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I know it's a little late for most of you, but what's your guys spring lawn care routine?

Me I just got done mine, snow and rain made it a little too wet to do fully, but I dealt with it.

Once the snow is melted (I get a few chances during the winter at least) I’ll clean up all the land mines from the dog, I’ll then give it a light rake to clean up the leaves and some of the dead grass.

Once I’ve done a light rake I’ll run the lawn mower over it at the highest setting, then the lowest setting. I grab a leaf rake and give it a good rake, I used to power rake, looking at getting a detatcher machine/rake next year. I aerated with a manual tool last year so skipped this year.

Once it’s gotten a good deep rake I will then give it a blow with the leaf blower before mowing at the lowest setting to clean it all up. After that I overseed with some white clover (only started last year) and regular grass seed. Then give a her a soak, in three weeks I’ll follow up with a fertilizer.