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Flight sim people are on another level
  • To go along with this is also risk to one's health and potentially death.

    53 per 100,000 pilots was the death rate amongst pilots in 2018 according to The University of Delaware .

    This doesn't sound like a lot, until you consider it was the #2 most dangerous occupation in the US that year.

    Behind #1 Loggers (111 per 100k) and ahead of #22 Police Officers (14 per 100k).

    So it's one thing to have a flight sim rig and at worst fall off your chair. A whole another thing to potentially make a mistake in an actual plane and pay the price with your life.

  • [Steam] Which lesser known games have you bought or are planning to buy in this sale?
  • Not related, but OP, if you get the chance I recommend at least trying out Project Wingman in VR with joysticks.

    Holy shit, was it a transcendent experience.

    I beat the campaign with a controller on a monitor my first time around, but on my second playthrough I played it in VR and I found there is nothing like looking for bogeys and tracking them by peeking around your cockpit.

    More related to the prompt, but if anyone wants a recommend:

    I just beat both Pentiment and Return of the Obra Dinn and both were truly the historical detective / mystery games that I've waited so long for.

    Go into both completely blind and report back. I guarantee you, that you will not be disappointed.

  • Thailand to legalize same-sex marriage
  • This may be the video essay you're talking about.

    But yeah, in collectivist societies like in most of Asia, being trans is less controversial than being gay due to conformity.

    One interesting tidbit from the video was how Iran's government even recognizes sex reassignment surgery and may even cover the cost.

    Mentioned partway through the video as well as this Economist article.

  • It's like everyday
  • Hmm I bought these and had no problems at all:

    UltraBlock Zippered Mattress Protector (Queen) - Waterproof Cover Stops Dust Mite, Bed Bug, Spills, Bedwetting - Hypoallergenic Encasement with Zipper - White

    Dust Mite and Allergen Proof Pillow Encasing (Cover); Premium Microfiber (Standard Size)

    Pricing for both combined being less than $50

  • It's like everyday
  • Haha I actually brought this up in my comment to OP, but do you find that you have this clogged nose in hotels or other places?

    If not, and you notice it just at home you may be allergic to dust mites.

    I bought dust mite bed covers, pillow covers, and spray and applied them after washing my original bed sheets and pillow covers.

    Immediately that day I stopped having a clogged nose in bed.

    I'd been suffering all my life thinking it was normal to have a clogged nose in bed lol, turns out I had an allergy.

  • It's like everyday
  • I recommend getting both the anti-dustmite sheets and pillow covers as well as the spray!

    A combination of all 3 legit stopped giving me a clogged nose at night immediately.


    Initial steps I put in the other comment:

    My initial steps I took were:

    • taking bed sheets and pillow covers to the washing machine

    • applying anti-dustmite cover to mattress

    • applying anti-dustmite cover to pillows

    • putting bed sheets and pillow covers over the anti-dustmite covers

    • spraying the anti-dustmite spray over and letting dry

  • It's like everyday
  • Anti-dustmite spray helps kill a good amount! I was actually impressed with how fast it worked.

    That and getting dust mite sheet covers for both your mattress and pillows is effective and over time will kill them off.

    My initial steps I took were:

    • taking bed sheets and pillow covers to the washing machine

    • applying anti-dustmite cover to mattress

    • applying anti-dustmite cover to pillows

    • putting bed sheets and pillow covers over the anti-dustmite covers

    • spraying the anti-dustmite spray over and letting dry

    Immediately noticed the difference and stopped getting a clogged nose in bed that day

  • It's like everyday
  • Used to always have clogged nostrils when going to bed.

    But when I slept at hotels I never had a clogged nose.

    Turns out I was just allergic to dust mites.

    Bought anti-dustmite sheets / spray and boom, no longer had clogged nostrils in bed.

  • [meme] Being forced to drive isn't freedom — it's a government-mandated lifetime subscription to oil
  • Hmm on my end the answer is tough because it really matters haha

    In Minneapolis I was exclusively going to Costco and Cub Foods. Costco, things were cheap in bulk, while Cub Foods you always had good deals in coupons.

    Estimated bill from Costco being 80-100 every 2 weeks, Cub probably 60-70 every 2 weeks (this is in 2017, so pricing has changed quite a bit haha)

    In NY, my bill shifted based on where I shopped.

    When I lived in midtown Manhattan on 54th and 7th in 2018, I went to the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and would leave with a bill around $60 a week. But back then when I first moved, I was also eating out a ton.

    Nowadays, I live in LIC in Queens and go to some local grocery chains and cook a whole lot more. My weekly spend is around $120 or so a week. But I'm also cooking a whole lot more than I used to and eating out a lot less.

    I forgot who said it, but someone said it best "if it weren't for rent, NY would actually be very livable cost-wise."

  • [meme] Being forced to drive isn't freedom — it's a government-mandated lifetime subscription to oil
  • Hey!

    I can answer this pretty well as I grew up and lived in a pretty car dependant Minneapolis until I was 23, where then I moved to NYC with no car in 2018 and have lived here ever since.

    The TL;DR to this question is that you transport everything in a grocery bag on person, but the longer answer is that your buying and cooking behavior changes.

    Back in Minneapolis I relied on buying in bulk, since I wanted to limit the number of trips in the 15-20 min drive between my apt and the Costco. Variability with the weather affected this too, as I would buy extra if it was in the winter time. I'd make this trip by car around 2-3 times a month. This also affected my buying and cooking decision making as well. Buying groceries first then figuring out what I wanted to cook.

    Once I moved to NYC, I would always have a grocery store several blocks away from me. At most being a short 5-10 min walk. This changed my habits as I always had a grocery store I could quickly pop in without having to think about traffic, my car, etc. So although I would go more frequently (~ 2 times a week), I would also find this a lot easier and would buy less.

    Nowadays, whenever I think of wanting to cook something, I either head over to the store on my way back to the office, after the gym, etc. and then cook that very same day what I bought.

    In my mind, that big fridge I used to restock with my Costco runs has been replaced by having that quick grocery store within walking distance.

    Purely anecdotal, since I know some other people in the US may be living different than a single guy living in an apt in NYC, but this is also how it is in many cities I've traveled to in Asia and Europe.

  • I just want someone to come to my house and do their own thing for the day. We don't even have to talk. I would be so happy and productive.
  • This is actually common in many other cultures and I wish it was more normalized in general US culture.

    That being friendships where there is no need for a reason to hang out besides the company.

    I live in NYC and I have some select friends who also grew up culturally outside the US and we do this:

    If I asked them what they were up to, they'd say something like "going to the barbershop for a haircut", "doing laundry at the laundromat", or other errands.

    I would then ask to tag along and maybe say a thing or two from time to time, but for the most part I'm doing something parallel to them.

    Usually I'm reading a book, checking my phone, watching Netflix, working on my laptop etc.

    It's great.

    There's no need for an excuse to be with these friends.

    We just enjoy each other's company.

  • Cool cool cool
  • Of the two I'd easily meet Danny Pudi! Always heard he's a class act and super humble to be around.

    That and the fact that Larry King died in 2021 and randomly hanging at the Hillside Cemetery may not be the vibe haha

  • Show off your Android: the Home Sweet Home(screen) Edition!
  • The home screen I've had for a while!

    Nova Launcher Prime with Borealis icons on the S22 Ultra.

    Set this layout for the icons so I can easily reach each app while not looking at my phone based on my hand orientation.

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