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Hello! Some info about me is up on my website:

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Resurrecting Internet Explorer -- the nasty threat impacting potentially millions of Windows 10 and 11 users
  • What's nasty is that ~32x32 preview image. That's the real travesty here.

  • It's the weekend!
  • Something something absolute win

  • Choice rule
  • Look, it's reading my mind!

  • 10-year-olds found working at McDonald's until 2 am.
  • Always gotta look on the bright side!

  • Heritage Foundation to furry hackers: "Are you aware that you won't be able to wear a furry tiger costume when you're getting pounded in the ass in the federal prison I put you in?"
  • Silly, the real fursuits are the ones in our minds.

    Now hold still while me and 14 werewolves use you like a cocksleeve <3

  • What video games would you rather watch someone else play than play it yourself?
  • "oh no baby, I'm cumming so hard I just sharted on the dog" as the dog starts to bite the guys sack, the camera falls over, she's screaming and he's losing a heavy amount of blood, the emergency services arrive and the video ends with their OnlyFans link

    And I'm like "...and I paid pornhub for THIS?"

  • Furries raise $100,000 for Pittsburgh-area rescue dedicated to senior dogs
  • Depends heavily on the fursuits maker + the style the customer wants.

    The asshole bit was basically "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" but in a more... direct way.

  • Who is/was a great role model for your generation of boys/men?
  • Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill...

  • What video games would you rather watch someone else play than play it yourself?
  • I was talking to a friend about a parallel topic yesterday, regarding movies/TV shows about video games. I argued that it's like watching porn when you can be having sex - I'd much rather be in control than watching an idiot fuck it all up.

  • Furries raise $100,000 for Pittsburgh-area rescue dedicated to senior dogs
  • I wasn't there this year but it's always nice to hear others helping the community ^_^

  • Furries raise $100,000 for Pittsburgh-area rescue dedicated to senior dogs
  • See, that's the difference between furries and normies: furries aren't assholes for no reason =)

  • prorule
  • hot

    ice, maybe with a hint of sugar

  • me💻irl
  • Get yourself a partner(s) who know a thing or two about tech and can at least perform basic troubleshooting and report to you.

    Huge, thick cock but tiny brain and reeeeeeeeee? Pass. Small cock but can tell me when my homelab goes down, what services are actually affected, and suggest a solution that is plausible and is for up-to-date versions of X? Call in pizza and ice cream and clear your schedule, it's sexy time. And they knew a temporary solution for the outage so they aren't impacted while I was busy/away? Marry me.

    There's a lot of other factors but that defo plays a factor. Learn tech, get blowjobs. It's that simple.

  • It is our most, modestly priced receptacle...
  • I'm an organ donor but after they slice me up just toss me in the bin out back, thanks. Fuck these people who profit from death.

  • Costco raising membership fee for the first time in years - but hot dog price remains
  • Target: 24pack of 16.9oz water bottles, $5.99

    Costco: 40pack of 16.9oz water bottles, $3.99

    That's the main thing I get there, but basically all items are on a similar 'more for less' price scale. It's incredibly easy to break even vs other local stores. Their stores are cleaner, the staff nicer, the bakery items (imo) tastier and fresher. They offer groceries, furniture, appliances, clothing, beef, dairy, prescriptions, eyewear, tires, vacation packages, hot food, fuel and washing for your car...

  • How do you download your game on SD OLED?
  • But what do I do while that game downloads

  • WWAN unlocking on Spiral Linux

    (my first post on lemmy so I hope I'm doing this right)

    Distro: Spiral Linux (Debian, KDE spin), by recommendation

    System: Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen 2 (Intel) (distro recommended as I am looking for Debian(-based), + btrfs, snapshots, and fde, included via the gui installer)

    I'm having issues getting ModemManager to unlock my X55 modem. This morning I wiped my drive to install Spiral (KDE), coming from Kubuntu 24.04. While the modem worked after running the proper fcc unlock script in Kubuntu, it is entirely missing in my Spiral install. While I assumed that it would not be that simple, I copied /etc/ModemManager from my Kubuntu live environment to Spiral, ran

    sudo ln -sft /etc/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.d /usr/share/ModemManager/fcc-unlock.available.d/105b:e0ab

    and restarted, but alas that's not enough, so I'm stuck. I have added the network profile + apn to ModemManager (the UI) but of course without the modem unlocked, I can't connect. I'm new to cellular modems in Linux (this was a windows machine until ~6 weeks ago) but I'm otherwise comfortable with the terminal and commands. The modem was working as expected last night in Kubuntu.

    I haven't got the system setup yet (trying this first before going further) so if I botch this, an install is no problem. I'm assuming it's either (or both?) a service, or a missing package that sets up what's needed, but I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.

    I discussed this here this morning, though I think I got all the important details typed up above. But maybe it could be useful somehow.

    Any suggestions are welcomed :)