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Move over Le Mans, new best race in the world is back in town

Streaming live tomorrow: (the qualifying seems to be

Never heard of that before. Stumbled upon and it looks fascinating. I'll definitively have a look.

Also, I have no clue what the third title sponsor is.


Charles Lecrash's new car

How SUSE Is Replacing Red Hat as the Linux and Open Source Enterprise Standard-Bearer
  • Downsizing the number FOSS developers every couple of years is pretty much the standard in enterprises, yes.

  • ‘13 of 15 non-Russians in military unit dead’: Indians seek return
  • And yet, as soon as he got handed a rifle, he had a choice where to point it.

  • Open source Steam clients?
  • Don't know if that client specifically works on Linux but .NET supports Linux out of the box since many years.

  • How come Android doesn't have a built in PDF viewer?
  • Retail Android ships with Google's proprietary PDF viewer. GrapheneOS isn't the default experience.

  • Firefox enables user tracking
  • Konqueror is dead since years.

  • GCNET Is A GameCube Network Adapter That Fits In Your Console's Memory Card Slot | Time Extension
  • "Plug-and-play solution" is definitively not true. Requires homebrew firmware and ISOs on some storage device:

    "The Broadband Adapter emulation feature currently does not support loading games from physical discs, so it's close to useless to people who just wanna revive their old GameCube and not learn the ins and outs of GC homebrew techniques.

  • Android 14 is here. Here's what's changed. - Fairphone
  • It’s pretty normal for Android manufacturers to be well behind on updates.

    Samsung managed to get a workflow rolling where the lag is relatively short. Basically Pixel owners are treated as beta testers and three or so months later Samsung owners get the upgrade.

  • The Red Bull junior ‘making a strong case’ for a 2025 seat
  • Yeah, Tsunoda to RBR and the other two to VCARB. While I don't think that Tsunoda would survive next to Verstappen, he deserves a chance to prove himself and possibly surprise his doubters.

  • Two years after buying my $2,000 electric truck from China, here's how it looks now | electrek
  • complacent domestic car manufacturing industry

    US and European car makers are digging their own graves. Some prominent European names are already in Chinese ownership.

  • I think I'm done being a mod
  • I'm mod of [email protected] and I would be up to manage this community as well, even though I wasn't that active here. I'm mostly hands off and only step in if necessary.

  • The Red Bull junior ‘making a strong case’ for a 2025 seat
  • Lawson has fallen into a classic F2 trap: timing.

    Neither Perez nor Ricciardo made a case to keep them for 2025, so two seats are available, so both Lawson and Hadjar are perfect fits.

    The problem is that Lawson seems to be that he's Helmut Marko's boy. Who's in whose camp seems to be a bigger factor than talent at Red Bull.

  • SUSE Requests openSUSE to Rebrand
  • This is absurd

    Years ago, when there were talks about establishing an independent foundation, sane people already warned that relying on a trademark not owned by them is risky. That was batted away as a non-issue. Now here we are.

  • ‘13 of 15 non-Russians in military unit dead’: Indians seek return
  • Modi obviously doesn't care about his countrymen either.

  • Genderverbote: Bayerns Kultusminister Anna Stolz setzt nun sogar Paarformen („Schülerinnen und Schüler“) auf den Index
  • Solange das i nicht groß geschrieben ist, müsste ein generisches Femininum OK sein.

  • I get beta client updates but I'm on the stable update channel

    I googled this issue but only got a couple of Reddit posts from a year ago with no real answer. Does anybody here know what's going on with beta client updates on the stable update channel?


    Introducing PCSX2 2.0


    Introducing PCSX2 2.0

    Android 15 beta has an optional desktop mode
  • Like Samsung dex?

    No, if the state shown in the video somewhat matches the final release, it's not going to be a competitor to DeX anytime soon.

  • Android 15 beta has an optional desktop mode
  • This has been a thing for a long time

    Yeah, duh. The story is about it no longer being hidden and requiring activation: "Android 10 gained a hidden desktop mode in its developer features, but it wasn't easy to find."

  • Carlos Sainz confirmed for 2025 and beyond. Already promoting the RBPT-Ford project at Goodwood.


    Kurioser Vorfall auf dem Bodensee: Angriff auf Boot von Christen
  • Aber wenn du auf deinem Boot irgendwo gemütlich rumschipperst, und plötzlich kommt jemand mit einem Megafon und brüllt dir was zu, und hört auch nicht mehr auf, dann wird das schon irgendeine Straftat sein.

    Wenn die ihn persönlich angebrüllt haben, wäre das sicher Nötigung, aber tagsüber unter der Woche, wenn man auch mit Baulärm rechnen muss, wird ziellos in der Gegend herumbrüllen sicher nicht strafbar sein. Ist ja auch keine Straftat, wenn der Fischverkäufer auf dem Wochenmarkt rumbrüllt.

  • This is WILD!

    Ferrari fired the wrong driver


    FIRST LOOK: Red Bull RB17 Hypercar – 1200hp, 15,000rpm, Fast As F1!


    Red Bull RB17 Hypercar – 1200 PS, 15000rpm (Englisch)

    0 New Alzheimer's Nasal Spray Clears Toxic Tangles in Human Neurons And Mice

    Twisted and tangled proteins are found in the brains of many of those who die with Alzheimer's disease.

    New Alzheimer's Nasal Spray Clears Toxic Tangles in Human Neurons And Mice

    Brundle, take a hike!


    The FIA World Endu-RALLY Championship


    THE return


    Didn't see this coming


    The Start of A War

    3 Remarkable Porsche-da Costa saga ends in a deal

    The Race can reveal that the saga between the Porsche Formula E team and Antonio Felix da Costa - a relationship that at one stage looked finished - has ended with the partnership being extended for the 2024-25 season. Sam Smith explains just how we got here and what it means for the driver market

    Remarkable Porsche-da Costa saga ends in a deal
    0 Dolphin Releases Announcement

    On the 24th of June, 2016, Dolphin 5.0 was released. The product of a long and hard transition period, the fundamental inaccuracies that plagued Dolphin for over a decade had successfully been undone, and Dolphin was now free of its burdens to swim forward into a new era of accuracy…

    Dolphin Releases Announcement

    A win for everybody



    Formula 1's most peaceful day in Austria


    Formula E shenanigans right now

    Car looks good. Continue.