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Warren: Democrats ‘will suspend the filibuster’ to codify Roe v. Wade
  • It's not too late but they're not getting credit until they actually fucking do it and they deserve credit for just saying they want to do it without doing it.

    (Edit: And to be clear the credit they're going to get would be credit for doing the bare minimum, long after they promised to do it, long after they had multiple opportunities to do it.)

  • He's so brave for this
  • Trump (or probably one of his people) said it's incredible that something like this could happen in this country. Of course what he means is it's incredible when it happens to him. When it happens to a kindergarten... eh, no big deal.

  • “I timed my life perfectly"... “I was born just after the end of the Second World War. I was a teen-ager before there was aids. And now I’m going to die before the end.”
  • Gross. AIDS could have probably been contained if the US government did something about it. Instead, Reagan, the boomers' collecting favorite person in history, did nothing but make things worse and mock/malign the victims.

    Also, nice of him to take credit for the circumstances of his life. As of it was his choice to be born when he was and not in some other time. I guess that's how he can be at peace with everything happening, though. Simultaneously crediting himself with circumstances he had no say in while existing himself of responsibility for the current circumstances.

  • Washing machine chime scandal shows how absurd YouTube copyright abuse can get
  • Google also lost a court case and had this system forced onto them by the law. I believe it would literally take a change in the dmca (ideally just repeal it or strip all the anti consumer bs out of it) for them to be allowed to do anything different.