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Right-wing Heritage Foundation trolls Pride month by declaring June 2 "Ex-Gay Visibility Day"
  • They used to not have the right to marry in the US, and many people advocate for that to return. In some places on this planet, they don't get the right to live.

    There is no one even advocating to take rights away from straight people, let alone beheading them.

  • Waffle House Is Taking Heat For An 'Especially Alarming' Paycheck Policy
  • I found this a bit confusing, but I think the core of this is really that Waffle House staff don't get a choice on whether or not they buy a meal during their shift. Is that right?

    I kind of got that gist from the article, but nothing super clear. It said that employees pay for the meal whether they eat it or not, which if you ordered food and didn't eat it, that's kinda on you. I think it should be saying that they are charged for the meal whether they ordered it or not, if that's what is happening.

  • What's your hobby or pursuit that influences how you like to identify yourself?
  • Kite flyer, kite maker.

    I've been flying multi-line, controllable sport kites for over half of my life. I attend kite festivals very frequently and occasionally travel throughout the US or internationally for kite festivals.

    About 6 years ago, I started building my own sport kites. Now days, I have a workshop with 5 sewing machines, 2 3d printers, and other equipment, all of it revolving around kite making.

    I can't really imagine my life without kites involved.

  • In Loving Memory of Square Checkbox
  • A checkbox is for a form that requires clicking a submit button to apply the change.

    A toggle switch should apply the change automatically and immediately without a separate save or submit button.

  • The Middleman Economy: Why Realtors Just Took a Big Loss and Homebuyers Might Benefit
  • "Zillow was found to be price fixing", you say this as if there was some legal investigation. There wasnt. There were a bunch of salty realtors cherry picking data and confusing correlation for causation. The fact of the matter is, Zillow overpaid and underpaid for houses, and eventually lost millions of dollars during COVID era market swings, recognized the risk of the business and shut it down after only 3 years.

    The ibuyer business was intended to take on all of the burden of buying and selling houses to make it easier for consumers to move.

  • Housing market affordability is so bad that Zillow says it will take you 13.5 years to break even on a purchase from July onward
  • "That’s what one real-estate agent claims in a video that went viral on the social-media platform TikTok"

    Hardly a compelling source.

    " he’s suggesting that companies such as Zillow are using the data they glean from people’s perusal of home listings on their sites to make decisions about which houses to buy as iBuyers."

    Based on what exactly? Zillow used publicly available information about houses, just like everyone else does. Zillow traffic patterns had nothing to do with it and really wouldn't even be useful for that. Buying decisions were based on home value and forecasted ability to resell, not derived interest based on page views.

    "Gotcher later argues that the company will buy 30 homes at one price, and then purchase a 31st home at a higher price. “What that just did is create a new comp,”"

    False. Zillow literally excluded houses that it bought from its comps to avoid that bias. I know because I wrote that code.

  • Housing market affordability is so bad that Zillow says it will take you 13.5 years to break even on a purchase from July onward
  • Zillow over payed for houses, then couldn't sell them as quickly as expected because the COVID housing market took a down turn, and so they sold them at a loss, lost millions of dollars, and closed the house buying business. They also made plenty of low offers or under-payed for houses at times. They were trying to break even on home value on the hole, but couldn't reign in the wild swings of gains and losses. Their entire business model was based on the seller fees, not on the house value.

    In any case, they closed that business in 2021, and has since sold the rest of their inventory.

    I don't see how that would have a lasting effect on housing prices though. I'd attribute it more to a housing shortage due to people buying up real estate, and keeping it as rentals. Even when operating, Zillow aimed to resell houses within 3 months, not hold on to them as investments.

  • John Fetterman says he'll 'never understand' progressives who refuse to support Joe Biden
  • No, I don't think I will. I asked you a direct question, if you will retract your statement of "no one can convince me" and you ignored the question. You can't even acknowledge the one thing that I've been calling you out on after I've repeatedly demonstrated the problem to you.

    I don't think you will engage honestly so I have no interest in continuing a conversation.

  • John Fetterman says he'll 'never understand' progressives who refuse to support Joe Biden
  • "you can't convince me" doesn't sound like an invitation to debate. It sounds like a warning that debating that topic with you would be a waste of time because you won't listen anyway.

    I can provide my justification for believing that voting for a 3rd party is a waste of a vote. Are you actually willing to be convinced if a sufficient argument is presented? I.e. are you retracting your "you can't convince me" statement? If not, I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince the unconvinceable.