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Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • If I were Linus I'd stay as far the fuck away from any investigation as possible if for no other reason than having anything to do with it would sow doubt in any conclusion favorable to LTT.

    No one should trust the conclusions of an investigation paid for by the accused any more than you should trust an inspector that was hired by the real estate agent selling you a house and for the exact same reasons.

  • Someone stop the ride, I want to get off
  • One supports Israel no matter what and the other supports Israel no matter what and wants LGBT people dead, tried to overthrow our government, killed over a million americans by ignoring epidemiologists' warnings and guidance about dealing with covid and packed the supreme court resulting in women losing rights restored to them 50 years ago. Dont fucking tell me the two are the same.

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • I feel like the fact they paid the same party that investigated them is an obvious enough conflict of interest to dismiss this out of hand. Whether the report is actually trustworthy or not, there is an incentive to come to a conclusion that aligns with whomever paid them and that alone should make people question the conclusions being made.

  • Exploring the "Island of Stability": Can Enhanced Nuclear Shell Effects Lead to Long-Lived Nuclei Beyond Z=120?
  • Realistically none aside from testing that our models are good.

    Best case scenario the particle accelerators we use to make them take months, years just to produce a couple atoms that last maybe a few seconds then decay to something much less stable

  • Exploring the "Island of Stability": Can Enhanced Nuclear Shell Effects Lead to Long-Lived Nuclei Beyond Z=120?
  • The island of stability isn't going to result in anything most people would consider "stable" i.e no Naquadah or Trinium. It could however, result in new superheavy isotopes that last seconds instead of milliseconds or microseconds like what would otherwise be expected.

    The island of (relative) stability results from the filling of nuclear shells similarly to how noble gases are as unreactive as they are in chemical reactions because their (electron) shells are full.

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?

    I just wonder if it actually did get worse or it just seems like that because as an adult you have a lot more on your plate than you did when you were a kid/teen


    You ever fix something and have no idea what you did that actually fixed the problem?

    Usually its something computer related and every time it happens, something about fixing something without knowing why it works now bothers me almost as much as never fixing whatever it is.


    Whats your favorite nostalgic cartoon?

    eg. I was obsessed with Teenage mutant ninja turtles as a kid


    Minecraft world design

    I have been working on a minecraft mod pack that has a mechanic where the player can fly between different worlds via the elytra. eg. the overworld -> moon -> mars etc. I have a few different directions I can take Mars' design:

    • Dead world with remnants of the extinct martian civilization. Environmental storytelling used to convey a mystery to be solved by the player

    • HG Wells' war of the worlds inspired with the martian statues referencing their 3 colored pupiled eyes on a villager model and red weed plants growing underground that infect plants like trees and spread on corrupted dirt (basically dirt that has had blood within 4 blocks of it) and eventually turns white and dies if its in one of the overworld dimensions

    • harmless/benevelant living martians based on the barsoon series

    Or some combination of those



    Time management

    It was a phone call. That's literally it. I spent months procrastinating making a phone call that ended up being short and virtually painless.


    Excellent work brain Formal frog

    An image tagged formal frog

    Formal frog

    Every time its a 5 minute borderline painless task that my brain has built up to be the equivalent of deciding which finger Id prefer to lose.


    Anyone notice that a large chunk of their friends are ADHD or otherwise neurodiverse?

    My childhood best friend is ADHD, all but 1 of my other childhood friends is ADHD and about half of my current friends that I hang out with are either ADHD, on the autism spectrum or likely to be but as yet undiagnosed.


    DAE feel like theyre just eternally burnt out?

    I dont mean depression or anxiety (this feels different), I mean feeling like you never really recharge, like youve never gotten time off ever. Which I think is partly due to a tendency to put literally 100% into something until you feel fried, move on to the next thing rinse repeat. Even "down time" doesnt really feel like down time because I am stuck between either boredom, working on yet another thing or thinking about things in general.


    Is there a way to unhide downvotes on posts?

    I noticed that after switching to boost for lemmy the downvote count no longer shows and out of morbid curiosity I like to know the upvote/downvote count where it is tracked. Is there a way to restore those vote counts in the app?


    I think something is wrong with the trees

    Two lines of zenscript did this. I thought I removed the code that spawned these trees in but forgot that there were two other lines that also needed to be removed or it would default to spawning them in any biome where oak trees spawn. i.e any biome fulfilling certain criteria like forests. And I had disabled BOP (which supplied the leaf blocks) which resulted in tree tweaker defaulting to dirt as the leaf block. And because trees can spawn on dirt, itd stack one tree on top of another on top of another etc. until it ran out of space and time to do so during terrain gen. The result was this fugly tree stack forest a good 20 trees tall


    Whats your current hyperfocus?

    This week mine was homemade soda. Fermented sodas, citric acid + bicarbonate sodas, different juices and flavors like lime + lemon + cherry and pomegranate or mango peach or cola (homemade knock off)