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attacking kamarule
  • Yep. There's a whole propaganda industry that rails against it (Prager U, Daily Wire, Red pillers, etc), and right-wing states are banning Universities from engaging in it, and banning investment of state funds in companies that take DEI into account (even though it's pretty much just corporate lip-service).

  • Make it stop.
  • Tipping pizza delivery drivers is customary, and has been ever since I've been alive. They make around as much as wait staff in base-pay (minimum wage or less, depending on the state), and have to pay for their own car, gas, maintenance, etc. So, they depend on tips to survive. It's stupid and exploitative, but that's the way she goes.

  • Five Just Stop Oil activists receive record sentences for planning to block M25
  • The media and people in general ignore non-disruptive protest. When protesting pollution, bringing motor vehicles to a halt is arguably a pretty good choice compared to, say, the stone henge (which I don't have a problem with either). Whether the optics are good is debatable. The media is mostly corporate owned, and they'll try to make any protest that goes against their interests look bad anyways. Which is probably why they only cover disruptive protests.

  • Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • I would if the hardware was powerful enough to do interesting or useful things, and there was software that did interesting or useful things. Like, I'd rather run an AI model to remove backgrounds from images or upscale locally, than to send images to Adobe servers (this is just an example, I don't use Adobe products and don't know if this is what Adobe does). I'd also rather do OCR locally and quickly than send it to a server. Same with translations. There are a lot of use-cases for "AI" models.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • It appears the doctor that co-wrote that book was a quack or grifter that associated himself with other grifters like Dr Oz and The Doctors, and advocated for "alternate health practices" that have no evidence of being helpful (and that sound absurd):

    For stuff like this, I usually try to find the most recent meta-analysis that looks reputable. For example:

    If I understand it correctly, it says people with total cholesterol above reference levels have a 27% increase in risk of cardiovascular mortality, people with high LDL have a 21% increase, and people with high HDL have 40% decrease in risk.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Maybe, I'm no expert. But, I've seen a test showing a consumer water filter increasing microplastics by 1000%. Could just be only that specific filter or filter type. I believe it was a Zero filter, which I think uses resin beads for ion exchange.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Do you get regular cholesterol tests? I imagine if done in a certain way, with lean meat (high protein, low carb, low-ish fat diet), it could work OK. Vegan can also be healthy, if done properly. I've been vegan for about 5 years (switched because my cholesterol was a biy high), and have only noticed positive effects.

  • US Floats Tougher Trade Rules to Rein In China Chip Industry

    The Biden administration, facing pushback to its chip crackdown on China, has told allies that it’s considering using the most severe trade restrictions available if companies such as Tokyo Electron Ltd. and ASML Holding NV continue giving the country access to advanced semiconductor technology.

    US Floats Tougher Trade Rules to Rein In China Chip Industry
    0 Teamsters president Sean O’Brien speaks at the GOP convention as his union flirts with endorsing Trump - The Boston Globe

    O’Brien acknowledges Biden has been a “great” president for organized labor. But he told the Globe that Biden hasn’t delivered on all his promises and the Teamsters are worried their backing is being taken for granted.

    Teamsters president Sean O’Brien speaks at the GOP convention as his union flirts with endorsing Trump - The Boston Globe
    World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • Yeah, without strong global cooperation (good luck on that), I would think reducing demand of fossil fuels (or, I guess we're only reducing growth of demand right now), will just make fossil fuels cheaper, and some countries won't hesitate to take advantage of that. I think "The Green Paradox" talks about this.

  • Restaurant in NYC offshores cashier job to Philippines so they can pay below minimum wage ($3/hr in Philippines)
  • Argentina has somewhat of a history of workers seizing their factories. I think it would be extremely hard in the U.S. due to the well-funded police. Generally, I guess the movement would be "anarcho-syndicalism."

    Edit: misremembered worker factory takeovers in the past as occurring in Venezuela instead of Argentina.

  • how do I work around invasive Bermuda grass?
  • Yeah, Bermuda grass is the devil, is extremely hard to get rid of, and will out-compete clover and most other ground-covers. You're probably always going to have problems with it creeping in no matter what you do. It won't out-compete shade-loving plants in shade though, and can't out-compete taller plants.

    If you don't mind chemicals, I've used a grass-selective herbicide (fluazifop or clethodim can't remember which) to kill Bermuda grass in a rock bed and it worked ok (took many applications).

    I've also suppressed it by sheet mulching with multiple layers of cardboard and 4"+ of woodchips on top. Still required some weeding after a while.

    I've never tried it, but I've seen people kill grass by covering it with a dark landscape fabric. However, I think this would take many months to kill Bermuda grass.

    Also, I'm not sure clover thrives where Bermuda grass does. Where I live, clover dies in the summer (too hot), and doesn't like full sun in spring and fall.

    Personally, I'm slowly replacing parts of my lawn by adding and expanding beds (sheet-mulch + woodchips), and planting fruit-trees and perennials in them. This seems more manageable to me than trying to do my entire lawn at once (I have a fairly large lot). I walk around the beds about once a week and pull any weeds I see, and pull weeds in beds I routinely walk by whenever I see them.

  • 4

    The ‘Climate Crisis’ Fades Out

    As the energy transition inches through the ‘issue attention’ cycle, a wiser approach should emerge.


    Growing corn?

    Any tips on growing corn in central Texas? Is it even practical? I sowed some corn in February, and they only grew 3ft. and looks like I might have a few very small corn cobs. The last time I tried to grow corn was in Ohio, and used the 3 sisters method, which worked pretty well. But idk wtf to do in central Texas.

    3 ‘We don’t have a democracy’: why some Oregonians want to join Idaho

    Proponents of the Greater Idaho movement have argued Democrats in Portland don’t understand their way of life

    ‘We don’t have a democracy’: why some Oregonians want to join Idaho
    58 Travis County DA faces removal attempt under Texas law targeting 'rogue' prosecutors

    A Travis County resident filed a petition to remove District Attorney José Garza from office. The effort comes a little over a month after Garza's landslide victory in March's Democratic primary.

    Travis County DA faces removal attempt under Texas law targeting 'rogue' prosecutors
    2 Paul Krugman Is Right About the Economy, and the Polls Are Wrong

    Sometimes experts get it wrong, but not this time.

    Paul Krugman Is Right About the Economy, and the Polls Are Wrong
    13 Mark Zuckerberg indicates Meta is spending billions of dollars on Nvidia AI chips

    Meta appears poised to spend billions of dollars by the end of this year on Nvidia's popular computer chips that are widely used for AI projects

    Mark Zuckerberg indicates Meta is spending billions of dollars on Nvidia AI chips

    Summary: Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is investing billions in Nvidia's H100 graphics cards to build a massive compute infrastructure for AI research and projects. By end of 2024, Meta aims to have 350,000 of these GPUs, with total expenditures potentially reaching $9 billion. This move is part of Meta's focus on developing artificial general intelligence (AGI), competing with firms like OpenAI and Google's DeepMind. The company's AI and computing investments are a key part of its 2024 budget, emphasizing AI as their largest investment area.

    Home Improvement 31337

    Mount electric sub-panel over lapped hardie board siding?

    I'm out of room for breakers in my main breaker box, so would like to add 6-breaker sub-panel to install mini-splits, an outdoor electrical outlet, lighting, etc. What's the correct way to mount an exterior sub-panel on a house with lapped hardie-board siding?

    I suppose the easiest thing would be to drill holes in the siding then attach the panel with screws to a stud and the exterior sheathing, but I don't know if that's a proper way to do things.

    I also suppose I could somehow cut a rectangular hole in the siding and mount the subpanel directly on the sheathing. I'm not sure how to prevent water intrusion in that case (is some kind of flashing needed, or is just cock ok?). Seems like it would be hard to cut a clean rectangle in lapped fiber-cement siding on a vertical surface.


    Is there any commercial API that serves anything similar to DeepFloyd IF?

    I'm working on a prototype application, and for my use-case DeepFloyd IF gives me the best results by far. I was using, but the reliability and cold start times are unacceptable for my purposes (and DeepFloyd IF cannot be used in commercial products).

    I think what made IF so good for my use-case is that it starts by generating a very small image. I need images generated with a single subject taking up most of the image and minimal background. I think IF is biased to these kinds of images since it starts with a very small image.

    Currently using Dall-E 2, which is ok, but not nearly as good as IF. Stable Diffusion sometimes produces very weird images (haven't tried SD XL yet).


    Why does Fed raise rates in response to supply-side caused inflation?

    I recently read an article about OPEC, and how oil prices will likely rise for the next year or two. The article said this will cause a significant uptick in inflation indicators, so the Fed will likely raise rates.

    I can understand raising rates in response to monetary inflation, but it doesn't make much sense to me to raise rates in response to supply-side shocks. It also seems cruel since the goal seems to be to raise rates so more people become unemployed or underemployed so that can't afford to buy gas.


    Strange browser "back button" behavior?

    I'm seeing strange behavior when I click on a post, then click the "back button" in my browser. Sometimes if I'm on the "subscribed" tab, click on an article, then press back, it seems to show me "all" or "local" posts. Sometimes it shows me a different list if I'm on the "all" tab, click on a post, then press back. Same behavior on Firefox mobile and desktop version.

    Haven't went into in-depth testing, but I can't be the only one seeing this right?

    Guessing it's something to do with browser, CDN, or server-side cache?


    Would it make sense for a person in a "privileged class" to move from a red state?

    Trying to gauge if I'm going crazy or a little too much "online."

    I currently live in Texas, and moving has been on my mind a lot lately as the Republican party and Texas itself seems to be slowly moving toward fascism. I don't know when the slide toward fascism will stop, and how much more authoritarian the state will get. I do not feel very good about my tax dollars going to support this state.

    I am a middle-aged cishet white man; middle to upper middle class software engineer. I have leftist opinions (libsoc/ansoc), but I'm not an activist (I am very introverted, probably a little bit on the autism spectrum, and pretty much a hermit right now). I do seldom indulge in marijuana consumption, which is illegal here.

    I really don't have much tying me down here. I have no close friends, no family in the state, and no current romantic partners. Last year, I moved within the state for a job, but the company was bought out, and everyone was layed off. I have very high autonomy at my current job, and could probably work fully remote if I wanted. Moving would be expensive (I am in an upside-down mortgage), but I have enough savings to take the hit.

    I am personally feeling very isolated here (Texas suburb), at this point in my life, and am thinking about moving into some sort of intentional community (eco-village, cohousing, or land trust; not a commune) in a blue state (or even in Canada if I could pull that off).

    Also, the weather in the last 2 years has been absolutely oppressive, and I have a hard time keeping anything alive in my veggie garden :)

    Am I being over dramatic? Should I just stick it out here, and try to rebuild my life in a state that doesn't align with my beliefs?

    Also, I've heard arguments that libs should stay or even move to red states, but I'm not convinced. The state rules with an iron fist, and pre-empts anything progressive Texas cities try to do. And the district I live in is already pretty solidly blue. Not to mention, red states put families that contain females or lbgt people in danger.