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  • It's a factoid to me because it doesn't say much because what is "know better" any way? We've only sent people up to the moon and there are only ten people in orbit at this moment. Meanwhile, we likely send out more people underwater, everyday. The factoid suggests we know a lot about space even though we have no idea what 95% of space is.

  • Exploration
  • "We know more about space than the oceans"

    Bitch the stars are out in the open. All you have to do is look up. We've been doing it since the dawn of civilization.

    Sorry, I hear that factoid too much from people don't know better.

  • I'm baaaaack, with frens this time
  • Philippines would not want to see Japan hurt. We are taught about the ugly history for most of our childhood but the general public is pro-Japan in the present. Pop culture aside, they funded projects and research without much debt traps and is curently much less evil than what China is doing these past decades.

  • fauna minecraft experience

    VTubers xx3rawr

    [MEME] The law doesn't apply when I'm listening to Dokibird


    dat ass tho

    Just curious, is this sub strictly limited to ankylosaurs or it could be any dino or paleo memes? I haven't found a general paleo meme community yet.

    Find a Community xx3rawr

    Place for paleo memes

    Looking for a community similar to r/okbuddypaleo with memes about paleontology, dinosaurs, and prehistory


    Gloc 9 - Upuan (rock arrangement)

    Happy? Baranggay Elections 2023

    VTubers xx3rawr

    Miko-chief fighting other Elites

    VTubers xx3rawr

    Are stupid memes allowed here