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Absolutely deranged
  • Looks left.

    Looks rights.

    Reads the rules, very carefully, again.

    “I wish for infinite additional wishes which are exempt of any and all restrictions ”

    Since when cant i wish for death? Thats to easy to get around.

  • Migrants say border agents continue to throw away their belongings like medicine
  • “We must trow away this box of potentially life saving medication just in case its actually poison and someone may get additionally ill from this specific batch, directly risking your life to potentially delay the overdose of an unnamed drugaddict, that is still going to score elsewhere anyway”

    Even the stupidest people i know in my life have the cognitive awareness to smell the stink of that logic.

  • Hanging onto Windows 10 to avoid Copilot AI? I’ve got bad news for you
  • Great news everyone, some people have build this really cool alternative software that does like all the same things but without the disrespect. Bonus, you don’t need to get rid if your current setup. Just run it parallel and see for yourself where you feel more at home.

    It’s been memed to death. You know its name.

  • Affinity’s Adobe-rivaling creative suite is now free for six months
  • Gimp for a full image manipulation suit.

    Krita for digital painting/art and a decent gui, still better for light image edits then paint.

    Between those two photoshop is essentially overpriced hypeware. Its convenient to have both foss apps packed under a single well designed interface but no where worth what they demand. After adobe leaked the details from my student account back in 2013 they have continuously caused me so much damage they should be paying me.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • No amount of you repeating your narrow minded interpretation will make it less childish.

    This isn't a gotcha but you once again embarrassing yourself by admitting you fail to see the nuance in my words.

    We can go back and forth but we will keep ending up on this spot. My point of view is literally to exotic for you to understand my sincerity.

    Go to bed, touch grass. Go play some video games. Thats what i am gonna do.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Boohoohoo someone on the internet is being mean to me after i called them a liar for not putting the same emphasis on the vocabulary of my choosing and was genuinely disrespectful and rude for the entire conversation.

    Maybe reflect on how you spend the last 24 hours passionately arguing against what is essentially a very generic PSA: "With an open mind, anything is possible." followed with a healthy dose of "Philosophy is useful in tangent with science" Which honestly i am not inventing the wheel here i was initially just trying to have good vibes.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • your reading comprehension and inability to see beyond your narrow viewpoint is depressing.

    I can only conclude it doesn't matter how carefully i spell out my intend, you will just assume your own interpretation over it.

    This is no basis for a respectful conversion. Though to be fair you attitude has been consistently rude. I should have taken the hint and left long ago.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • I am not praising them actually, not anymore then i do the scientific method. They were biased humans just like usz But they layed the fundamental groundwork modern science works on. I mentioned them cause there well regarded as foundational in science and plato just resonates with me. i remain just as much a skeptic and of the opinion one need to come to their own conclusions.

    And if you want to label and entire culture on some Mistakes may i point to our much more modern friend columbus?

    For me its not about their results but the style of thinking. Like i said the platonian way of viewing the world aligns with my natural way of experiencing the universe.

    My message is to be of an open and critical mind. To use thoughts in an intentional structural and creative way to uncover new ground. Oh well.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • How are you the same person.

    On one hand wielding “the scientific method” like its the literal bible that shan't be questioned and it somehow being relevant to us not having found archeological evidence of ancient agriculture.

    In the same breath you dismiss the entirety of contributions that were brought by the ancient greek as a whole. An entire culture and people with so much rich history?

    I can only conceive your just trying to use the very little personal opinion i gave to diss is. In which case at least diss on plato specifically (or decartis cause i mentioned liking him to)

    Come on, it like your not even trying anymore.

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Full mask off trolling are we now?

    Or really that pitty about being unable to hold yourself in an argument you just have to trow a tantrum.

    I mean i don’t want to go this low but you didn’t even try reply intelligently so what else am i to describe this

    “Cool. The Ancient Greeks were still wrong about pretty much everything.”

    Print this on something for your philosophy teacher to hang on their wall, they will unironically love it, i am”

  • ricperry1, when you find your way here and read this, thank you for your consideration. You helped at least one more person this week already.

    I've used way to much similar looking software where middle mouse is moving around and it was killing me.

    Shame that forum is still so much more relevant in search engine results, it looks like there getting lonely there.


    This pair is my baby, how would i go about to fix this kind of cables?

    Model is Senheiser Momentum2 HD1 Bluetooth (over ear) PF edition.

    I have wrapped electrical tape over it but cables on both sides have started to disintegrate/decompose.

    I know next to nothing about audio cables. I care more about functional quality then original looks so i would be willing to swap the entire cable for a more permanent one, but i wouldn't want them to look ugly either and need to find a good way to fit them to the earshell.


    Day 7: Game of Mao “Penalty”

    I am obligated to inform you some rules have been adjusted.


    Some valid cards that previously had no acceptable way of being played now have a way of playing them.

    Renamed the terminology for "Valid Cards" into "Valid Pieces" to better reflect the reality of the game and the community.


    Day 3: Game of Mao “Oh no my queen”

    Beter pay attention if i don’t respond to comments here.


    Day 2: Game of Mao “Actual zombie”

    I am obligated to inform that some adjustments to the rules have been made.


    Day 0: This game of Mao has officially began.

    The only rule i can tell you is this one.

    This session has ended with a King of Diamonds. Continue playing on [email protected]