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The trans rule exposed


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  • There is no physical connection between the crankshaft and rear end; all that makes the planets go round is forced by the remarkable T-converter. Many stick handlers, tired of the constant pumping and slotting, have joined the A team. Most of team America are sloshing the T-converter with the big D, totally unaware of how, deep down inside, when they shift from initial P to big D, they are driven by their inner T-converter for they're automatic trans. /s

    • Thanks for the explanation, you really came in clutch.

      • they did what to the clutch

        • The proper way to freshen a clutch is with a well lubricated true pilot and a perfect face job. Without a proper pilot bearing your trans shaft can be problematic. It can start knocking around slapping against the crankshaft. A wild shaft in the middle of that high tension clincher can lead to a big blowout. Without regular face jobs you'll kill your pilot, and without a fresh true pilot, it won't be long before you push into that pucker, pump, and shuck the pucks or cream the ring. Then you'll be stuck finding a new pilot and full service face job. Stay fly.