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How SUSE Is Replacing Red Hat as the Linux and Open Source Enterprise Standard-Bearer
  • No because the caption under the first image says that SUSE's mascot is a 'gecko named Geeko' -- which cannot be farther from the truth, for it is a Chameleon named Geeko, that is the mascot of SUSE. Aye.

  • SUSE Requests openSUSE to Rebrand
  • BezOS ... that's Amazon Linux though.

  • My fellow software engineer, It's the year 2024...
  • vim now has an option to put the .vim folder in ~/.config; though I'm not sure if the default plugin/package & syntax folders can be set under ~/.local/share.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • XP, to OS X 10.4-10.8, to Linux

  • GNOME 47's New Font
  • IIRC this issue is mentioned in the gitlab discussions (from months ago ... not sure how this became news suddenly); they're looking to patch Inter if they decide to use it as the UI font.

  • Is there a file browser with fzf like capabilities
  • Qt based file managers (PCManFM, Dolphin) usually have a filter input that's quite useful. It's limited to the current folder, and not a fuzzy finder, though.

  • Why I Can't Use Linux - My Top 3 Reasons
  • As a side note, there's a multiplatform Qt6 clone of foobar2000, called 'fooyin': I've never been a foobar2000 user, but I'm really impressed by this program; especially the customizability of the UI with respect to custom tags.

  • The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • It's to out-compete the competitors so as not to become obsolete. ... also I hope you're aware that I'm saying all of this 'ironically', to poke fun at the mental gymnastics in the OP's post.

  • The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • The prize of the competition is what the competitors compete for. There's a prize and the winner gets it; the loser doesn't get it.

    Why is this so hard to understand? I guess it's nature's way of weeding out the losers.

  • The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • I think we should be chasing all the trendy trends to become competitive with the competition. That's the only way to push those numbers up (that need to be pushed up). That's how a winner wins.

  • Is it common for KDE to crash?
  • Plenty of folks in their honeymoon phase with KDE, it seems.

    ... it's been less than a year when you could find a bug in the wild that would crash the shell if the mouse hovered for too long on the panel.

  • 7 Common Linux Myths You Should Stop Believing
  • I wonder what their 'prompt' was, especially with the demonic blowfish thingy. "Theo De Raadt as a FreeBSD convert assaulting Linux" -- maybe?

  • User stats | GamingOnLinux
  • One for each deadly sin, duh.

  • [Sway] Oxocarbon - My humble and stable Workhorse
  • some website where you can type the classics instead of just reading them

    Is it this one: ?

  • what OS should I use instead of xubuntu?
  • This is the answer. Current stable Debian already has the latest release of Xfce (4.18); and for recent gui apps there's flatpak.

    For packages like syncthing you can enable official apt repos to get the latest versions.

    Other packages for which the latest versions are desirable though the flatpak versions get a bit too finicky (like vim & emacs), you can compile from source. It's not hard, even for a newbie.

  • The "Curry" in "Currying" is a reference to logician Haskell Curry
  • Funny thing is that when the creators of the language told H.C.'s widow about it, she said he never really was fond of his name.

  • [GNOME] Rainbow Dreams
  • I was intrigued by the top bar, but the *fetch screen says 'Unity X11' for DE.

  • NVIDIA 555 Beta Linux Graphics Driver Released with Explicit Sync Support
  • What's up with the Fedora font on the 'explicit sync' though? Hmmm...

  • Am I doing this right?
  • what message? This was a real product released by Sony.