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If you understand this meme, I hope your back is feeling fine today.
  • The best thing I ever did for my back was take up weightlifting (Specifically deadlifts) I've got degenerative disease plus a herniated disc plus spinal arthritis and was living with chronic pain, and now I feel like I'm 20 again. I would encourage anybody with back pain to add deadlifts to their life if possible. Anybody needs any help getting started can drop me a line

  • I tried to us an iPad like a Computer
  • Apple is staunchly against allowing iPads to run a real OS, despite the hardware being more than capable. They don't want you to replace your laptop, they want you to need both the laptop and the iPad. If I could get OS X or Linux on an iPad I would make it my primary device tomorrow. But they really fight to keep that segmentation in place

  • Looking for literature recommendations
  • I think he does a great job of explaining how he thought about his pictures before taking them. How they were composed, exposed and developed to say what he wanted to say with each photo. He was from a time when you had to haul a heavy ass camera out into the wilderness and up a mountain, guess the correct exposure, with only a few chances to get the shot, and no way to know how it was going to look until you get back to your dark room and start working on the plate/film. The stakes were so much higher for each shot, I feel like his insights are extremely valuable nowadays, where the machine-gun photography approach is so common

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Wrestle the pig first, every day. Whatever is your worst, most unpleasant, annoying task for the entire day, do it before you do anything else. It minimizes your stress and worrying and puts it in the rearview mirror.

  • Political Memes zcd



    Windows 10 EOL PSA


    PSA if you forgot that today is Mother's Day it's not too late to go get her some flowers

    Best of luck


    Dumb question: could I use leftover foam from a pelican case as a filter?

    I picked up one of these fluval 13.5 gallon aquariums, and it has a little chamber for filtration on the back. SOMEONE ripped up the default foam block that fits in there, and it got me wondering if I could use some of that modular foam that comes in pelican cases? Or should I just buy the replacement?


    NGD: I may have gone a little overboard

    I had some difficulty deciding which mahogany Martin guitar to choose and somehow ended up with both the 00-15 and 000-15sm


    Somebody: Blows the whistle on Boeing. Boeing:


    Recommendation: Do a Powerbomb

    Recently I decided to give reading comics another chance. I’ve been on hiatus since I was a kid, and ended up starting with “Do a Powerbomb” If you don’t already have this on your reading list I would highly suggest it. High flying action? Check. Over the top climax? Check. Heartfelt ending? Check. The art and story were awesome, and overall just really stoked about it!


    America: Getting ready for another election. Rest of the world:


    rule of law