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ergo ftw
  • If you really meant SDA and not DSA, then you may have lucked out. SDA is sculpted, and such profiles can be notoriously tricky to fit to ergo/ortho/weird boards.

    XDAL looks to be just the top 75% or so of XDA, so more similar in height to DSA but with the top surface of XDA. Frankly, while I find XDA's keytops a teensy bit large, I find DSA to go a bit too far in the other direction, and if forced to pick one or the other, I'd go XDA. XDA molds spread so quickly among clone makers that it became an unfashionable choice, but they're wonderfully versatile and easy to source.

    Your keycaps in particular work well with the profile and your build. I like them.

  • Can you advise me please
  • For sound, apart from clicky, keyboard and keycaps will have more of an effect on sound, particularly if, like most people, you bottom out while typing. The operational bits of both tactile and linear switches are not inherently all that noisy, though over time people can definitely hear a difference. For "thock," thick PBT keycaps and a board with lots of foam should be a decent start. The terms are notoriously variable though, and Hipyo, fun as he is, is not trying to wow anybody with acoustic science. Stuff the case with, well, stuff (or, these days, buy a board where the factory already has), and you'll get a fairly flat, deep sound profile that is not unpleasant.

    Or so I am told, LOL. WTF do I know? I love big dumb loud clickies, the heavier the better.

  • Designed a (primitive) PCB for my latest no-stabs DIY board.

    Keebtalk post.

    Just finished my latest homebuilt board. 3-D printed case, masonite plates, box navy switches, Akko SA-L keycaps.

    For this one, instead of manually hand wiring the entire matrix, I designed that part in KiCAD and sent it off to JLCPCB (minimum order quantity also means I have four more of them with no particular need). I still manually wired it to the raspberry pi pico though. There’s also a new and really user-friendly tool called “Pog” for the Python based KMK firmware. That was really nice.

    Can you advise me please
  • Yeah, your average rubber dome membrane keyboard is a mushy and awful version of a tactile typing experience. The office clearing noisy board that some people think of when mechanical keyboards are mentioned is a clicky.

    The linear don’t have any specific bump you just push and the spring resists and eventually the switch makes a connection and sends the key press.

  • Art gallery [Ellis Rosen]
  • Seems like it was, based on the link.

    I always like the old joke that for every single New Yorker cartoon ever published, you can replace the caption with

    ”Christ, what an asshole.”

    and it will still work at least as well as the original.

  • Winning stuff from bottle caps.
  • Yup, lots of stuff like that. I think McDonald’s Monopoly might be last-man-standing in that space. Most likely “ME” and one of either “GA” or “BOY” were super common and 2 of the 3 lived in people’s junk drawers for a decade.

  • Who wins a three way deathmatch? Ira Glass, Stephen Dubner, or Guy Raz?

    Alternatively, does the universe collapse in on itself because they’re actually the tripartite sonic manifestations of a single three faced god?

    Those names
  • Many years ago, I was on a road trip and sent my wife a postcard from Cooter, Missouri. I was absolutely crestfallen when it arrived postmarked "Steele" or some boring shit from the next town over. I don't remember if I adjusted my route to pass through Weiner, Arkansas, and therefore I probably didn't, but I should have.

  • Box Office Milestone: ‘Inside Out 2’ Becomes Pixar’s Top-Grossing Movie of All Time Globally
  • I haven't seen it yet. I assume it's at least "quite good if a bit overt with the tugging on heartstrings" and plan to catch it on streaming. I am pleased that Pixar seems to have shrugged off the "Streaming first" stigma they took on during Covid and will get back into a groove of solid originals. Elio for next year looks like a promising premise.

  • Is anyone else getting a replies to years-old comments on reddit?
  • I have mostly disengaged from participating on Reddit, but I still pop in for hobby and special-interest subs, which have been slow to really build traction on Lemmy.

    I only have one comment like that, but in checking the poster's history, it just looks like they dived head-first into the fountain pen rabbit hole last year. I think in my case it might be a product of the Google deal and their promoting reddit in search queries by default. Pretty easy for a regular user to search "what fountain pen did the dr. cox actor have in Office space?" and forget to check the date before throwing a (likely correct) answer in there.

  • What do I look for when buying an ergonomic office chair?
  • I have a Leap v1 from a surplus store, and a Mirra from when our company let the lease go on the building nobody went to anymore. Very much worth it on both fronts. A huge thing with "nicer" chairs is that they allow you to shift as you move throughout the day. A lot of people fixate on the "S" part of RSI and try to make sure everything is situated just so, but it's also important to work on the "R" and to move around, standing of course, but even just being able to move around and have multiple comfortable seating positions can be helpful.

  • What is your least favorite retro video game?
  • So I guess the obvious answer is some random shovelware 2600 game that barely works, so that's not much fun. In terms of games that have some traction and nostalgia, I can think of a couple that just don't do it for me. YMMV.

    Contra is more of a beatdown than an enjoyable challenge, the konami code is iconic for a reason.

    Defender is inscrutable and overambitious and the control are a weird early take on the side scrolling shooter.

    Most arcade driving games were (and are) quarter eaters that aren't trying to do much that's interesting once you're behind the wheel.

  • CAD wjrii

    Absolute beginner's introduction to using Block Code to parametricize TinkerCad

    It doesn't overcome all of the limitations of TinkerCAD (points to anybody who can come up with a block that semi-automates chamfers and fillets), and block code is inherently limited itself of course, but they are certainly a good match.

    I worried during the intro that I wouldn't be able to handle the Youtuber, but he settles down after a minute or so and does a kid-friendly but calm and useful tutorial.

    0 SEC stadium rankings: Newcomers Oklahoma, Texas lag behind legacy league members after conference expansion

    Here's our breakdown of the SEC's top home-field advantages ahead of the 2024 season

    SEC stadium rankings: Newcomers Oklahoma, Texas lag behind legacy league members after conference expansion

    Aggie, OU, and UTA shade, Florida ranked above UTK and Georgia...

    I like this. No, I need this. 🤣


    Handheld Linux Retrogaming recommendation? [solved-ish]

    I figure it will be a good thing to throw onto a wish list for whatever holiday is coming next. In a perfect world, it would run a Linux-based OS, be moddable, have decent ergonomics for an adult, and kinda just generally not suck. Is a hundred bucks a reasonable price point? One hundred fifty? I grew up in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras but never completely stopped gaming, so I'd be interested in emulating somewhat newer stuff too. I normally just plug in a controller and find a desktop emulator, but portable could be fun, especially if it had potential for general SBC computing.

    Edit: I think I have a better idea what I'm looking for now. The Anbernic devices seem to more or less match up with what I am looking for, so I'll start there with a more informed search. Thanks! Happy to get more suggestions and tips, though.


    Jumblie #266 Jumblie

    A word search game with new words and themes daily


    Not my best work today.

    Jumblie #266 🟠🟢🔵🔴 5 guesses in 2m 49s

    CAD wjrii

    FreeCAD weekly dev builds now contain the toponaming fix [Problem] User Models break when topological entities change name (Topological Naming Issue) · Issue #8432 · FreeCAD/FreeCAD

    Problem description The FreeCAD Topological Naming issue is well known. It has been a concern for years but no issue exists for it. The resolution of this issue will involve many individual Pull Re...

    [Problem] User Models break when topological entities change name (Topological Naming Issue) · Issue #8432 · FreeCAD/FreeCAD

    I imagine they're targeting their meetup in August to announce version 1.0.

    Weekly Builds Download

    0 Big 12 considering private equity investment of up to $1 billion for as much as 20% of conference

    The proposed deal with a Luxembourg-based firm would bring a massive influx of cash to the league

    Big 12 considering private equity investment of up to $1 billion for as much as 20% of conference

    This "good or bad" question will absolutely depend on the specifics of the deal, but the story certainly highlights what a weird place we're in these days.


    Unnecessary Confession Time...

    Sometimes if I type “LOL”, but I didn’t laugh out loud, I’ll do a quiet little chuckle so I’m not technically a liar.

    I can’t blow bubbles in bubblegum beyond a sad little pea sized thing.

    I can’t snap my fingers either.

    I think The Last Jedi is the fourth best Star Wars film, behind only the original trilogy.

    CAD wjrii

    FreeCAD official blog: FreeCAD gets a logo upgrade

    I think they picked one of the better ones, though now I regret not screenshotting the poll to remind myself of which ones I voted for.


    CAD wjrii Turbocase Generates A PCB Shell For You

    Our PCBs greatly benefit from cases – what’s with all the pins that can be accidentally shorted, connectors that stick out of the outline, and cables pulling the board into different di…

    Turbocase Generates A PCB Shell For You

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    0 Texas A&M bonfire will not return to campus

    Resuming the bonfire was “not in the interest” of Texas A&M, said school President Mark Welsh III.

    Texas A&M bonfire will not return to campus

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    > Texas A&M bonfire will not return to campus > > After a monthslong review, Texas A&M University decided not to bring back the student bonfire tradition it discontinued 25 years ago after a deadly accident, President Mark Welsh III said Tuesday. > > For decades, students built a 60-foot bonfire every year ahead of football matches between A&M and the University of Texas at Austin. The tradition was suspended after tragedy struck in 1999, when a stack of logs collapsed in the middle of the night, killing 12 people and injuring dozens, some severely. > > Welsh said reviving the tradition would not be in the best interest of the university. > > “After careful consideration, I decided that Bonfire, both a wonderful and tragic part of Aggie history, should remain in our treasured past,” Welsh said.


    Hand wired a southpaw 1800(-ish) keyboard with no stabilizers

    Time+3D printer+laser engraver=keeb

    I had these cheap clone keycaps lying around, and I've been wanting to try a southpaw, as well as a no-stabs board that can accommodate sculpted keycap profiles, so here we are. Had to make a few compromises on layout to fit the keycaps I had on hand, but it's feeling pretty usable so far. Outemu dustproof green for MOAR CLICKY.


    Just finished the first Honor Harrington book

    ...maybe a little too on the nose with channeling Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey, there's some truly problematic stuff with the native Medusans that goes all but uncommented upon, there's some reactionary politics that may just be de rigeur for 20th century military sci-fi (I don't know... would be happy to be educated), and the characterizations are almost beside the point, I guess.

    On the plus side, the world-building is starting out pretty meticulous in a satisfying way (except for Manticoran dates, which is there for good in-universe reasons, but Weber seems to be using it to be the one ongoing reminder that this the distant future and not exactly England in Space), there's a nice hyper-competence problem-solving ship's crew vibe that will feel familiar to Star Trek fans, and the descriptions of actual shipboard action are very engrossing. Stylistically, there's nothing to write home about, but it's clear prose and allowing for the aforementioned weak characterizations, there's nothing egregious either.

    I am cautiously optimistic going forward, and if you had the budget (or could get an animated series greenlit), it seems to me that the universe and Honor herself could be spruced up and modernized into a really compelling space opera franchise that would be well-paced for TV.


    Alt-Country/Americana: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - If We Were Vampires

    So, let's close out this little arc before I head out on vacation, hopefully to be less online for a bit. Technically a little bit older but very much of the same Xennial bent as Justin Townes Earle, Jason Isbell has established himself as arguably the preeminent Americana singer/songwriter of his generation. Struggling with so many of the same demons, even at times with the conscious notion that it might be a right of passage, he and Earle became friends in Isbell's early days with the iconic roots rock band Drive By Truckers. If anything, DBT and early Isbell's sound hearken back to Steve Earle's early commercial albums, with a lot of hard charging electric guitar. In an arc that reminds outside observers of various "path not taken" alternate universe narratives, Isbell found what has seemed to be a fairly sustained sobriety and reoriented a phase of his career to unpacking what it has all meant, how to live with who he is, and has pulled remarkable creativity out of a type of stability that seems to frighten a certain type of young artist.

    If We Were Vampires is a southern Gothic love song, though not really touching on the supernatural, more like what if an Anne Rice reader wrote a brilliant ballad. Listening to it was one of those "wow" moments, when I just perk up at a lyricist who absolutely nailed it on a song. I'm hardly alone in admiring his work, and a song or two only scratches the surface.

    To stitch this thread back on itself, and close the loop, here's Isbell's rumination on his friend Justin Townes Earle, wistful but also with a decent amount of survivors' guilt and lingering resentment.


    Alt-Country/Americana (serious gospel influences on this one): Justin Townes Earle Performs "Harlem River Blues" on Letterman

    You want to talk about a legacy? Try being Steve Earle's kid, named after Townes Van Zandt, and inheriting every bit of talent and disfunction that implies. Always looking to push clear of their shadow, his voice (both as a singer and a writer) was decidedly less country, but still brilliant and deeply rooted in American roots music. Unfortunately, even if he found a place outside his father's legacy, he didn't escape his namesake's path, passing away from an accidental OD in 2020.

    Bonus points for the willfully inane patter from Dave and Paul in the video, and especially on this one, pretending like they weren't listening to the lyrics (being suicidal in one and trying desperately not to be suicidal in the other) to keep the network suits at bay.


    Kiddo wanted Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur keycaps. Kiddo got them.

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    > If you use the right ink, the right plastic keycaps made for mechanical keyboards, and the right settings on your laser, you can effectively dye-sublimate any design you want. > >


    Kiddo wanted Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur keycaps. Kiddo got them.

    If you use the right ink, the right plastic keycaps made for mechanical keyboards, and the right settings on your laser, you can effectively dye-sublimate any design you want.

    CAD wjrii

    Cascade Studio: web based Code to CAD using OpenCASCADE kernel Cascade Studio

    A Full Live-Scripted CAD Kernel in the Browser



    Alt-Country/Americana ("Roots Rock" if you want to drill down even more): Steve Earle - Guitar Town

    Steve Earle's entire career posits the question: What if that slightly cringey try-hard kid that kept coming around were actually a world-class talent in his own right?

    Earle idolized Townes Van Zandt and his cohort of Austin/Denver/Nashville singer songwriters, and sort of insinuated himself into their circle, but they put up with him because he was actually a good songwriter, and brought a harder rock sensibility that was unique and interesting. I can't say I find his output as consistent as Van Zandt or Guy Clark, but the highs are high, he's a grand and earnest storyteller (if not exactly a wry or subtle one) and there's a thumping beat and a unique energy to a lot of his stuff that can be really refreshing in between my endless playlist of murder ballads.