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spinning room
  • The first time I ever met my future wife was at a Halloween party at a punk house that she was crashing at. I got sloshed, puked in the back yard right next to her and passed out on the couch she was sleeping on. I have no idea why she agreed to go out with me lol

  • I Am Not Always Very Attached To Being Alive: Living With Passive Suicidal Ideation
  • Honestly, if there wasn't so much social weight and taboo attached to death I would've ended it already. I have no interest in any of the obligations that existence carries. Eating, talking, moving, cleaning, biological impulses, feelings, comfort, pain, all of it. These meat-bags we're all trapped in are too finicky and needy. I didn't ask for it and I don't want it. Existence genuinely disgusts me

  • Is my punctuation correct?

    I couldn't find a "grammar help" community so I thought this might be a good place to pose this question. Sorry for asking something that boils down to "please help me with my homework" but I'm at a loss. I'm supposed to be using MLA format.

    Here's the text I'm quoting:

    "While recognizing the critical potential of the dystopic imagination, this volume examines it as a form of urban representation; the modern city, after all, appears to be an instantiation of a dystopic form of society."

    Here's my sentence:

    Prakash notes the utility of dystopian media, stating "this volume examines it as a form of urban representation; the modern city, after all, appears to be an instantiation of a dystopic form of society." (3)

    Is this right? Should I have the period at the end of the parentheses? I tried looking through my textbook and a few online articles but I couldn't find an example with a parenthetical citation and a quote that includes a period. Thanks for the help!

    Rules (Penance 16/100)
  • I am a staunch advocate of giving middle schoolers existential crises and I'm tired of pretending that it's wrong. All those little shits know now if fort night iphone and dab. A little fear and wonder would do them well!

  • Heard we're posting old cats now. Our lady turned 20 this year!


    I struggle with depression and alexithymia. How do I write with emotion?

    I have to write a paper about a place/time that I have an emotional attachment to or a place that has shaped my sense of self. I haven't really felt much of an attachment to anything for most of my life. Even if I did, I wouldn't even know how to begin describing the nature or cause of that attachment. I chose to write about the woods by my childhood home because I spent a lot of time there as a kid but I couldn't tell you how I felt about it in the moment or even how I feel about it now. I literally don't have the words


    Weird Explorerule


    Pro-union and anarchist propaganda

    Hey y'all, for mayday I'm wanting to spread some leaflets, zines, etc around the hospitals in my area. Does anyone have any recommendations for pieces geared towards the medical field?

    anarchy101 BarrelAgedBoredom

    Video: Anark | The principles of anarchism and how they lead to human liberation

    Pretty interesting video that does a good job summarizing and explaining the rationale behind anarchism. Thought it'd be a good piece for those interested in learning more. Couldn't find any community guidelines for this page so if videos aren't allowed, please let me know!

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! BarrelAgedBoredom

    Am I overthinking? Mint Cinnamon/Edge/MATE/xfce/ for a T480?

    The propaganda worked. I bought a Thinkpad, the thigh highs are on the way, penguin stickers are already here. Now it's time to actually put Linux on my machine.

    I'm a bit lost on which version of mint to put on the T480. It's an i7 8650u, 16gb RAM, 256gb SSD (will eventually be upgrading the RAM, SSD, and display). My question is, is the t480 "old" by Linux standards? From what I've gathered cinnamon is the standard version. Edge is for new (?) hardware that may not be fully compatible with cinnamon. MATE is for old/lower power hardware that can't handle the demand of cinnamon and xfce is for even older/slower hardware.

    I've been running in circles all morning trying to find experiences of people with a T480 who are running mint and which version they're using. Old is apparently 3+ years according to various articles trying to convince me to upgrade and I haven't found much on what is considered old hardware for Linux. As someone who hasn't bought a computer in nearly a decade, a quad core processor with 16 gigs of ram is ridiculously powerful. My last computer was a $90 shitbox that I got on clearance from Walmart in 2016 to do online lessons in EMT school. So my perspective/experience is utterly useless.

    Can a T480 run Mint Cinnamon 21.3, or am I better off using MATE/xfce? It's going to live a pretty easy life. I'll mostly be using it to browse, stream music, do (online) homework, write papers, and put books on my e-reader.

    Connect A Song BarrelAgedBoredom

    Misfits - Skulls

    Connection from hustle bones: skulls is bones



    I've finally fallen in love with reading again over the last year. Problem is I've only been reading non-fiction. it makes my brain hurt. I'd like to have some stuff I can turn to when attempting to read gender trouble gives me another headache. I don't have any particular preference for genre. I used to read fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian stuff but I'm more than happy to explore other genres as well!

    A short list of things I've read for reference:

    • The saxon stories, Bernard Cornwell
    • LOTR, the hobbit
    • 1984
    • The road, Cormac McCarthy
    • The plague dogs, Richard Adams

    Hoisin sauce is asian sweet baby rays

    Had this epiphany last night when we went to an asian fusion place. The similarities are uncanny


    Reading suggestions for deeper theory and praxis

    Hey all, I started my dive into anarchism a little over a year ago and I've read a lot of the anarchy/socialism 101 type books but I'm starting to find a lot of it repetitive. I'm looking for suggestions to deepen my understanding of anarchism and libertarian socialism. Especially praxis and tactics, a lot of theory that I've come across doesn't really get into the weeds about applying it, and as someone in an area with no leftist orgs to speak of (outside of a small DSA chapter), I don't have anyone local to go to in order to learn from.

    I want to start putting all of this knowledge to use in my area but I'm not 100% sure where to start or how to avoid some of the pitfalls of organizing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


    What's Lemmy drinking this weekend?

    I've got a bottle of dolin rouge that's been open for about a week so I'll be playing around with that. I think I'll start the night off with a vieux carre