.

    Press release on the scientific discovery:

    >Their results reveal that polycerate individuals all carry a mutation affecting the same gene: HOXD1. This is a homeotic gene, which means that it is involved in the organisation of the body plan during the development of embryos.

    I hope no mad scientist ever plays with that gene 😅

    Article of the photo source


    Is a peanut butter sandwich a balanced meal?

    I mean carbs in the bread, proteins and fat in the peanut butter. Use wholemeal bread for fibers.

    Or are proportions off compared to recommendations?


    China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog and its AI-powered puppy China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog, plus AI puppy

    Training exercises test suitability for both reconnaissance and lethal kinetic action

    China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog, plus AI puppy

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    > China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog and its AI-powered puppy


    Feedback on hexclad cookware?

    Hello, would anyone have experience with this brand?

    In particular the nonstick performance as well as scratch resistance?

    Any alternative recommendations?

    Thank you. They're not cheap but if they are indeed durable they could be worth it. We cook nearly every day at home