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Tech support workers, what are your favorite stories from your time in the industry?
  • Not me, but I recall a story from a while back. ISP tech answers call from an irate customer who isn't able to get online. After basic troubleshooting, the tech advises the customer to power cycle the cable modem and router...the customer scoffs, how can I do that when my power is out? 😂

  • Chef! (1993-1996)

    I used to watch this on PBS in the 90s, it stars Lenny Henry. If you liked 'The Bear' I think you may also like this.

    Someone has posted clips from various episodes (just so you can get a taste):


    Babylon 5 (1993-1997)

    In an effort to redeem myself I was going to post Island City (1994), but Dr Wesker beat me to it by about 2 months. So I give you Bablyon 5 (1993-1997) , S01 intro.

    I remember seeing the pilots for both B5 and Island City on UPN(?) on the same day



    !Airwolf This was my ringtone once phones allowed you to set midi ringtones

    datahoarder wallybeavis

    Re-using an 8 bay Synology NAS case

    I have an old Synology 1819 NAS that was the unfortunate victim of the Intel Atom/Clock bug. I would like to repurpose the case as I like the compact form factor. Has anyone tried replacing a synology mobo with something else (ex: an ITX board or a Raspberry Pi), and using an alternative operating system?


    Build Suggestions

    Please forgive me, of the many things I've forgotten...this of them. I could've sworn there used to be an updated rolling sticky with 3-4 (maybe more?) build suggestions from 'meh' to 'super ultra mega I can't afford space kraken' posted and maintained by people way smarter than I am, somewhere on the main page/sidebar of PCMR.

    I've got a ~6 year old mini-ITX AMD build that I'm hoping to replace with something similar, and I'd used those suggestions last time with great success. I'm hoping to build something that'll last another 6 years. If anyone has any idea what the heck I'm talking about, I'd appreaciate you pointing me the right direction. Thanks in advance!