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Dog Gun
  • It's a shame about the song, I watched this with the sound off and thought ohh, I bet it has Kenny logging playing.

    But no my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • It's official: International Olympic Committee votes to confirm the first Olympic Esports Games will happen in 2025, even if they don't know the games yet
  • Thoughts like that is what will prevent idiocracy from happening and I'm not sure I don't want to see the real world version of that.

  • Grand Strategy games?
  • I come to say stellaris too.

    You won't regret it, well maybe the countless hours you will lose to the game

  • Grand Strategy games?
  • Masters of Orion was a great game I had as a young kid. Never understood what I was doing until I was much older.

    Got it in a scholastic book fair

  • I created all the beaches in a city from scratch.
  • I downloaded this after seeing it on lemmy a few weeks ago. I think I'm the only person using it in my town.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Still Reaching 100K Daily Steam Players One Year After Launch.
  • Player count for a game like this doesn't matter.

    It isn't a greedy corpo product that needs to farm engagement to fleece every cent from its players.

    It's one time purchase, I wish gamed journalism's would drop the bullshit player counts matter for every game.

    Even after no one is playing BG3 anymore they still made their money and have no more ongoing costs.

    Not like fallout 76 where it costs them daily to maintain servers etc. Then it matters

  • Teen admits to driving stolen car and causing triple-fatal crash north of Brisbane
  • And unfortunately probably a slap on the wrist and back out on the streets.

  • Body-cam video shows Illinois officer fatally shooting Black woman in face
  • Huh, I saw this on 4chan earlier today, I thought it was old

  • Bullying the AI rule
  • That'll do donkey, that'll do

  • Lemmings of ...uh... Lemmy who ate ramen noodles dry, whaddup wit dat?
  • I did until my cousin died from lukemia.

    I used to make a huge mess with them everywhere.

    My dad told me, that dried Noodles like that gave you lukemia and that's what killed my cousin.

    I've never done it again, even though I know my dad lied to me

  • DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray sales up, reports HMV
  • Yeah we're either seeing a pirate ship in the horizon or buying physical media that is ours forever

  • A cool guide on the lifespan of the animal kingdom
  • Damn, I'll be pushing to outlive a chimpanzee born the same day as me

  • Malaysia tracks down missing oil tanker which fled after collision
  • Without the aid of a large state actor, there was no hope to hide and repair.

    Seems almost certain to me they were up to something untoward with the aid from one large country or another.

  • Wordle 1,128 2024.07.21
  • Daily Wordle! JUL. 22nd 2024



  • Results from Juukan Gorge show 47,000 years of Aboriginal heritage was destroyed in mining blast
  • We knew about this is Australia a week after it happened.

    They never faced real consequences either

  • wormussy
    A cool guide to pop vs actual psychology
  • They're trying too make sure they don't trigger pop culture people

  • Grayzone Warfare?

    Good afternoon, I'm curious if people think this is worth playing?

    Any pros, cons, etc.

    I love Arma and I loved operation flash Point and dragon rising.


    well I had Sunday roast at the pub. didn't take a photo cause I'm drunk. was good though


    One bomb


    in light of recent company activities I present this.


    How do you clear a que of YouTube videos without starting the video your watching again?

    Every time I use the Android YouTube app, if I que up several videos and the. Decide I just want to finish the one I'm on etc. I open the que and click clear que, but then the video I'm currently watching starts again.

    Any way to do this?

    Samsung s24 YouTube app

    Sorry if this isn't the right place


    Damn AtAt Zoid looking monsters

    So game updated midplay and had all kinds of weird bugs until i left and updated myself.

    First mission in see one of these bastards.

    Damn are they a challenge

    Stupid mobile factories

    Vanity license plates Aussiemandeus


    Vanity license plates Aussiemandeus

    All about that sin


    thinking of trying linux,

    My current issue is i see you guys constantly having issues, editing files etc.

    Is it not stable?

    Can you not set it up and then not have ongoing issues?


    Recovery sleep aids.

    I used to take a sleep Recovery product (i cant remember what it was) it was banned in Australia, but it made me have the best sleeps of my life.

    Does anyone have anything they could suggest?


    The banned suppliment was fadeout by redcon1



    getting over the cold, do you wake up healthy or feel better through the day?


    My mate used to have a dog called sizzles


    Every time i think about i think of this song.

    It makes you feel like you've been some how had, and all your youth's been taken


    Welcome to Earf


    Welcome to Earf


    LG TV internet issues 65sj850t-ta

    So i have a LG 65sj850t-ta TV. Its been a great TV for a few years but recently its started having issues streaming with pauses etc and can not pass an upload test on any of the speed test apps or websites.

    I'm not entirely sure if its the Main card or not but at 100 odd dollars its sure cheaper then a 3000 dollar TV.

    Has anyone changed out a main card before? Im a Crane Technician so i am not unfamiliar with this sort of work, just i have never worked on a television before.

    (Picture is samsung tv infront of LG tv for trouble shooting)



    secret entrance to the left


    I can hardly see him


    Hes so hard to see.


    is there a term for words such as inflammable?

    Words that mean the exact opposite of how they sound.

    Extralegal: not legal

    Inflammable: able to be set a flame.

    Do you have any other suggestions?